Chosen Ones

Session 22

Knight in the Closet, Let's go home!

Mike’s Recap:

The druid’s name is Archon.

We are rebuilding the village from before.
We chat with Archon hearing the Eagle talk about Jellybellies.
He pulls out a gadget telling us the ground level is off by 10 feet.
Theodore notices the druid doesn’t have a scent.
Malcolm knows the ground is not off 10 feet.
The eagle asks Theodore about the Keyblade.
The eagle says that Vincent’s aura is off… new religion?
He looks at the sword speechless, saying it was lost for 5000 years.
Then he says we need to make haste.
So we go to the temple of Thor.
Last he checked the Balor convinced a hezru to guard the temple of Thor.
Iridius blesses us with Fire resistance.
He opens the doors and heat waves are out there.
We step out to the roar of the flames. Black flames. They make our skin crawl.
We see a creature in the distance with six arms closing in.
It causes fear and Iridius casts removing it.
Barrett takes off toward it.
Malcolm summons Demetrius as an Archon with augment.
We go to another structure while Barrett distracts it.
There’s a door with shimmering energy in a “field” around it.
Theodore “penetrates the door” with his “key.”
There’s a definite slot afterwards that Vincent’s sword fits in.
The rubble around it, falls.
As if waking up from a very very very very very long nap, we have Andreus.
(Andreus is 6’ 180, wearing full plate faerie Garb, white.)
He asks for Lawgiver. His sword. which is in Vincent’s hands.
Vincent gives it to him, and it lights up, very happy to be in his hands. It seems bigger too.
He says he is in our debt, and we go back to the temple of Thor (TARDIS)
The Eagle welcomes back Andreus who asks where we’re going now.
Andreus was apparently the original chosen one.
The others are on another world. Our chosen ones are not the originals.
He gives him something to drink and touch, and he’s linked in.
Todd asks what year he was put to rest, he doesn’t know.
TARDIS comes to a stop.
We’re back at the woodland town, which is cleared.
As soon as Andreus comes out there is a warhorse in full regalia. He nuzzles it.
We hear shouts of alarm from the villagers.
Some of us see three creatures that were supposedly killed back and running toward us now.
Theodore launches a bubble ball at them.
Andreus gets on his horse and rides 100 feet out.
Lelia traps them in a briar patch.
Malcolm flies forward and lobs a scintillating sphere at them. one goes down.
Barrett double moves forward.
A little ball of fire comes at Barrett and the bush they’re trapped in is on fire.
Barrett does a barrel roll.
Vincent hasted todd and himself.
Todd chain bubbles them…
Andreus holds action
Lelia makes them into tesla coils with lightening between them that downs them.
An explosion happens as a horned creature appears right next to Barrett, and another next to Andreus.
Todd slices the one on andreus and does cold damage, charging.
Andreus slices it too with Lawgiver. Twice. His horse attacks too. it goes down.
Lelia casts polymorph on the other creature, it turns into a rat.
The cats and ferrets go nuts.

