Chosen Ones

Session 19
'Summoner, Summoner, Wherefore art thou Summoner?' OR 'Rock and Roll!'

Evermeet is a hidden Isle where the elves retreat to before they leave the mortal coil. We get a contact for where the Isle is, and it’s a spiky haired blonde. He offers to go with Lelia to the elven Isle, because only elves and trusted friends can enter – for 375gold. It takes a week. The boy’s name is Kh’atalas Lelia does her “adventure” in Evermeet Island.

A marble appears in Theodore’s hand… Malcolm is asked what it does and he tells that it will enhance Ted’s magical ability. A persian/siamese cat comes out of his marble, and it talks to Theodore. Barrett finds his own Orb and a ferrett comes out, connecting with him. Iridius has established a church. Barrett has wraps he likes a lot.

Lelia comes back, depressed. Shedunwanatalkaboutit. We all greet Lelia. We receive a map and go to Ascor to defeat Gorgash Destritch. Arky teleports us there after everybody is sufficiently either pelted or having “endure Elements” on them. Arky wears dire rats as gloves. Most things are frozen over and there is crispy grass. There are ruins, and we go up to it. It seems stairs were recently cleared of rubble. Beyond the door is a room with a circle on the floor. Malcolm detects magic and figures out there are amplification stones and the ritual is for a level 9 summon. There is also blood dripping from the ceiling in the circle. The beings dripping the blood which are wounded are celestials. Malcolm casts fly and safely removes one, and the area rumbles. Initiative: Everybody fights valiantly and the earth elementals go down with a fight – Arky and Barrett get hurt a bit. The archon which was part of the ritual gets healed, and the others are removed from their entrapment and healed.

The party take the gems around the summoning circle. Five total. worth 42,000gp total. fanfare

Session 18
Lizard Justice or Winged Avenger?

