Chosen Ones

Session 15

Red Thunder, Fluffy and Earth...

So, we drop off the Duke at his residence. While walking back Caleb is struck by black lightening while trying to explain his feelings to Lelia. He falls to the ground, stunned and shocked, collapses but remains conscious and steam rises off of him and he then fades from view back to the future style. An arcane backlash due to the void of Caleb hits us. Lelia goes to touch him to heal him and her hand goes right through. We don’t even hear anything in our heads. Within a few seconds Caleb fades from view. Lelia goes pale and crumples to the ground. Iridius goes to try to revive her. “We need to find shelter!” He drags Lelia toward the nearest house. It is dark, Malcolm knocks on the door and says “HELLO? WE NEED SHELTER!” with no response. Arky fails to pick the lock. Iridius runs to a nearby house and an old lady talks with him and lets him in. Arky runs to that house with Lelia in arms, and Malcolm follows behind with Aramel. Malcolm thanks the old woman. Iridius pays her 10g. Her eyes bulge. A heal check reveals there is nothing physically wrong with Lelia, and Iridius tries to dive into her mind through the mindlink. He fails, and asks Arky to try. Arky realizes the mind is completely shut off like she’s in a coma. Iridius attempts to cast Restoration on her (after quibbling with Malcolm over finding a higher priest.) We all see the central point with the lines like Arky sees sometimes, and the line where Caleb’s link would have been it looks to be codarized and charred. Lelia’s was frayed but remains intact. With the spell, negative energy was woven into the line and it’s what needed restoring. Lelia gains consciousness and she is laid on the bedroll. She doesn’t seem to remember, and we ask her what she remembers. She says “did that just happen?” and she seems to be struggling to actually say words. Lelia is distraught. Arky is looking out the windows. Iridius explains that Caleb is probably in a much better place. The elderly lady is standing back watching with amazement. Ginger (Lelia’s cat) purrs and rubs up against her. Iridius leaves. Arky mind-links with Iridius, Malcolm, and Aramel and talks about perhaps going to a funeral. Arky go-go-backpacks a blanket for everybody. Iridius goes back to the scene that Caleb faded at, and he finds remnants of dark necromancy heavily laced with negative energy. and the cobblestones at the scene are clean cut with a groove that suggests it was scooped perfectly and taken somewhere. Iridius gives the knowledge to Malcolm. Malcolm leaves to go find Iridius. Iridius is fascinated by negative energy which takes away something – he notices and theorizes that the active spell of the sky is an artifact induced magic. It didn’t make sense at the time but wherever the lightening has struck the undead has risen from there. Instead of raising the dead with the black lightening that hit Caleb pulled him into another plane, and Iridius also thinks the negative plane is essentially hell. Chances of survival are pretty slim. Malcolm asks what we should do about it. Arky wants Malcolm to summon Caleb, but Malcolm can’t. Arky thinks about teleporting into hell. Iridius suggests against it. Malcolm and Iridius go inside and rest. Malcolm asks Demetrius to keep watch with Helga for the night.

Morning comes, bright and sunny. No lightening or zombies. Yay! People are celebrating. Malcolm asks why Demetrius didn’t wake us up, and Iridius asks Helga the same thing. She throws up on his hand, Demetrius tells Malcolm it was 4 in the morning and nothing was wrong. We now have two funerals (Lelia’s mom and Caleb’s) to perform. Iridius suggests to cremate the corpse of her mother. Lelia wants to ensure the city is alright before something would interrupt the ceremony of her funerals. Random citizen X says “it stopped sometime this morning.” And Lelia realizes her mom is on the TARDIS which we do not have access to. Travelling down to a tavern that Simon frequents, Arky wants something to heal because he thinks that Iridius is unreliable. We explain to him that healing is really Iridius’ specialty. A little girl about 9 years old give or take rushes towards the temple we are near and she has tears running down her face. Malcolm keeps on walking, Iridius asks what’s wrong and she says “Fluffy! fluffy went down the drain.” Arky uses psychometry. A white dog fell down a drain. “My dog fluffy! Everybody loves fluffy! His barks are getting quieter.” We go to the drain, Lelia trying to sense the girl’s motive. Malcolm asks Demetrius to go get the dog. He gets there and can’t find the doggie. Iridius sends helga too. (she’s drunk) He can’t go farther without losing contact so Malcolm tells him to come back. He mentions there’s bigger earth elementals down here. I figured I’d mention that. Malcolm asks him to talk to the elementals about the missing dog. Arky go-go-backpacks and gets a stuffed dog out which makes the girl cry more. Demetrius says the dog is in one of their hands. They don’t want to give it back. Everybody goes down the ladder.

