Chosen Ones


Where is the other guy?

Start Time: well later than 5pm… Character updates took precedence.

Meal: Spaghetti, Bread and Salad.


  • Lelia (By Bekah)
  • Caleb (By Joshua)
  • Arky (By Max)
  • Malcolm (By Mike)
  • Pip (By Terry)
  • Iridius (By George)

This is the Short GM Summary:

Party got 500gp from the Nobleman for saving him from the assassination attempt.

The group goes to find Simon. They find out they have a sixth member of their group and should return to the installation. They get a one use transport crystal from Simon.

They buy horses, travel back to nameless village with Angelina. Caleb performs masterfully. Caleb determines the Fey Wreaths grant some benefits.

They make it back to the installation to discover the sixth member inside the pillar. After introductions they take the new guy, Iridius to the training rooms.

They leave the installation and Iridius is reacquainted with his Fey companion. They set up camp and are besieged by Shadowy Warriors and at the end a Shadowy Mage. They handily defeat those attackers. They leave in the morning back for the village, on the way they notice a dragon bearing down on their previous encampment. They make all haste to Hilsfar, bypassing the village in the hopes of not bring the huge dragon bearing down on a small village.


Terry decided that Pip was taken against his will into the time minions. Mike decided that Malcolm declined the time lords at first, but later reconsidered and joined through fear.

At the well broken up party, the chosen ones stay put, and wait, while guards approach them and the two downed women. The party chooses to STILL remain until even more soldiers (with shortswords) arrive. We are asked to put down our weapons, and they take us into custody, to the barracks. After questioning, we are rewarded as upstanding citizens who protected the duke’s interests, and we are all given 500gp apiece.

While here, we hear the uptight captain needing help with a brutal beast which is killing commoners outside of the city wall. The party decides to go visit Simon again, to inform him of their success. To the bar! The eagle feather capped man is there in his usual spot. Arky tells Simon we were successful. Simon learned that our group is different. Most of the groups have a sixth, and we didn’t have a sixth with us nor did we see a sixth bed. Malcolm confirms this, and Simon pulls out a little cracked crystal. It’s got one use left. It’s a teleport crystal. Malcolm looks to the rest of the group. Arky tries to pull a horse out of his rather interesting bag, and he pulls out a small wooden rocking horse, and Malcolm can sense it’s magical and from the summoning domain. Malcolm asks for it, Arky says he wants to sell it to him… for 500 gold. (True to his character.) The ornament is made of oak. The party prices –real- horses, and pip wonders about riding our pet companions. Malcolm figures that he and Lailia can double up on one horse if they find a sixth. Caleb convinces Arky to ask the crystal for a horse. Nothing happens. The horse seller (who is surprisingly similar to an Italian) haggles with Arky, and Arky gets his for 63 gold. The other 4 horses cost 75 each. Lailia asks for gear (saddle and saddlebags) with hers free, and gets it. Pip is worried about if the person we are going to look for is injured, so Malcolm asks Arky for a demonstration, which pulls out a potion from his pack. Pip is satisfied.

The horses will take the party half the time to go back to the installation. (two days, not four.) The party rides. It’s been four days since we’ve been to Angelina for our potion, and it takes one more to get to Angelina’s hometown. Nothing extraordinary happens when we get there, except for closing the gate behind them. Caleb asks for Arky’s horse, under threat of identifying it. The town excitedly welcomes Caleb back, as Malcolm tries to go beneath notice. Caleb promises to perform for them that night. The horses get stabled. Caleb tries to identify the wreath before performing. The wreath boosts your charisma to good creatures, and makes Fey more friendly to you automatically. Pip and Lailia are arguing back and forth again, Pip being paranoid about Lailia learning how to turn Pip’s hair purple. Again.

