Chosen Ones

Session 23

Victory is bittersweet

When last we left our group, Andreus’ sword protected him from evil and the compulsion, the Keyblade dominated Todd and controlled him not to leave, Barrett grappled Iridius to stop him from leaving, Helga tries to stop Iridius from leaving, Malcolm casts voice of the dragon to attempt next round to use suggestion to stop people from leaving, and Lelia was trying to dispel.

Round 2
the woman moves up and shrieks, a blast of cold frigid air and noise inflicts us
She then flings a card which goes into the field we are in and disappears (it has a joker on it)
Two creatures try but can’t get close to Andreus… they’re hedged away from him.
Todd flings sharp pointy bubbles and the woman seems to have been harmed
Iridius fails to go to his home plane while grappling
Lelia dispels the suggestion from Iridius
Malcolm uses suggestion on Vincent and tells him to disregard that lady’s suggestion.
Andreus heals himself.
Barrett charges one of the creatures.
Vincent comes back
Where the card landed, a circle stems from the center with a symbol on it. A field goes up around us, but it feels as if the world is spinning around in every direction. We manage to keep our stomachs and consciousness.
Vincent is not in it.

We end up in an unlit dark cavern, falling and falling and falling. some fall faster than others… Barrett Andreus and Malcolm all seem to be falling the same speed… Lelia not far behind. We land with an oomph but no damage in somebody’s campsite. Two people (male/female 25-30ish) are startled to see us land. There are torches every 5 feet around the perimiter and the campfire. The male pulls out a sword and attempts to weakly threaten us. We sense the other chosen ones are very far away. The male says we are not the dark ones (Heartless)… and puts his sword away. Andreus vows to help with evil. The two were on their way to speak to the ruler at the capital, their village is a day back.
We mention golden lake and they say there is no lake nearby… we must have travelled far. They also comment on how ragged Andreus looks.
Their village has been attacked by “dark ones” and they ran during the attack. Villagers were taken.
We decide to go to the village Olftun. to help and defend. Tomorrow.
Barrett follows Andreus’ steed which turns into a 7 foot tall lizard creature with no wings but spikes on its tail and big sharp teeth. He talks to it about the link.
Lelia heals Andreus
In the morning, we pack up and go.
When we get there, there’s a new wall around the village with groups of three and five groups.
Demetrius says there’s something nasty in the dirt – he can’t go through. He scampers up the wall.
Barrett’s ferret follows. The huts are sealed. There’s an ickyness to it.
Demetrius uses Malcolm’s knowledge and notices his life is being sucked away when he messes with the barrier, and says he doesn’t like it and stops messing with it.
Barrett tries to distract a singular group of three and lead them to us.
Malcolm channels Pyroburst, Andreus gets Lawgiver ready.
Lelia casts chain lightening… it fries them
Andreus attacks one of them (they’re chaotic evil) and he does lots of damage. (10 foot reach)
Malcolm lets the pyroburst loose and the other two fall.
Barrett goes and gets more of them.
He, Lelia, and Andreus attack them, Malcolm throws a lance of disruption, andreus finishes the last one off.
We lure more, after Barrett takes the golden balls they leave behind.
They’re all attacked and Malcolm scorching rays the only one left standing.
Andreus charges one and whiffs.
Lelia moves up and whiffs as well.
Barrett moves up and kills one.
Malcolm uses lance of disruption
Andreus kils one
Two still stand, one attacks Andreus, one attacks Malcolm, both miss
Lelia hits and kills one,
Andreus charges the first one of the next three.
Lelia attacks the second one, hitting it.
Barrett charged and hits the third one.
Malcolm casts mass snakes swiftness, and all three others hit the heartless again.
The three heartless each attack their attackers.
Lelia is hit hard. The other two missed.
Andreus hits and kills his.
Lelia misses hers. Barrett kills his.
Malcolm casts scorching ray (Calvin’s target drops, Lelia’s target does not)
The heartless hits Lelia.
Andreus’ horse hits the heartless.
Andreus charges and whiffs again.
Barrett charges and hits
Malcolm casts lance of disruption.
Barrett has fun picking up all the balls.
We look over the symbol on the gate (which was on all fifteen heartless’ chest) and Barrett opens the Gate.
A flash of light occurs.
The huts doors are closed and the windows are pitch black.
He grabs for a door and opens it… he feels something distasteful.
People are on the floor under a black grate seemingly made of energy.
Malcolm figures out it’s necromancy.
Lelia heals herself and goes in the village.
Lelia dispels the effect of the necromancy.
Malcolm used detect magic. He sees a symbol – necromancy and creation.
Andreus tries to break the magic around the huts with Lawbreaker. Nothing happens.
Andreus opens the door to the middle hut. There’s no people underneath a grate in this hut, instead is an ugly looking creature. It watches him as he opens the door. It’s huge, has claws, spikes, three nontoed legs, and is mostly red/black.
A strange voice comes to Andreus from outside the hut. It’s from someone with a hood that says “Interesting, how did you get here?”
And says “This world is being harvested nicely.” He is from the tabarath cult, and says the great one is going to destroy all that is living.
Andreus charges, the man disappears, and tells us to play with his pet after he appears in another location. He then disappears again.
The hut bursts apart and the creature attacks.
The creature is attacked by Lelia, Andreus, Barrett, Demetrius as a bear, a second bear, and collapses but isn’t dead.
Lelia hits it with another holy storm… it’s husk splits apart.
Four medium sized ones pop out, and acid hits the bears, the “bear” takes 4, demetrius takes 3 acid damage per round for 3 rounds.
Andreus kills one (Crit!), his horse bites.
The bears attack, Malcolm misses with a scorching ray, Barrett attacks one.
the “bear” takes 10, the demetrius bear takes 6…
Andreus hacks and slashes one of the smaller ones, killing it too. (two down)
Then he hits the “bear’s” target, killing it too.
The horse fails to hit.
The bears both attack it, Malcolm casts scorching ray, and lots and lots of balls fall out.
A joker card is among the balls… all the shadowing dissapears and the huts flash bright light.
The gate is off, and the villagers seem fine. Another few days of that and they’d be toast.
Nobody seems to be proficient in arcane arts, especially cards.
Detect magic on the card … strong, Conjuration teleportation magic is on it.
Spellcraft reveals it’s a ritually enhanced interdimensional gate.
It was discharged, but it is linked to another card.
The villagers suggest… (drumroll) the KING!
Andreus’ sword detects a fading evil.
We rest, eat the finest pig in the land, and then go to the capital.
All of us walk into midair and we’re in a lavish room with beds, food floating toward us.
Malcolm studies until it’s time to go to bed. The card is drained of magic, and he thinks he knows how to power it back up.
We wake up well rested, step out, spend the spell points and throw the card at malcolm’s feet.
The circle glows and we are teleported back…
Andreus is stunned and loses his lunch, Malcolm loses his lunch, and Barrett is totally OK.



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