Chosen Ones

Session 28

Death Came, and Death Left

Late start; pizza was the meal.

Fought with Lord Vermilius. Theodore had a stark transformation just prior to Battle that swayed the tide of battle in an even ground fashion, coupled with the Party’s Life Bond which was THE main factor they survived the battle, couple with a perfect spell by Malcolm. The Death Knight apparently dies at the end of the First Round.

The group discovered among the ashes of the Death Knight;

  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Vest of Protection +1
  • Circlet of Intellect +2
  • Handy Haversack
  • Well Made Golden Spellbook [18 spells for Malcolm]
  • Coins of the Deceiver [Illusion Magic]

The group returned to find Demi in the Bar, pleased with herself. The group approached and claimed they’d fullfilled their end of the bargain. Demi agreed to remove the Demon Soul Rider leaving a little scar on Barrett’s Chest and then Transformed into a Devilish Appearance as a portal appeared. She left through the portal as did the group. Barrett learns her name – ‘Demoriel’.

The group is back home and find Simon, the Eagle appears. Barrett ends up being cleansed. The group goes off to train with Eryk – Party has obtained Level 8.

[Short Game]


The players arrayed around a chess board. Although, the chess board had multiple layers. The count looks upon the board, and says, “Check”,
Mysterious Voice — “Oh, no see there is this move, Jelly Baby?” as a Red Knight is placed in the same square as the piece threatening check.
Count — “You’ve invoked the Red Knight, deity intervention is strictly forbidden, I feel you’ve forfeited the game with this blunder.”,
The flippant mysterious voice — “Ah, not true, see, the Red Knight was already in play before, I’m merely pointing it out, are you sure you don’t want a Jelly Baby?”.

A Black Cowled figure is seen “I think this is chicanery, by this charlatan. How this man defies our whims I can’t fathom, but your precious chosen ones fall today. Even with the tomfoolery.” When the black knight piece is pulled off the board by a female hand the gathered players looked shocked. “I’ve claimed this piece as mine.” The gathered players are stunned. “Lady, the battle hasn’t concluded, we agreed to this game to see the outcome.”, the lady replies – “This is my game, and I can choose to end it if I so choose.”, with that she walks out. The mysterious voice, "Then I’m no longer needed here, have a good day gentlemen…

Lord Vermilius had underestimated his opponents. Surely foul magics had been involved, for he could see the lifeforce of the group shifting to the weakest members to prevent their death. As he fell through his contingency portal, satisfied they thought him dead, the small sword in his back surprised him. “Into Death be Reborn in my service knight”. In his weakened strength he felt his bonds to his dark masters severed, in their place a new bond is established. New unlife rushes into him. “Yes, mistress what is your bidding?”, “Return to my home, I shall have further need of you there.”



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