Barrett asks lizard people what will happen to Arky, They say that Arky will be punished for his crimes (from 30 days to 10 years) Barrett claims they were unintentional, and questions the middle name… The lizard people seem adamant they have the right man. Barrett talks to Arky through Mindlink saying “this isn’t so bad come back.” Arky disagrees. Barrett mentally gathers everybody to him. The lizard holds out his hand and a ball with multiple strings appears, the strings in the direction to us, and one charred one going into the dirt. The lizard then goes translucent, as do the rest of us. We teleported to Arky. Arkansas is summoned by a lizard person. He tries to teleport, and it doesn’t work. His keyblade abandons him when he tries to throw it. Malcolm casts Inhibit on Arky. Fail. The Lizard (Hasted?) tells us it’s best to not interfere. The lizard hits Arky 4 times… Barrett tries to stop Arky from hitting him again. Barrett keeps trying to interfere. Malcolm casts inhibit on Arky, failing again. Arky becomes a hero and is hard to hit, the lizard switches tactics. BODYSLAM… Arky is incapacitated. Barett bodyslammed and grappled onto the lizard with wings. (He’s the only lizard we’ve seen with wings) The lizard rolle, wingflinged him off, the other wing pushed him off. Barrett sat on the ground and pouted. We are teleported back to the pub, then the rest of the lizards join in and we’re teleported to the valley of the lizard people. Arky broke the following laws: Desecration of holy ground, Beating a holy man. Barrett defends Arky on trial like Johnny Cochran… The lizard prosecutor is even better than that! A 14 foot tall lizard man with wings enters in, objecting. All the lizards bow to him. He speaks “A great evil has been inflicted upon our chosen.” “This one has not been himself. He has been posessed and influenced by evil.” He asks Arky’s name, and he pulls out a black ickyness, crushing it. “Hey that’s my black thing!” The lizard man mentioned the Tabarath Cult, and motions to be exonnerated. Arky is noticeably different… less chaotic, more lawful. the strands become irudescent… even the one going into the earth. He then turns to someone “Xavier… we’re missing one.” Apparently Arkansas is Theodore’s little brother… and memories of Theodore come back to Arky. Their mother died after having Arky, their father died in war. The large lizard creature tells us the dragon was a shadow construct summoned by the tabarath cult. The eagle is an agent of the 14 foot tall winged lizard. Sistem cauthras is the name of the large lizard. Malcolm asks if there’s any more evil that he can purge, he says no (and Andrew says “pip’s not here.”) Our next objective is to Find Lelia (Follow the string!) So Xavier summons the “node” and tugs on Lelia’s string. We start turning insubstantial. Again. The landscape changes to pretty much “Hell.” Dark, twisted, horrors, blahblahblah… A cage is there, like a half-dome, energy surrounding it. We clearly see a lizard and lelia trapped inside… Malcolm notices Dretches numbering around 40, and one Glabrezu and one Balor. Xavier offers to distract the larger two, while we defeat the other forty. He pops over there and the fight begins. The magic users lob area of effect spells at some dretches, while Arky and Barrett charge. The Balor teleported over to the casters, Theodore casts bubble magic, Vincent Magic Missiles the Balor and runs, Malcolm casts some hound archons Arky tries to persuade the crowd to leave. He fails. He then starts swinging, hitting dretchs left and right. Lelia tries breaking the lock on her cage. Vincent is targeted by the Balor, and stunned (falling) Arky is hit by dretches, Barrett is hit by the Glabrezu, Arky hits more Dretches and they die… Lelia breaks the lock. Malcolm is targeted by the Balor and becomes insane. He tries attacking while Lelia waits until it’s clear. The Balor teleports to the cage, and fights Xavier. Xavier teleports us out, and Malcolm flies straight up in the air and babbles incoherently. Xavier casts greater restoration on Malcolm. Lelia gives Malcolm a big hug. Iridius speaks up saying “that’s the guy that was travelling with me!” Xavier looks at the node, sees all the strings are clear and healthy. Malcolm asks who Xavier’s master’s master is, and he says “I don’t believe he has a master.” Then Malcolm asks “What gives him authority?” and Xavier responds “He is.” Malcolm asks the difference between the Master and the Eagle, and Xavier tells him that the Eagle is the Master’s suboordinate. We go and find Eagle Eyes (Simon) A Black cat crosses our path, Lelia freaks thinking it’s the same cat which caused the explosion in Malcolm’s past, Iridius detects no evil in the cat. Arky detects the past of the cat… There is a demon trying to be summoned by the cult, and since he is inheriting the powers, it is in his blood, not the bond to the other chosen ones. The child is bound to his mother and father. The boy and Lelia went to the bar. The creature being summoned is done by a ritual, and they need a pure person to sacrifice… Simon talks about us completing our training but Xavier feels that we don’t understand our powers very well. We “open our minds” and figure out eachother’s automatic status, and health effects. We need items. Holy water from the Lanthinder church. We need three silver daggers etched with arcane runes “Light” “Power” “Faith” We need a vial of liquid silver blessed by an elven goddess in Evermeet.

So, we get the daggers, and the holy water… Next, we need the liquid silver.

Session 17
Dragons and Lizards and Samuel, Oh My!

Iridius is on his own world, and a lizard like creature is told to accompany him, with only nods as responses when talked to. Simon summons Iridius. He tells Iridius about an item of import, and teleports him to the field with the weird birds nearby. Iridius asks if the birds seem odd, the lizard nods. Iridius summons many locusts, and far in the distance the others all see this. Some of the others run toward Iridius (malcolm flies, Theodore Barrett and vincent run toward. Arky runs in terror the opposite direction thinking the end of the world is near.) The sky turns darker than normal, the cloud bigger, the ground nearby gets darker and mounds upward. Malcolm sees that the cloud is part locust, part… something else. The mound bursts open and crimson flames burst out. No lava but flame. A huge head, demonic, a dragon demon thing came out of the crimson flame, the mound is 500 feet tall, but the dragon is colossal sized. Malcolm tries talking to it, Theo hits it with bubble magic, Iridius tries to stab it, Arky tries running out of the anti-teleport field, and Vincent waited to see what happened while Lelia has the child and Barrett goes towards her to help her but the dragon EATS HER AND THE CHILD. The link to Lelia disappears. Arky teleports into the Dragon’s mouth and and tries to retrieve what he can in a mostly selfless act. The dragon uses a breath weapon and everybody takes massive damage, making theo and vincent near death. Those two cast a double force field over the mound of it’s entrance. Arky puts his bag into Iridius’ bag in the Dragon, and it implodes, and mostly everybody took massive damage again. The party is given a large heal from vincent, and recouperates. Theo points out that it doesn’t bleed or have effects that it was damaged. It was hurt but did not act alive. Barrett goes to see down the hill the dragon came from. Darkness is below.

