Chosen Ones

Laelia wakes up.... and remembers nothing.....

[I have yet to write any journals…. so this will be from the first few games in the campaign.]

Ahhh, I feel well rested, but very confused. I woke up in a strange cell with 4 other men. They all tower over me, one especially! Another one looks sickly… and he has strange eyes (his name is Pip). It was all fine and dandy, though baffling, until we opened the door…. We discovered that we had items in a special force cubby, one cubby to each person. I still don’t know how this all works. Then there were dead people! Oh it was horrible! We looked all around, and we could not get out. Once we finally found the key to a door, it wouldn’t let us pass! However, then we then found another person and the door suddenly let us through.

One of the men has the ability to see things that have passed. It’s truly amazing! He saw the creature that killed the others. He also saw that one led the creature down into a retched pit. We’re presuming he did that to save us. I thank that creature for my life.

We got out into the fresh air, and suddenly we are accompanied by other creatures. Friendly creatures, however, as far as we can tell. There was a crow, though now it’s a wolf, and he’s not always there… There is a squirrel, and he likes to hide IN Malcolm’s (he’s quiet…) body. Oh, and a man named “Arky” (he’s really big and burly, and fun. He’s the one that ‘sees’ things) has a blade. I know it’s not a creature of some sort, but it does seem to have a mind of it’s own. I originally grabbed it and it disappeared from my hand and went to his. All sorts of weird things have been happening so why not? Back to the story… The tallest one of us, his name is Caleb (he’s nice… but there’s something about him. hmmm, oh well.) and I sensed danger up ahead. We go up and there is a cat with a bird flying over it’s head being attacked by shadow creatures!!! We all fought the creatures, though Arky seemed to be having an easier time against these foes. It was amazing however! Once I made eye contact with the cat, it grew larger!!! This is truly an amazing cat. She seems to like me too. I like her back. Her name is Ginger.

One of the men climbed a tree and figured out which way to go to get to the nearest town. On our travels Pip decided to scout ahead…. I really don’t like Pip….

Apparently, without knowing ANYTHING about this guy, he decided that a halfling was delivering goods to the prison we were being held at so he shot and killed him from a distance… then hid the body and stole the cart. He tried to pull it off like he just FOUND a horse and cart with skins just sitting there waiting for us to use it. He finally told us what happened. I was mad. No, I was worse than mad! He, being unprovoked, killed a man for a cart!!! He says that the guy could have been bad, but he didn’t even find out! Arrr! I was so…. grrrrr. Finally I just walked off. Ginger was helping me calm down when she suddenly jumped out of my arms and sniffed in an area off the side of the road. There was the body. Thankfully, he wasn’t all dead. For a man that was just shot out of nowhere and practically died, he was pretty understanding. Apparently he’s a merchant and he was taking his goods to the dock. He was very sweet and actually took us to the town we were headed towards. We thanked him and gave him some money. Pip, though he wanted to steal the cart so he didn’t have to walk, decided that he would much rather walk and keep an eye on this ‘suspicious’ merchant than sit in the cart with us. I’m perfectly fine with that, though he is being silly.



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