Chosen Ones


What is up?

Merced Group A – 5.16.2009 – 5pm to 11pm

[Everyone enjoyed pizza, official character sheets printed for everyone]

We started the game pretty much where we left off. The main group found themselves trapped in a force fielded area. After a few minutes, it dropped and they saw another person. The newcomer seems to be #5 (As evidenced by the mark on his wrist). After introductions and much interesting interactions, the door was finally unlocked and the group proceeded upstairs to the next section. [Character #5 had a solo session to catch him up to the group]

Once up on the landing, the group discovered some blood. Arky, after being asked, senses the blood belonged to a lizard ‘humanoid’ that was trying to protect the ‘chosen ones’ and was being chased by the large monstrosity bent on it’s destruction. They proceeded to search each room and discovered that the ‘Cult of Tabarath’ is trying to destroy the chosen ‘heroes’ who prevent bad things from happening in the future. The group surmises they [Tabarath] are the bad guys based on what they read. They also learn that ‘The Crow’ was communicating to ‘The Eagle’ whom they surmise is another Timelord Minion. [Arky true to his nature collected everything visible and potential value]

Searching the adjacent room, they found a decapitated body and a magical tattoo of a Crow. Figuring this must be ‘The Crow’ they searched the body. Pip, with his curiosity piqued, decided to touch the tattoo, and entered into mindscape where he encountered a ‘raven’. He had a strange Q&A session with before he accepted it into him. The results were immediate. His body improved in wondrous ways.

Continuing the exploration the group found a strange room with magic tables and some 12 vials, all unlabeled to the chagrin of the group. They proceeded to clean out the kitchen (Well, Arky did, and a pastry was thrown out of his pack.

The next room was the Main Door / Foyer and the adjoining room was the latrines where a large hole was found. Backtracking, they found the arms room and then a giant room with a Floating object in a Pedestal. Caleb thought to play a prank, which was an epic failure. Lelia ventured into the room, declared it clear to proceed and then went to observe the object. Out of the floor these shadowy creatures popped out and attacked our heroes. The battle was fought swiftly and the creatures dispatched with some ease. Lelia pulled the object [Keyblade] from the pedestal wherein it sought to test for who was the worthiest to wield it. The contest boiled down to Lelia and Arky. The Keyblade chose Arky, but is uncertain about him. [He counts it as loot, something he might want to rethink]. Oddly enough, the possessive rod any weapon does not seem to reject the keyblade. Another letter was found on a body of the ‘minions’ with the instructions to meet the Eagle at Hillsfar.

Possessing a “key”, the group unlocked the front door and decided to get their bearings. Remembering a map in one of the books collected, they quickly ascertained their location and decided to travel west towards Hillsfar [Approximately 80 miles or so]. Pip scouted ahead and soon realized a Raven was watching him and appearing on a tree every 50 to 100 feet distance. He decided to befriend it and soon after it became a Large Black Wolf. The group caught up and found this to be a bit alarming. Caleb realized that Malcolm had a squirrel on his back. Ended up dropping nuts down the back of the shirt and then copped a feel. Malcolm was startled by the squirrel and then being felt up by Caleb (Great acting ensued). Malcolm tried to dislodge the squirrel with no success and quickly discovered it was a earth spirit/elemental.

We ended at that point and time.

Players – All present. All characters achieved level 2 for successfully completing the first section.

Character journals are welcome for how you’re character perceived the actions. Feel free to add in quotes of ‘in character’ comments and how things played out in your mind. A first or third person narrative is quite fine.

[Joshua rolled a 1 for the whole familiar deal… tsk tsk.]



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