Chosen Ones

Session-4c (Interlude)

The Two Musketeers!

Plot – Prince and Duke switched

GM: Bekah

Players: Mike (playing D'Artayan) and Andrew (playing Porthos)

Side Note:

Yes, one of the musketeer names are altered slightly, correct name is d'Artagnan

Our two musketeers returned from a mission leaving the other two musketeers behind. (Aramis and Athos)

Instead of a relaxing the duo are called to the Musketeer Leader. Given a mission to investigate a strangeness when the Prince acts different, wearing a new ring and the Duke has retired apparently ill after returning from a hunting trip.


We go to the Chateau to confront the duke. The doorman refuses entry but hints we need to see the ‘duke’ another way. Porthos tries the trellis but finds it hasn’t been secured. Then uses the drain pipe to get to the balcony. Donald Trump Rochette notices the peeking Porthos, and Porthos decides a Bold Tact is required. He enters the room, and begins a banter with the ‘Trump’. Noticing the “Duke” wants him to stay, he heads to get some wine and eat some cheese… The ‘Trump’ get aggravated and goes to engage Porthos, who acrobatically tumbles past and marks him with a P. Comedic Hillarity ensues as Porthos continues to display a greater swordsmanship then the ‘Trump’. Porthos finally defeats the ‘Trump’ and has the guards take him to the dungeon till he learns some manners. Then D’Artayan and Porthos take the ‘Duke’ back to Musketeer Headquarters for further investigation.

They discover the ‘Duke’ is getting injected with some sort of poison, that the fake prince has a ring that is somehow maintaining a disguise.

They retrieve the prince lying that they’ve uncovered an assassination attempt on his life. D’Artayan further adds to the story how the Duke has already been killed, which is how they uncovered the plot. Porthos exclaims that the ring on his finger is how the assassins were tracking the royal lineage. And successfully removes it, much to the protestations of the fake prince. Discovering they need to destroy the ring, D’Artayan goes to the Blacksmith ‘Butterfingers’ to have the foul ring destroyed. On the way there, two fake prince guards ambush him and he maims one and has the other surrender and take the maimed one to see a physician.

D’Artayan convinces the blacksmith to destroy the ring, and then returns to the headquarters. The revealed duke grows belligerent but surprised that the two musketeers allow him to leave. Porthos and D’Artayan wait a few moments before relaying the success of the mission and the superior requests the Duke be returned under arrest. The two comply and take a guard contingent and arrest the duke for treason.

Our two Musketeers are happy about the turn of events and are rewarded with a restful nights sleep.


More Notes:

What is absent from the recounting was the banter, many jokes and cliche things that were said, like referring to the cheese the Donald Trump Rochette was named after when the Duke was unmasked. All in all, a very atypical run D&D game, where magic is very rare, and heavy armor and magic items were not seen except in the plot hook.



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