Chosen Ones

Session 20

Party Hard, but be careful, Exploding Runes hurt!

Malcolm asks the celestials about their arrival and they say they came here through a gate. They do not wish us to help them find their way back, they wish to fight the good fight.

Arky teleports us back to Hilsofar to talk to Simon… in warm temperate area. Simon is in a bar with two males and two females. Everybody in here is wearing funny hats. Barrett does a heck of a lot of acrobatics to leap to the chandelier, jump to the top railing, flip into a chair right next to Simon. We all get up to Simon our seperate ways. Barrett places the gems in front of Simon. Simon places a box on the table and opens the lid, not touching the gems, and we put the gems in the box, and closes it. He tosses a pouch on the table with many smaller pouches. Each pouch has 600 platinum. We think we see a blur of Simon’s hand putting an orb in the middle of the table. The orb seems to change colors and it seems to be a globe with where we live. There are pinpoints of red where bad things are. It zooms in, pointing to where we were just at. There’s still a red point there. In another spot we see multiple dots all in the same area. he waves his hand and light blue x marks show where problems have been eliminated. We are instructed we did not kill the summoners. We all go back. Barrett finds a door in the wall, somehow. There is darkness inside, Arky and Barrett walk in, Malcolm casts light, and it’s illuminated. There’s a hallway. We see torches with black flame sputtering in a circular chamber with another pentagram on the floor with points on the pentagram. Figures are sitting at each point. Their faces are blank and they’re repeating the same chant. Arky sees a shadowy figure in the distance moving around. Barrett tries knocking out one of the guys. Subdual. He goes Down. A shadowy figure comes out… the next four are knocked out by a spell. A cylinder of force spikes come from the center, they pin the next shadows to the ground. (thanks to Vincent) Theo does a chain bubbles, killing one, hurting another. Lelia slices one down, and her kitty smacks one down too. Four are left. Malcolm magic missiles and kills one. Iridius waits. Vincent missiles one of the remaining three. Arky slices and dices the one vincent is fighting, it goes down. He then kills the one he was fighting.T After the last shadow disappears, the pentagram glows and spews fire which expands and climbs the walls while scorching all in the room (which excludes Iridius and Malcolm)

There is a longsword in the middle of the room. Upon inspection it is not evil, powerful, and has enchantment and abjuration on it.

We wake a person who was in the pentagram and they don’t even know what day it is. They seem to have been kidnapped and controlled. The dagger is a +2 enhancement bonus to hit/damage. The sword is still unknown exactly.

Lelia and theodore make the ground more receptive as Arky teleports the kidnapped people back to their places. back at the bar Simon is in the middle of a party!! wooo!! Barrett does his usual acrobatics to go reach simon, and everybody else finds a way to get to him except Iridius who goes to his church. Simon points out the area which had a larger group of red dots in the same area. We touch the crystal and we are rejuvenated as if we had a full night’s rest. Iridius makes his way back, dancing with pretty girls on his way up. He touches the crystal and is rejuvenated. Arky teleports us to the valley. It’s suffering from a drought. We find a lake with the water level obviously lower than normal. We find a village, no evil around, and the locals explain the rainfall is lower this year for some reason. Someone explains the lake is blessed. it has a rejuvenating effect in most people. Gather information from Barrett reveals that some people are mutilated into little pieces in their houses around the area. They’re all fishermen or people who worked with fishermen. They’ve seen things like gnolls around the area. One man thinks he’ll be the next victim. The reeve’s (the man who we see’s) grandfather was a werewolf. Arky and Barrett are interrogating villagers.

Lelia figures out that the drought in the area is a magical weather effect.

Iridius tries detecting the source of the magic blocking the weather. The more potent is in the middle of the lake. He tells everybody the source is where he is. Theo, Lelia, Malcolm and Vincent follow.

The gruesome twosome (Arky/Barrett) confronting someone who Arky saw as a murderer in his vision. They are attacked. Barrett takes some damage. Arky tries to teleporting us there. He suceeds after one failed try. Arky touches the man and a huge grimace appears and a fireball goes off. Everybody takes damage. The man dies. We interrogate the villagers more. Arky touches the evil man and figures out that one day out of nowhere he just turns into a psychopath. Arky asks, speak with dead, with the corpse. “how did you get your power? – My mercenary training.” “Why did you kill those people? – I felt the desire to kill them.” “Where did you get your demonic otherworldly power? – It came upon me.” “where did it the demonic power come upon you, specifically? – When I was fishing.” The image fades.

Someone screams… we go find out who by Arky teleporting us. There’s a large demonic creature tearing apart a villager. We go to the water… Arky had he-man on. Lelia’s cat swipes at the creature and misses. and then bites and hits. Iridius is going to cast magic missile at it.



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