Righteous Healer


Level 7, Human Male, Nordic Preacher

Casting Ability:

L10 Cleric

L5 Wizard (Spells act as if Level 10 Wizard)

Spell Points for Cleric: Should be 98 or so.

Spell Points for Wizard: Should be in the 50’s


Iridius is a highly religious man, sometimes even termed a zealot by his companions. He likes to help poor people through healing and charitable donations. He sees most things in his life as the will of the gods, which his group sometimes uses against him.

He constantly refers to somewhere called Midgard, which no one is familiar with. Since he was in the growth tank longer than the rest of the chosen ones, Arkansas sometimes attributes this Midgard obsession to Iridius being “overcooked”.

Iridius the Red has recently started a “Church” to the Nordic Deities, venerating Odin and Thor mainly. His new followers maintain the newly established church. [Ironically, these followers are new converts from a sermon at the City gates. His generosity with money has made believers easily].


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