Chosen Ones

Session 17

Dragons and Lizards and Samuel, Oh My!

Iridius is on his own world, and a lizard like creature is told to accompany him, with only nods as responses when talked to. Simon summons Iridius. He tells Iridius about an item of import, and teleports him to the field with the weird birds nearby. Iridius asks if the birds seem odd, the lizard nods. Iridius summons many locusts, and far in the distance the others all see this. Some of the others run toward Iridius (malcolm flies, Theodore Barrett and vincent run toward. Arky runs in terror the opposite direction thinking the end of the world is near.) The sky turns darker than normal, the cloud bigger, the ground nearby gets darker and mounds upward. Malcolm sees that the cloud is part locust, part… something else. The mound bursts open and crimson flames burst out. No lava but flame. A huge head, demonic, a dragon demon thing came out of the crimson flame, the mound is 500 feet tall, but the dragon is colossal sized. Malcolm tries talking to it, Theo hits it with bubble magic, Iridius tries to stab it, Arky tries running out of the anti-teleport field, and Vincent waited to see what happened while Lelia has the child and Barrett goes towards her to help her but the dragon EATS HER AND THE CHILD. The link to Lelia disappears. Arky teleports into the Dragon’s mouth and and tries to retrieve what he can in a mostly selfless act. The dragon uses a breath weapon and everybody takes massive damage, making theo and vincent near death. Those two cast a double force field over the mound of it’s entrance. Arky puts his bag into Iridius’ bag in the Dragon, and it implodes, and mostly everybody took massive damage again. The party is given a large heal from vincent, and recouperates. Theo points out that it doesn’t bleed or have effects that it was damaged. It was hurt but did not act alive. Barrett goes to see down the hill the dragon came from. Darkness is below.

We go back to Hilsofar, Malcolm spots Iridius and Arky for room and board, we all go to the inn. Iridius communes with his God, and gets five word answers. The next day Iridius prepares for Arky’s impending legal drama, and nine hooded figures head toward the tavern, and iridius goes back in the tavern. He tries to take arky out the back door and three more hooded figures block their path. A somewhat fight ensues, Arky disappears. It is later determined that they are talking about Arkansas Samuel Jones when we don’t know if this is the Arkansas Jones we speak of.



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