Chosen Ones


Shh, we're huntin' assassins!

More information to come…

Player Submissions

On one of the downed men, they find two pieces of paper. One has a picture of the five, the next has a picture of Iridius. It doesn’t have the same “Flair” as the first drawings so we don’t think it was drawn by the frenchman. Also, we find three shortswords, one studded leather armor, and 100 gold apiece, (300GP total.) Arky shouts “By the order of the Hilsofar guards I am placing you under arrest.” and plops the man over his shoulder. He tells people he is passing by that his buddy had too much to drink. BLUFF! :P

Back to the hotel room. Arky wants to tort…err interrogate the downed man. Iridius tells Arky he can know if the man is telling the truth or not. Zone of Truth! The interrogation begins. He was sent by “The upright man.” And when that isn’t clarified, it’s good cop bad cop. apparently the night watchman is his contact, and it’s a cell structure. There seems to be no falsehood from the man, Arky can lie though. The man is going to the flying princess. There are watchers to know if they were successful, who are reporting back at this moment. He knows their faces. Sketch artist time? Pip wants to deceive the man by pretending to be on his side, but notices extra people outside and informs us. Caleb moves to a blind corner of the room from the door as Pip remembers we’re straying from the mansion. We lock him in another room and pay for it, then go back to the mansion.

The mansion is lit up near the alley where Lelia and Pip went. There are guards in the courtyard. Helga scouts. One of the kids got shot, he’s alive and pissed off, and there is a dead assassin (scar eye) being taken away. Five left. Iridius sleeps while Helga keeps a lookout. We take up watch on the rooftop. Caleb alters self to look like the captured man. A homeless woman calls out to him. The ‘other’ group came over, and tells him the the kids are viscious, and another assassin (redbeard) is in the house. She tells him to check in with the swallow (at the pier.) Caleb telepathically tells everybody. Malcolm and Iridius throw magic missiles at the red bearded man who appears to be slowly taking a dagger out of his sheath. Iridius invisifies himself and jumps down. Arky activates valor and his blue outfit twinkles and sparkles, changing it more reddish. Everybody except malcolm jumps off the roof and pip makes it to the top of the fence. Malcolm flies to the rooftop above where redbeard was, and mentally tells the chosen ones he’s no longer in there. Lelia joins Pip and Arky on the other side of the fence. Caleb walks up to them playing a tune to make an aura of calmness. Malcolm flies up but doesn’t see anything worth seeing except the guards moving toward Caleb.

Arky and Pip run to the vines on the side of the mansion and climb up to the window. Lelia goes to a door and looks. Caleb keeps playing as the guards march to him, so he puts on his ring and they march right past him. He then takes the ring off, and tells them the assassins “went that way!” Iridius saw Caleb the entire time. Malcolm is still clueless. Arky goes into the room after the kids are ushered out by the butler, and looks for treasure. Lalia stealthily scouts the house. Footprints sound going towards the door the kids left from. Helga scouts and a large asian man wants to scout the house. Arky goes through the door to the north, which is right from the window and left from the door the kids left through. Arky loots room to room until he finds redbeard. Lelia goes upstairs and sees pip hiding. Mentally, Caleb tells us we should regroup and go to the pier, as the group bickers between itself about arky looting. Pip and Arky think looting is fine. Lelia leaves a note that says “Don’t trust the red bearded one.” Iridius asks Caleb to go to the dock. Caleb re-disguises himself and discovers a man in trenchcoat but gets the feeling he’s being watched by men, one with a red beard. A paper with a seal is tossed at Caleb saying the contract on the kids is off. Another man looks to Caleb saying “I don’t look anything like that.” Caleb slips on the ring, and they stop paying attention to him and take off. Caleb/Iridius return with the rest to decide what to do and Caleb has an ephiphany that the south wall is being attacked by supernatural forces. The party leaves for the south wall. Iridius is blinded and pained when attempting to detect magic. Small creatures are attempting to attack the wall, and a flame hits them when Caleb ‘surged’ near the wall. The creatures are gone, and Caleb says that it’s over.

The party fail to find Simon, and go get some rest. Simon apparently is at the “Princess Swallows.” which has a picture of a princess having a hearty tankard in her hand (what were you thinking, you dirty minded reader?) Simon pays us for the service… 6000 gold, and gives us six differently colored marbles and says they enhance our abilities to work with our suit.



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