Chosen Ones

Session 25

Gothic Halloween Horror!


GM Recap in absence of the party recorders usual log of events.

The party found themselves separated, alone and in the wilderness in eerily fog conditions.

Taking this all in stride, they eventually left the heavy fog and found each other, but all is not well, for only THREE Chosen ones are present. [Malcolm, The Green Knight, and Barret] They decided to head for civilization. From the road they noticed a man walking and the earth bending around him. They hailed the stranger, and a swift interrogation ensued. Raryn noted that the stranger had no smell of human, and when confronted with this fact, the stranger told them he was merely a demon. Barret took umbrage to this information, and after a bantering session assaulted the ‘demon’, whom offered no resistance and seemed annoyed at this human’s attack. Though, if taking this human’s soul was this easy, so be it. The demon called himself Lance, and wished to travel with the group as he too had been removed from his home, and knew this was not it.

The party agreed, though Barret was against the idea. A band of travelers came upon them and seemed to be gypsies. They called themselves the Vistani, and did entertainment for the group. Barret seemed intent on being unsocial and was taken for a ride away from the group. Malcolm retrieved the monk and they continued. Not long after they heard the sounds of a wolf pack, which Raryn seemed to not enjoy. Moments later a large pack of wolves were spotted heading in their direction. The group counted twelve (12) wolves. The Green Knight placed upon the ground an entangling field, which half the wolves circumvented, the others brazenly passed through it without nary a problem though it had the effect of delaying their approach long enough to allow the party to get into a defensive position. These wolves had an uncanny intelligence, and fought much tougher than ordinary wolves. The group discovered they had regenerative properties. After a long battle, Raryn had been felled and several of the group had taken injury.

After some more walking and the falling of the night, Angelina put in an appearance, an associate of Lance. An unearthly beauty she was. She showed off her charms and was able to persuade the guards of the nearby town to allow the dire wolf entry. The Green Knight, Raryn and Lance headed to the stable to sleep, and the rest found a room at a local inn to stay.

Our game ended.



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