Chosen Ones

Session 27

Your Decisions Become You

GM Recap

We recapped the previous two sessions.

Andreas found himself outside the city. Got caught up on events.
Tod and Vincent also wandered out of the mists into the middle of the street.

Going to the church the party discovered the gruesome message, and learn that ’Speak with Dead" is an unknown thing around here. A lad of 15 years comes running and asks for help at the farm. The party discovers a gruesome sight of a disemboweled person, eyes gouged out.

Green Knight decides to threaten the Turkey with the axe, and a hideous ghostly monster appears before them in the form of a giant Turkey with arms. a Short combat ensues; Laelia wanders in and sees the battle, she decides to speak with the Giant Turkey. It apparently manifested when the Turkey realized death was coming for it. They work a deal to free the turkey.

Laelia is brought up to speed and decides that Barrett should atone for his misdeeds. During his meditation she notices a dark spirit. They converse and she learns it’s a demonic force that is attached to his soul.

Much discussion ensues on what to do with Barrett. They decide to head back to town.

They find the lady that supplied the gloves; Barrett dodgedly persists that she has information, she gives him only that which he requests and he gives up. Andreas takes over the conversation with the Lady known as Demi, and learns she wants them to Kill Lord Vermilius, and she even offers the knowledge that he is a Death Knight and to be feared. In return she says she’ll handle the rider and free them from the plane.

The group finds Vermilius hanging with three of his “followers”. Green Knight makes greeting, a conversation ensues, in which Vermilius admits in a causal manner that he is the one that left the message at the church. And that he’ll continue to do as he pleases till they return Barrett to his previously dead state. Though he doesn’t seem to concerned about that. He did let loose that the party has a bounty upon their souls from the Tabarath Cult.

We left the group as they were about to engage the Lord Vermilius in battle.



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