Chosen Ones

Session 21


We are still in battle with the sea type demon creature.
Iridius detects evil in the area… from Arky. He drops the keyblade because he was posessed. and we hear a pop
Theodore bull rushes the creature, it bites him first with reach and nauseates him. He throws up on the creature.
Barrett charges too and gets hit, and nauseated. Vincent throws a force lance spell and the creature is resistant
Malcolm summons some bears. The creature attempts to bite Theo and claw Barrett.
Ginger lands some attacks on the creature. The shrine nearby’s door opens and out steps the Eagle. He flings something like a marble close to the creature. A gust of wind blows the stench around the creature away. A knight in shining armor appears next to the creature and he hits them. Iridius casts a spell – shimmering white surrounds us – +4 deflection AC to evil creatures. Barrett attacked with his sword, and the creature is resistant.
Weeds behind the creature hinder it, but does not bind it. A keyblade appears in both Todd’s hand. Vincent uses a force lance. Malcolm’s bears attack, hitting it slightly, and he summons two more. The creature misses both Theo and Barrett. Lelia swords and it heals directly afterwards. Theo attacks with the Keyblade. The boy repositions himself.
Vincent throws an orb of force and kills it, blowing him up. The Ichor does not hit anybody around it though.

We are all level 7!

The knight dissipates into nothingness with sparkling motes of white mist. The carcass has apparently melted. In the ooze, we find an amulet. Iridius mentions the creature is evil but the amulet is not. The schools of magic in the area is universal. Strong aura. The magic on the amulet is universal. Malcolm cannot discern what it is through spellcraft. It enhances spell-like abilities by 3, so we give it to Lelia’s fireball hacking kitty.
Barrett asks the Eagle what took him so long. He says it appears he arrived on time, Barrett complains about puking. We tell him Arky disappeared. Eagle says the area is in flux and pulls out a gadget, scanning the area. Retconning, when the man with the murder rampaging was touched by arky, he received the dagger from a lady with tattoos and skin appearing to be leathery. This happened a few days ago. He also remembered that she cast the spell on the guy, and that’s why he blew up in our face. The Eagle is uneasy about the area. The Eagle says to worry about Arky later. He says we are not supposed to be here yet. We are not always supposed to go to the greatest concentration of evil. We have a miscommunication and Eagle pulls a dictionary from the year 40,000 trying to understand us. Barrett asks what happens if we stay here, the Eagle goes in the shrine, disappears, reappears, and says “that is a gruesome death.” Theodore mentions that we are without a teleporter, Eagle mentions Malcolm. Theodore asks for a dictionary, and the Eagle gives him a “current” edition. We are ushered inside of the TARDIS. Barrett is paranoid of it, Vincent pushes him in. Theodore chides Vincent. Malcolm, Lelia, and Iridius shake their heads. The Eagle pulls a lever, and says we are there. Barrett steps out to the smell of burnt trees. We’re surrounded by tents and dark hairy ape-ish creatures. Barrett sighs. The eagle says we are off course. He ushers Barrett back in, and pulls more levers, making the ship do it’s thing and opens a door telling us we are now in the right place. We smell burnt wood from black smoke in the distance with the environment looking like it had recent rainfall. The ape creatures were the invasion force we are now here to stop. We should fortify the village within 3 days. 500 or so creatures will be invading.

People in the village are starting to notice us, they’re not wealthy chaps like us and they think we must be royalty. Theodore introduces himself. The man is the “head man” of the village. (equivalent of the mayor.) They’re fur trappers, prospectors, foresters… population 150. We know that the fire in the distance is from the invaders camp.

So day 1, Malcolm casts earth elementals with Vincent hasting them, Lelia having communed with the earth to make it easier. This is to build a basement in the ground for the people. Theo scouts ahead and with Lelia and Barrett find a spot to ambush perhaps. Malcolm informs Taggart that people will need to prepare to be moved to an underground location we will make.

Day 2, the villagers help tear down their huts and the earth elementals hide them with dirt.

Day 3, we circle a place not far from the actual camp and make it look like we are protecting that. When they pass either they will see us and assume we are defending the actual place without it being the place, OR they will pass and if they know the real site they will be within our sight or they will pass it entirely.

The horde appears en masse. One particular one has a horn that appears on his head. He appears to be special. It stops a few miles before the village, looks around, keeps going toward the village and the horn receeds. An archer develops the helmet thing, and it stops, looks around, and keeps going, and the helmet dissappears. They hit the village no problem, smoldering wilderness in their wake. A quarter mile past the town, the helmet appears, and they keep going. We follow them for a mile, and the village is completely passed up and the druid starts itching to put out the fires.
We hear the sound of battle ahead. Malcolm asks Demetrius to scout ahead. He comes back, and says big trees and elves are beating the crap out of the army.

The ground shakes tremendously underneath us. Some of us fall down, and a “Wave” of earth crashes over the army. The army is pretty much gone but the elves and the trees are there. The druids send rainclouds to the fiery areas. We let the villagers come out and rebuilt the huts. One Ent finds the village as it’s being reconstructed. There is a druid inside of it with a green beard. He introduces himself after Theodore is nice to him. A mouse chitters in his beard. He says we are on the same planet and we are more than Malcolm’s teleport range away from Hilsofar.
Malcolm asks if there is any way the druid or his companions can help teleport them back to their home in Hilsofar.



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