A hundred people at least, show up for Caleb’s performance. Drinks are ordered, and people chant Caleb’s name in his absence. Many people ask about Caleb’s stories. He performs admirably. Everybody enjoys his performance, even Malcolm. Caleb seems like he’s GLOWING, like the moon on a clear spring night. Afterwards, Pip and Malcolm relax, Caleb drinks fine elven wine (a cask, which is an honor even above the free meal and room) The night passes uneventfully. The horse seems to have a command word “equine” at the bottom, which makes Caleb feel kinda foolish, but proud that nobody else caught it either, even Malcolm. Caleb is not hungover, (remember who gave him the wreaths?) Caleb explains what the wreath does, and Arky immediately puts the one Malcolm gave him on. Nothing extra happens, but Arky thought it was worth a shot. The chosen ones ride yet again for a full day. The door of the base doesn’t seem changed. Nothing seems to be able to be tracked, even by Pip, who is a great tracker, so it seems undisturbed. The horses are tied up outside. Arky leads, and walks in, with Pip directly behind, and the others after that. It’s been 8 days since the party left. At the scene of the massacre, the smell of decomposing bodies are there, with the bloated fleshy maggots going to town. They’re extremely bloated. More bloated than should be at that point. They’re like HUGE dormant nonmagical maggots. So we apparently notice this alcove is VI through XII, but with only five beds. Caleb checks for secret doors and finds none. The smell dissipates around the corner, and Lalia wants to find the first five beds, with Caleb continually looking for secret doors. The room we all came from is mostly the same, except for the crystal decanter in the center of the room is empty without it’s original crystal. (the same crystal Erik used on us.) Arkansas notices that there’s a button inbetween the beds, and the beds rotate, showing a bunch of moss behind it. Arky pulls back the moss, and finds someone.

The man who they find has a wild beard going on, like Arky. Long unkempt hair, wearing a loincloth. He looks to stand 5’9, 175lbs. His physical build shows he’s stronger than average, a bit fortified, but not as much as Arky in either. He has tattoos on his wrists with the number VI. Pip notices Malcom inspecting this, and Pip’s curiosity is rather sedated once he sees them too. Caleb, Pip, and Arky remember Iridius well, but Malcolm and Lelia (oops I’ve been spelling it incorrectly) cannot.

Iridius explains that he can remember our names but not us. Lelia explains where his stuff is. Iridius is still groggy, and Lelia finds Iridius’ belongings in his alcove, protected like we all had at first. Arky explains how he can get his stuff back, and Iridius takes his stuff, after magically examining it, but explains he thinks they are bewitched. Lelia is upset that Iridius’ boots are placed aside because she had to find hers. When Iridius grabs his rod, it disappears, and turns into motes, shocking him emotionally as Arky smiles and Lelia giggles. Lelia offers help by telling him to think of a weapon. He does, a longsword, and it appears in his hand. He’s interested in this, and tries to put it in his belt, but it retracts into his hand. Pip doesn’t fully trust him yet, and Caleb is interested but not emotional about Iridius yet. Malcolm tries to connect to Iridius through thoughts, and nothing happens. Arky knows that Iridius is not connected to the group’s mental link. Yet. Arky asks Iridius if he likes magic, which makes Caleb think (luckily to himself) “Oh great a religious fanatic.” Arky tries to get Iridius enthusiastically to go to the magic room, and touches Iridius, and we ALL sense that he’s in the link. (he’s been added to our friend’s list.) At the room of the training, Arky explains the room to Iridius, and Iridus gets the speech of how to use it in stereo, and looks uncomfortable. “There’s a library in here, and a big sphere which when you’re in here, you never feel drained casting spells. Iridius feels competent with his abilities, but prays to his pantheon aloud. He realizes we are not in midgard anymore, but Arky doesn’t explain anything about it. Iridius asks Malcolm about Midgard, and Malcolm replies we are not in midgard, but we are on Earth. Iridius asks about the roman empire, and Malcolm explains this is past the roman era. Arky bluntly adds “Yeah. Everybody you’ve ever loved? They’re dead.” Caleb explains it has been 1200 years since Iridius’ time. Pip integrated nicely into this world after 900 years, but Iridius is adjusting slowly. “The words are as cold as the winds of Thor.” Is the reply to Arky. Pip thinks to Arky that Iridius is a failed experiment. Iridius hears this, and doesn’t know what an experiment is. Arky explains that there’s this new thing called science, and you’ll love. Iridius thinks the group is brash and cruel. Malcolm points out that it is unfortunate that in order to help save the world he must leave his own behind. Caleb points out the fighting skills room. Iridius is hungry. Arky asks him what he wants, Iridius asks for bread, and Arky gives him some from his fabulous bag of hold everything in sight. Iridius is taken to the fighting skills room, and Iridius fights the easy dummy, hitting it. He is content. Arky tries to show off and tries hard mode. The keyblade comes out, and arky hits the armored dummy which is not only armored but flanked by two other dummies.

