Chosen Ones

Session 12

A Stitch in Time...

GM: Andrew

Players: Bekah, Mike, Max, Joshua, George

Food: Two different soups – Tortellini and Beef Taco; Bread w/ Butter; Cookies

GM Recap:

Ah, a bit of a late start due to some players running behind schedule. We catch the group up over what Malcolm and Arky did (See the sister page for the context adventure). The Eagle enters the console room from outside. Muttering about mischievous children. When Arky and Malcolm show up, the Eagle asks who was responsible for creating a rip in the whole of time and space centered on the planet… the others just point to Arky (Whom is considering how to make the idea into a mass weapon). The Eagle sighs and sends the group to retrieve an object that can help restore the issue. He gives them straightforward and simple instructions, including a map and send them on their way. Unfortunately, he landed about 5,000 years off course. The group find the shrine they were told to locate, but it’s guarded, and no signs of the relic are present. However, it seems the citizens and “small” town have grown and a religion sprung up around the “traveler” and the most “Holy Relic”. After getting a tour of the temple, the group decides taking it would be a bad idea, and it’s too well guarded. Returning to the TARDIS, the Eagle corrects his time miscalculation, although a bit perturbed he was off by so much, and sends them again to Brother Thadeus. They find the brother in the shrine and he happily gives back the relic for his mysterious benefactor the “Traveler”. The Eagle does something briefly with the “Relic” and has the group return the item. Iridius finds himself drawn into the “time vortex” swirling in the center of the gem. They return to the TARDIS and resume their normal operations. NEXT Mission, Save Laelia.

Eagle simply sends the group to protect young Laelia from harm. This sounds easy, after all, they’ve been through this drill four times prior with little resistance. Alarms Horns, and war drums paint a completely different picture. Laelia outpaces the group to save her self. She sees her mother beset by Shadows (Heartless as the party has since learned). Seems her mother is the only defender while the rest of the community has been drawn away in common defense against the greater threat. Laelia unleashes Entangle and then rushes to aid her mother. The rest of the group quickly arrives and lends aid. In the aftermath, Laelia’s mother has been slain, young Laelia is turned over to the Eagle who surprisingly showed up, and said their task was done here. Laelia recovers her mothers body, and they learn the village is doomed to certain and utter destruction. They can’t help but feel powerless in the face of what is about to happen, only knowing they accomplished their goal keeps their spirits high, that and the new treasures they acquired.

Player Recaps

Mike (The recorder’s Recap)

The group meet up with Arky and Malcolm in the TARDIS

Laelia tells us how Caleb chased a pig (he was really drunk) In the TARDIS, Arky pushes levers, and eventually goes down the hall, finding a bedroom. The Eagle says that the earth is plummeting toward a black hole, and we need to fix it. We need to find a device that looks like a star of David, and we’re 1,000 lightyears from Earth. Caleb goes to get Arky from sleeping in a random room in the hall. We exit the TARDIS on a cobblestone road out of a weird blue box, and head for the shrine. There is an iron gate with guards patrolling before the shrine. The original site of the town’s most holy relic. The star is the holy relic. Demetrius scouts and comes back saying the relic is not there. It’s in the big cathedral, and it’s only shown on holy days. We tell him about the name we heard from the Eagle, and he mentions that person has been dead for 5000 years. Caleb casts locate object to figure out that it’s inside the cathedral angled downward from us. Malcolm feels tingling of energy. Energy seems to flow more easily to him here. There are guards here, many of them. The plan is that Iridius will pose as a holy man from another land and Caleb will be his interpreter. Caleb casts invisibility on Malcolm and Arky who are going to try to follow the other three as they get a “guided tour.”

The first guard priest they come across notices that Iridius is not speaking well, and says that he can understand the guard perfectly. (there must be a tongues or similar spell in play) so the guard priest makes the “suggestion donation” of 250g. They pay. Any sort of insanity is immediately remedied (he’s no longer religious! J/K) Iridius asks for a tour, and they give them one. When we get up to one of the next doors, the guards throw down their weapons in the way of Arky and Malcolm, who are invisible, yet the guards can see them. Inside, they hear about the story in which the relic has been harnessed giving energy to the people for thousands of years and they have built their civilization and life upon it. Lelia and Malcolm are not comfortable taking the relic.

We go back to the Eagle, who is hip deep in TARDIS guts. Iridius explains the situation, and says that the Eagle, as a god, should know how to help fix this. The Eagle says he is NOT a god, thankyaverymuch. He is surprised that they’re 5000 years off course. The Eagle mentions he can try to fix that, and the group gathers. He flips some dials, and pats it a bit. Then he says we can go talk to the person who we first saw as 5000 years deceased. He is alive now. We go in, and the cobblestone is gone, replaced by dirt, and the buildings are wooden and not stone anymore. We go to the shrine. There is no iron gate or guards. We knock on the door to the shrine, saying “Thadeus!” Iridius asks for the relic, and Thadeus gives it to him to borrow out of a chest. We get back to the TARDIS.

The Eagle takes it and puts attaches it to the TARDIS, then does some technostuff, and gives it back saying he’s done.

We gave the relic back, and Iridius goes crazy again by looking into the vortex in the relic. The Eagle plugs things back in, the center console undulating, and the normal “leaving” sounds. We open the doors of the Tardis, and it exits to a forest between spring and summer. Large trees are there.

The eagle says we are to rescue Laelia before the dark ones get her. Iridius steps out. Malcolm asks about the dark ones. They are the heartless. Summoned by the occultists, they come from the negative plane.

He then asks how to find the people that summon them. The source is the core of the world. Malcolm, Caleb, Arky, and Laelia step out. We are running. The town was attacked before Lelia was taken away when she grew up. Laelia is in the lead, because she thinks the town hasn’t been attacked yet. We see Laelia’s mother shooting her bow at dark creatures materializing out of the ground. There is a massive battle going on towards the north. Laelia fights the creatures while telling little Lelia to stay down, a bit later, Malcolm joins, then the rest after Malcolm.

Laelia’s mom is hit and falls quite early in the battle, but Caleb goes to her and restores her. Everybody focuses on the heartless, and a strange half wolf half goblin creature. A bunch of hailstones hit a large area near the mother, and she goes down again. Everybody in the area takes a fair bit of damage, too.

Apparently the hailstones were a spell from a goblin wizard with a stick. Malcolm’s small army throws magic missiles at it, they all dissipate, and Malcolm throws a scintillating sphere and fries it.

Arky kills the last remaining heartless, then bolts for the crispy goblin to loot it. fanfare... sort of. (Laelia’s mother died, but little Laelia survived.) The eagle approaches. Laelia asks “are we done here?” he says “I am here for the child. Your task here is done.”

Iridius communes with the dead. Iridius asks “who sent you?” to the crispy goblin. “The dark ones.” and the goblin replies they are here now, and Iridius offers Malcolm the staff and bag (of holding?) and there was a ring, which he gives to Arky to hold. Iridius then found a belt on one of the baddies. It has an insignia of an Oak Tree on it. +2 to STR and +18 HP The staff is a keen bludgeoning staff (+2) Malcolm remembers his own ring that he got off of his mother’s corpse. Ring of Protection +2 And there’s 2000 gold in the bag of holding. Malcolm divvies it up evenly among everybody. The staff and the bag sell for 6,500, and Malcolm divvies that up too. TOTAL gold gain for each: 1,118 (woot!)



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