Chosen Ones

Session 26

Death will set you free...

Late Start, but the Chili and Corn bread was good.

GM made the recap of the previous session.

The group ate dinner, Barrett was approached for help by a young woman, she offered him a pair of gloves she thought would help in exchange for fighting in the pit fight arena to free her brother.

The night passed. Joshua joined the group. Much role-playing happened…

As the group was about to leave, they heard this melodious tune, with awful lyrics – torture, suffering and pain. A group of four young well-dressed men were found outside the inn. Malcolm recognized the Holy Symbol of Loviatar, an evil goddess devoted to pain, suffering and torture.

The green knight confronted the young men and threatened their lives if they did not depart. They mocked him, to which he back handed one. That one enjoyed the hit so much he praised the blow. Barrett maintained composure. When the Knight tried to go and tie them up he discovered manacles on his wrists. He scoffed, removed his hands and then replaced them with obvious disdain. He took Barrett back with him.

Barrett left with Malcolm and the lady to the arena. Barrett’s gloves proved their worth in gold. For he quickly vanquished the competition, though all five of his opponents were laid to rest in the eternal bliss of death. During the contest, one of those Loviatar worshipers made up several entertaining verses to his song, and even did some poetry.

After freeing the brother, Barrett found the young loviatar man outside, he quickly closed the gap and struck him down, and as he laid unmoving hit him with another resounding blow. The act of murder was witnessed by the town guard as well as the cult leader. Facing imprisonment and trial for the murder of Jacen Darkon, son of Lord Darkon, Barrett accepted the Trial by Combat Lord Vermilius [The Loviatar Cult Leader] offered. Calling upon Loviatar to Smite the infidel [Barrett], Vermilius allowed Barrett to close the distance and deftly blocked both attacks [The Single Attack, Barrett wasn’t allowed to make two attacks due to a move action]. Then in a hideous smile said “DIE!” and brought a mighty greatsword down upon him. Barrett blocked the blow but that only stopped a portion of the damage. The massive damage shocked his system so badly that he instantly perished. [Failed the Save DC 15 Fortitude, even with Action Point Re-roll].

Green Knight claimed the body of the fallen chosen one and departed. Malcolm questioned what was happening, and the Green knight laid out his plans for customary burial by fire.

Meanwhile, in one of the hell dimensions, Barrett was tortured for his crimes, replaying the steps upon the path of evil. Learning of the innocents he had slain.

After a battle of wills, the green knight relinquished the body to Malcolm and stormed off. Malcolm left the body at a local temple and went to find a healer of reasonable strength to revive the chosen one. He located Friar John, whom agreed to help. After a serious battle, Barrett was pulled from the hellish prison his soul had been kept in…

Barrett repented of his crimes and is resolute to atone for his crimes. With Malcolm they decide to follow their leads to the lady that provided the gloves, for Malcolm was able to determine they were actually a Bane Weapon to good-aligned people and raise undead.. They found her in a common room. They were able to learn of Ahriman the Merchant. She however, was unwilling to accompany the group to help confront him. The group found the merchant conducting business. When confronted with the gloves he commented upon the fine quality. They wanted him to take them to the creator of the gloves. He played a battle of wits and pretty much side-stepped their requests.

We stopped at 11pm.


The Harvest is Good… The Farmer was pleased at the bounty of the crop, the workers loaded the grains into the wagons to take to the city. He’d live well for another season, and provide for his family. He supposed the odd sights must have been good omens for his crops. Though any other day, a dark figure floating from the earth and then vanishing would have sent a chill up his spine, seeing the Green Clad Knight on the Large Wolf must have been the omen of Evil Being Chased away from the land. Yes, lady luck and his hard work had paid off this year.

Simon was not happy, he thanked his watcher for the information. The news, Some of the Chosen had entered the demi-plane of dread, the others were wandering in limbo. He didn’t recall authorizing a dangerous foray into that realm. He especially didn’t like it when other powers interfered with his groups. He suspected corrupt politics of the dark powers were in play. He just prayed that they didn’t attract the dark leaders of the realm before he could get them retrieved, or he might just lose them for good. The dark lady smiled as the group left for the merchant. The great wheel spun and it was in her favor. The pawns were in play. The seeds had been planted, and just the right amount of water given. One way or another she’d be victorious in her goals. The healer came upon the happy mother and her healthy child, he feigned happiness at her good fortune. The Bowl sat empty. He made the pretense of checking the child, amazed at who had wrought the healing. He learned the name of the one who had interfered in his designs; “The Green Knight”. Another interloper to deal with he mused. He “Blessed” the child and told the mother that this Green Knight hadn’t cured the curse, but had only given the child false vigor and vitality. He confided that this Green Knight might actually be the dark power behind the curse and she should warn her neighbors against his dark power before more families become his unwitting victims…

The Count again sips his drink. A massive chess board arrayed in front of him. A game was in play, but the outcome was unclear. The white knight was out of position, the Black Queen was two moves from a checkmate, and the Dark Knight was in position to take out the White Bishop, as it had already taken a White Rook. White wasn’t going to win at this rate, that much was clear, the unseen player didn’t do strategy well it seemed…

Friar John had another victim of murder, he was tired from the raising attempt. He was baffled by his inability to pull the young man back. But something had blocked him or interfered with the spell. A cold chill went down his spine. He turned and saw a terrible sight. A fearsome creature of undead bearing, in a raspy voice “You should have learned to leave well enough alone old man”, the Friar brandishes his holy symbol “Begone and return to the hell from whence you were spawned!”. The figure strides forward with nary a flinch or hesitation, and punches his fist through the old man’s chest. He withdrawals the still beating heart of the friar, as he collapses to the ground, dead…

The sounds of wolves panting, the black-rode man in ritualistic symbols strode to the altar. A naked man is bound and gagged to the altar… A gift to him from a lady, one of the recently freed prisoners. The man reeked of fear. The black-robed figure slowly cut the man and his muffled screams brought Ecstasy to the black-robed man… After intoning a few words, a few men bring forward the wolves. With the fresh blood on his hand he has a small ghostly man that he puts directly into the beast. “Arise my child and do my bidding”. The wolf bows it’s head…


Malcolm cast haste on Barret and with haste wouldn’t he of got two attacks

Session 26

Haste wording is very clear, you get one extra attack at Full BAB as part of a Full Attack Action, Moving and Attacking is a Standard Attack and Move Action, not a Full Attack.

Session 26

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