Caleb insists we need to get back to Simon, Malcolm taunts him telling him he just wants to sing more. Caleb tells Malcolm he’s jealous, and Malcolm quips back “You can sing, I can summon gargantuan monsters. I’m happy with my abilities.” Anyway, while Iridius is training, Caleb asks what he remembers. According to Iridius it seems like a vague dream. Caleb explains. He was recruited to serve a higher purpose. Malcolm explains about people scrying into the future, and their purpose is to stop the scryers from averting the future’s purpose. Iridius thinks it is Ragnarok, a term which Malcolm asks him about Ragnarok. Digging through his pouch, he finds the same 100 gold that we all found when we started.

The group leaves the compound, and Caleb uses the rocking horse. Another horse appears, six total. A high pitched voice aims and runs quickly toward Iridius. “MASTER! You’re BACK!” “Helga, there you are, my friend.” Apparently Helga is a diminutive fairy. Caleb wonders what kind she is, thinking she’s a sprite. She’s pretty dedicated for a 1200 year fairy. Iridius asks HER if he’s in midgard. She explains about a strange box, and they’re not home. Caleb asks what kind of fairy she is, she says “I’m a GOOD fairy.” And Iridius agrees. “She keeps me healthy.” And pip chimes in “I’m sure she does.” Malcolm communicates toward Dimitrius “Do you know anything about this fairy?” and he responds “she is like the rest of us, master.”

Pondering where to sleep, Pip suggests inside the compound, Caleb disagrees, remembering the golem. Malcolm explains we’ll see him coming, and Arky heads to the woods, which makes the rest of us follow. Setting up camp (including feeding the horses), Arky has another bucket trap lined up. He thinks it’ll work great. Malcolm goes to sleep first. Caleb talks with Iridius, explaining more about the groups campaign. Iridius wants peace of mind. The sleeping order goes Caleb, Arky, Pip, and Caleb tells Pip to wake up Malcolm for the last shift.

Iridius tries to understand arky’s bucket. You tie one end of the rope to Lelia’s foot, put it over the branch, and have a bucket over Arky’s head, because Arky is hard to wake up, but Lelia’s a light sleeper. When she wakes up, Arky will wake up wet. He thinks to himself, and chants. (He’s chanting an alarm spell, but doesn’t tell Arky, just for fun. Iridius names all the players, the horses, and Caleb and Lelia’s familiars, and notices Demitrius, coming out of Malcolm’s chest. Iridius names “the companion of Malcolm as well”) Iridius, satisfied, goes to sleep. Caleb sits around playing his flute. The night sounds pretty much stop. Caleb looks at how the horses are acting. The horses don’t seem to notice anything. Lelia gets a scratchy lick, from her cat, which has it’s hackles raised and is on top of her. The cat tells Lelia “Danger… out there.”

Lelia tries to wake Arky, before he gets wet. Arky does not wake. Lelia cuts the rope. The bucket falls, and wakes him up, splashing Pip. Arky screams, while Pip gets up and asks “Why am I wet?” Iridius wakes, and asks “Why are you wet?” and explains “I cast a spell to alert us if there were intruders.” Malcolm woke up at someone screaming. Iridius explains “I thought that was Helga.” Lelia explains “There is danger out there.” And she points. Iridius casts Mage Armor. Malcolm notices a discoloration on the ground, right as it pops up infront of Caleb. Malcolm shouts “Caleb watch out!” and is attacked by an amorphous shadow ‘thingy’ as the alarm goes off. Iridius dismisses the alarm, and Caleb took damage. INITIATIVE!