Barrett searches the body of Andreus’ kill. He goes through a belt and fur pouch.
Malcolm flies over to the other two, uses a water elemental to disperse the flames, and searches those bodies. Malcolm pockets four rubies on them, they’re magical. Malcolm asks Iridius to identify them (minor universal magic)
Barrett apparently gives Andreus’ horse funny looks, and mentions slashes from the horse… there’s no hoof prints on the creature. He asks the horse and it turns to Andreus and becomes a draconic head saying “this one is inquisitive.”
The creatures teleported here.
The TARDIS appears as a shrine to Thor (Iridius is happy.) The eagle steps out.
Barrett tells the Eagle that he thought all of them were gone, the Eagle says they were mistaken.
Malcolm checks on villagers, as does Andreus. They rebuilt and are all okay. There is a weird stone table with magic symbols on it. Archon seems to be very happy about the find. He gets his brethren to protect the village because of it.
Eagle tells us that we need to see Simon to help us do something Eagle cannot.
Iridius asks why a God cannot do something… which he cryptically answers using examples of Norse gods.
We step on it and vincent and I feel us enhanced by magic.
We all go on the node and Malcolm teleports us to Hilsofar.
Barrett walks in with Andreus behind, followed by the rest of us.
Theodore rides a beach ball sized bubble to fly in.
We go to the Prancing Pony to find Simon.
Andreus recognizes Simon despite the hat. He says “It’s been some time.”
Simon is surprised to see Andreus. “Is that really you?” “Yes, somewhat.”
He mentions Simon has something which can help all of us.
Iridius Barrett and Malcolm are asked to go through a door and receive instruction.
We sense a prickling feeling as we walk through. We walked into a stone enclosed room with piqued roof and white washed floor and golden inlay bricks and torches on the wall. In the center is a floating bear cub.
A voice eminates, says “Welcome. Gather around.” They do.
He imparts the spell into us.
Simon pulls out a gem for the group. the whole room around us spins around.
The room changes from a bar to a log “longhouse” of the vikings.
A halfling is summoning Theodore to go with him.

Little Tom beckons Barrett Lelia and Andreus (Little Tom is 7 foot tall and trained Andreus)
Little Tom tilts his hat to Lelia, “Little Lady”
There’s a duel between Little Tom and Andreus and Andreus blocks the first but hits him the second hit.
Andreus whifs a few times, blocks once and is hit solidly by Little Tom. He then hits Little Tom, and is hit once more and is downed. Little Tom wins.

Barrett Fights Little Tom and does fairly well but is still downed also.
Lelia heals Andreus, Tom heals Barrett.
Tom tells Andreus that he fought better as a woman.
Andreus is “still getting used to the changes.”
Malcolm, Iridius and Vincent go back through the door not to the bar but to the “longhouse”
Simon’s sitting on a chair drinking a beverage.
Tom pulls punches fighting Lelia, Lelia tries punching Tom, and isn’t as good.
Todd can now cast sharp bubbles! (cloud of knives)
We all go back to the inn.
According to Simon there are several fronts that need attention.
Iridius senses to find Arky, and senses that something is blocking their link.
Simon is looking at a note mentions a name but we cannot understand what is coming out of his mouth.
He says he told us very clearly.
Iridius casts comprehend languages and looks at the note, it seems to be rearranging itself.
It’s a city, underwater, and when we say it out of water we’re not pronouncing it correctly.
Iridius mentions Arky is rogue, Simon mentions “Big D has stepped in. He is in another time until you can correct the condition that has befallen him.”
We need to go back to the lake town where the murderer exploded.
Iridius detects the evil off to the distance from the Lake, again.
The most concentrated evil is a trail which leads from the village.
We follow the trail of evil to find a Keep. We hear shouts of surprise and dismay, and a weird purple glow extending over the wall.
Barrett goes on the wall.
Within the courtyard, Half of the bailey has become deep mud.
three men and women trying to get out, and 9 more bathing in it.
a 20 foot violet wall of fire is cutting off the view of the rest of the courtyard.

A woman is on the other side of the wall (Barrett jumped to get a view) he sees the tattooed woman with leathery skin and a wand, and three spine covered sulfur breathing beasts, and a hulking brute that’s grey skinned, and a couple of rune covered guys struggling to free themselves from chains of fire holding them.
He mentally transmits this, and Malcolm does swift fly and then teleports the group to the other side.

The tattooed leathery skinned woman says “Don’t you think you should go home now?”
Malcolm, Lelia and Barrett resist, the rest agree with her.
Barrett grapples Iridius
Todd takes out the magic fire wall with bubble dispel.
Iridius tries to teleport to his home PLANE and fails.
Lawgiver overpowers Andreus and makes him fight the evil, ignoring Malcolm telling him to stop Theodore.
Andreus approaches the lady and two of the three spiky creatures intercept him.
They’re EVIL! They hit Andreus. Twice. Hard.
Luna smacks Theodore around for trying to leave.
Vincent leaves by expeditious retreat.
Theodore is dominated by the keyblade and stops him from leaving.