It’s dark. but that doesn’t bother people with darkvision. It’s also slimy which would normally require acrobatics (malcolm glides though) so Arky go-go-backpacks some snowshoes. Malcolm asks Demetrius to lead to the Earth Elemental with the dog. We get to a spot where there is an obvious big hole. Eleven feet tall. We go through it. Malcolm casts a few earth elementals, and Lelia tries some protections. We get close enough to see earth elementals. Lelia earthen graces herself and Arky. Iridius casts dismissal on one of them and fails. It turns around and looks at us. Iridius tells Malcolm to talk to it, and Malcolm says “Sure, now that you’ve rudely tried to expunge it from this plane…”


Malcolm tells people to hold until we try diplomacy. Arky goes on full defense. The creature rumbles “What do you want?” Malcolm responds about the dog, they want the shiny attached to the dog. Malcolm tells them he can detach the shiny and they can have the shiny but we want the dog. The second rumbles up to us, with an elaborate collar on and it holds out the dog. Malcolm detaches the collar from the dog, and it seems enspelled. We take the dog. Malcolm asks what the collar does and the creatures do the equivalent of a shrug and they turn around and walk away. Malcolm turns and walks back with a dog that is licking him. Iridius follows. Arky follows. Aramel follows. The little girl is happy when we return her dog to her. Then she notices the collar is missing, and she says it was made just for fluffy. We ask what is so special about it, and she says her uncle Neville Ruert gave it to her.

Lelia wants to go to the tavern to talk to Simon. We only have to search about three taverns before we find the peackock feathered cap we’re used to. He has women on each arm. He’s telling them a story about black clouds and red lightening. The girls giggle and smile, and Lelia notices they have no pupils. Malcolm strangely doesn’t notice anything. Iridius believes they might be Gales from the Celestial planes and mentally tells us so. Simon excuses himself and talks with us. We ask what we should do and he says he cannot tell us until tomorrow. Lelia asks about burying her mother. Simon pulls out a diamond and gives it to her compliments of the Eagle. She sees her mother laid out in a pose in the center of the diamond. Arky appraises it and figures out it’s worth ten thousand gold. He theorizes how to get the body out to sell the diamond. Simon asks Iridius to bless a platinum chain for an amulet, so Lelia can set the diamond in it. He does, and she puts it together and wears it. Lelia wants to do druidic ceremonies for her mom and Caleb and plant two trees. and then find her child. Iridius wants to rethink his desires for the future. Malcolm always wants to find more spells to find in his spellbook Arky wants to uncover treasures he buried in the past.

We go to do Lelia’s ceremonies, planting a cherry tree and a redwood. There are bodies everywhere from the apocalypse. The army is out gathering them. There is a large metallic oval object on the ground. It’s purpose is unidentifiable. Oh and there’s this big giant bowl. It’s off-white, greyish in color. We carry on into the forest into a secluded spot. Lelia gives a service bla bla bla honor and love bla bla bla planting in honor bla bla bla rebirth of the spirits bla bla bla. She plants the cherry tree and sequoia a good distance away from eachother. When she casts her spell, the diamond flares up and the trees grow full bear. Malcolm notices the necklace enhances her magic, and he tells her. Malcolm also notices a green light go from the necklace to the cherry tree. Arky tries some cherries, an everybody else does too.

Iridius asks the gods “would we do well to seek the child of Lelia and Caleb, and would it be difficult?” “Seeking the child may be beneficial, but it would probably be perilous.”

Iridius stood a spear up, letting it fall a direction, and he asked the gods to direct it to the direction of the child, and he stepped out of the way, it wobbled, and…

—end session



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