Malcolm casts enlarge person on Arky, Caleb did –nothing-, reacting to the fact that he got hit. Lelia runs up and attacks the shadow creature. She misses but her cat got larger, and hits. More shadows came and one attacked Iridius, and hit him. Arky heard the “ow” in his own head. Iridius casts mirror image, and makes four copies of himself. Arky, loving his size, Thwacks a shadow creature very very hard. Pip jumps and attacks the same creature, but misses. Caleb casts body of the sun, hoping the creature shies away from the fire (and being disappointed) but gets hit in the process and takes damage. Pip hits one, Malcolm summons a celestial hippogriff. Lailia tries again to whack the shadow, and hits, and so does her cat, killing the shadow creature. The shadow creature Caleb burned hits caleb, and another one hits Lelia. One of Iridius’ clones gets hit, and dissipates. Pip gets hit. Arky gets hit, but almost giggles as it’s just a scratch to him. Iridius casts magic missle (At the darkness! Just kidding at a shadow creature.) Arky activates his armor, and hits the same shadow creature he did last time, squashing it. The creature next to Caleb gets burnt by Caleb’s body, and Caleb steps back 5 feet, casting “know vulnerability” to see what they’re weak against, and figures out holy damage hurts them. He telepathically tells this to everybody else. Pip hits one shadow creature. Malcolm casts Light of Lunia. Two orbs begin circling him.

The Hippogriff attacks the shadow nearest to Malcolm. It swipes twice with his claws, and hits. Lelia hits her shadowy creature with a sword, and hits. The cat hits a shadow creature and kills it. The hurt by flame shadow hits Caleb, hurting him fairly badly. Arky gets hit badly by a shadow creature, and Pip gets hurt tamely by one. Iridius casts spirit weapon, flying in the shape of Thor’s hammer to the nemesis of the bard. Arky hits the creature that hit him, and it did not die. Caleb’s body damages the shadow creature, and he wills a weapon into his hand, swinging it at his nemesis. Pip hits one, nearly killing it. Malcolm moves to Caleb, expending his light to hit the shadow creature, but it misses. The Hippogriff tries to attack the shadow creature again and misses. Lelia misses, but her cat hits the shadow creature that Malcolm tried to hit, and it dies. Arky takes damage, and Pip takes more. Malcolm takes damage from missles, which apparently fire from something that looks different from the other guys. Malcolm is REALLY hurt. Iridius directs his hammer to the new creature, and hits it, then fires some magic missiles at the new creature. Arky moves to the other side of his opponent, who missed an attack of opportunity, then tries to hit but misses. Caleb tries to subdue the mage, to burn him. The mage takes damage immediately, and Caleb can’t because the mage type critter dies. Pip attacks! He hits! He kills it! Malcolm hits the last enemy with Magic Missile. It dies. Caleb is wrestling with dark barbeque humanoid. fanfare

Iridius heals Caleb and Malcolm fairly easily, then Arky even easier. Each time he heals them, it sends a tingle up his arm. Then he cures himself.

All of us congratulate eachother on a battle well fought. Caleb finds a burnt and tarnished necklace on the creature he killed, and he knows it’s magical. Malcolm detects enchantment school magic on it. Arky tries psychometry on the fallen humanoid. He sees a hooded figure saying “We’ve found the group since one new member is not shielded from us. That group has interfered with our plan for the last time, take them out.” Caleb identifies the necklace. It increases someones caster level. Caleb gives the necklace to Malcolm. Malcolm thanks him, and explains he will repay him in kind.

Arky mumbles at Iridius that his low-tech bucket woke him up before Iridius’ alarm spell, and sets the bucket up AGAIN. Iridius casts the alarm spell again, and goes to sleep. Arky is still drenched. Lelia towels off Arky’s bedroll. Demitrius hops over the bedroll and becomes a little mini cyclone and sucks up all the water. The group goes back to bed, with Arky on watch. The rest of the night passes uneventfully. It’s morning.

Arky reminds the group that the vials’ protection wore off, so the group takes one dose each of the scry protection, therefore leaving 14 doses. The group rides, and they see a big bulky shape in the air, big enough to spot a few miles away. It’s lizardlike and has a tail. Pip (who is scouting ahead) informs the party of this, and explains it’s probably a dragon, and it’s heading towards where we were last camped. Pip explains that we don’t know if it’s evil or good, and if we keep riding, it will not intersect us. Iridius knows about dragons, and explains that if we face it we will die. The group quibble about using the teleport crystal to go back to Hilsofar, or seeing what happens when they ride. They avoid the town with Angelina inside, so the dragon will avoid the town. They do so uneventfully, and arrive at hilsofar. The gates are closed, to avoid bandits under the cover of night. The group camps outside, near the merchants and guards outside.



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