End Session Recap by Mike.

Here’s a quick GM recap:

  • Food [Pizza]
  • Mike gave a recap of the previous game
  • Eagle arrived, noted the landscape was wrong and then got excited as Vincent’s new sword came to light.
  • Traveled to the Abyss to free a prisoner who turns out to be ‘Andreas’ the first chosen one from approximately 5,000 years before.
  • Andreas appears to be a Knight clad in Full Plate. [New Player Matt is playing Andreas] He reclaims his sword from Vincent.
  • The group returns to the quiet village that is being rebuilt.
  • A magnificent Warhorse appears which appears to be known by Andreas.
  • Three “Fire Ape-men” appear and the party readily dispatches them. Another two “Ape-Men with Horns” appeared and were also taken down. Barrett was so startled he never got a chance to act.
  • Barrett is suspicious when the Ape creature is found to not have any hoof marks on the body. He confronts Andreas and his horse [hilarity ensues]
  • A power node is discovered to which “Archon” the druid has been overjoyed at discovering. A power device in the wrong hands to be sure. Malcolm uses the power of the Power Node to transport the group back to Simon, whom Andreas called by by a different greeting. Simon sends the three arcane types [those with inclination for Force effects] off to get a rather “simple” training. The rest are transported to a Viking Longhouse where Andreas is met by a trainer of his called “Little Thom”, a rather imposing figure of a Viking, almost like he was from Norse Mythology. Andreas and Barrett are given a good thrashing [Gained XP]. Laelia is given some character growth paths [to be discussed with the GM] and Theo has a few new spells he’s acquired “My Bubbles are Pointy!”
  • The brief training session ends, and the group decides to face a demon threat around the Golden Lake area after weighing their options of another pending time critical mission.
  • They arrive at the Village and investigate the presence of “evil”. [The GM takes pity and allows them to detect the traces of evil, cause the game needed to move along, wink
  • They arrive at a Single Fort two stories in height, with 15’ wall. Inside they discover what looks to be a battle or something very exotic as a ritual. The floor is complete mud, 12 people are trapped in the mud, three of whom are attempting to free themselves, the other 9 appear to be bathing in the mud oblivious to any pleas to do otherwise.
  • Malcolm transports the group behind the wall of fire and immediately a Rune Covered Lady suggests the go home. Iridius, Todd, Andreas and Vincent all think that’s an excellent idea. Mayhem ensues.
  • Andreas is taken over by Lawgiver [The Sword]; Helga musters a bit of convincing although exhausts herself in doing so. The Keyblade is determined to fight the Heartless it detects nearby and prevents Todd from Leaving. Vincent runs away since Todd doused the Wall of Fire [A Happy Moment for Todd to be sure, his life’s culmination, his epic destiny. The moment when he mattered the most, his ultimate reason for being].
  • We left with the battle in progress with things looking grim for the heroes… [And no NPCs beyond the resources you possess are going to be helping you, just saying…]
  • GM Notes:
    • The Four Magic Types – Malcolm, Iridius, Todd and Vincent [And a Later Point you will have learned another Spell that you discover]
  • Arch-nemesis “Candle Mage” for Theo needs to be prepped.
  • The Three that trained with Little Thom, you’re eligible to take Advanced/Occult Techniques in the Martial Arts Skill [Path of Power] or learn a Defensive Combat Technique [Combat Section of the Eclipse] – this is a bonus above and beyond what you’d normally get. And yes, in case you didn’t know, it’s called Unique Training which is completely legal in the book ;). [Coincidentally the stress of battle might manifest your new training [See, breaking early is a good a thing in this rare case] Oh, and I might even get a reasonable map up for next game, another good reason to end early.
  • Nick, let me know where you’ll be spending the points that you are missing.



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