We go back to Hilsofar, Malcolm spots Iridius and Arky for room and board, we all go to the inn. Iridius communes with his God, and gets five word answers. The next day Iridius prepares for Arky’s impending legal drama, and nine hooded figures head toward the tavern, and iridius goes back in the tavern. He tries to take arky out the back door and three more hooded figures block their path. A somewhat fight ensues, Arky disappears. It is later determined that they are talking about Arkansas Samuel Jones when we don’t know if this is the Arkansas Jones we speak of.

Session 16
Get Shorty

Short Adventure

Mike’s Musings…

Malcolm, Lelia, and Arky are summoned by The Eagle.

Malcolm meets Arky at his farm, and Arky is upset that his bag doesn’t ‘work’ anymore.

Arky tells Malcolm to fix it, and Malcolm doesn’t know how.

They teleport into Hilsofar. At night.

Arky bangs on the door of the sage of the town, and nobody answers. Others say “keep it down!”

Arky gets mad, gets his horse, rides off, and comes back pouting, to sit on the door of the sage’s house until dawn.

Vincent, Theodore (Todd), and Barrett are all in a pub with Simon. Simon looks at his pocketwatch and asks “why are they all the way over there?”

The other three teleport to Simon as he counts down, and Arky insists on getting his bag fixed.

Simon ignores him.

Simon explains Iridius is dealing with a matter on his world.

An item of great importance must not fall into the hands of the Tabarath cult. It’s been guarded for a century but it must be moved without interference to another location. What is it? Simon doesn’t know. but it’s 3 and a half feet or so tall by 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Simon asks about a wanted poster.

Malcolm smacks Arky upside the head. Arky tries to punch Malcolm in the collarbone and can’t, because it’s inflicting damage.

We apparently must bring back the item by the next day.

Arky scouts for anybody valuable, and detects one in the alley. An old man walking.

Arky walks to the window, Malcolm follows and tugs him back to the table.

Simon pulls out a large diamond, puts it on the table, point down. Tells us to put a finger on it. Everybody does.

We feel our life force being shared amongst the group. We can feel eachother’s life and projected thoughts.

Arky teleports us to the plains. We feel suppressed after walking a bit. He figures out he can’t teleport.

Demetrius and Ginger both get attention from Todd.

We get all the way to the monolith in the distance and Lelia notices the birds are too well coordinated.

Ginger pounces and stalks the birds, shoots a fireball and kills a group of them, bringing some back but the others fly away.

Malcolm asks Demetrius if he knows what’s going on. Demetrius say they’re from the Abyss.

Lelia tells Arky they’re poisoned when he goes to pick them up.

The group camps for the night.

In the morning, off in the distance, we see a traveling group coming toward us.

Arky senses treasure! It’s super-effective!

The obelisk is worth at least a quarter million.

The four people have an emblazoned sun logo on their chest, with twelve others that are hooded. Two wagons, and four more armed people in the back.

Demetrius comes back explaining this. The wagons are apparently empty, and he didn’t see a 3&1/2×2x2 item.

Something isn’t right.

We wait for them to come to us, and a soldier raises a fist in greeting.

They have apparently been in battle.

Theodore introduces himself, and we exchange code words.

A robed figure from a hidden latch in a wagon comes out, apparently about 3 1/2 feet tallx2×2 facepalm it’s a person.

It’s a male child. Which looks strikingly like it shares a few chromosomes with Lelia. And the others with Caleb.

We attempt to leave the anti-teleportation field, and more ravens converge ahead of us, so we turn 90 degrees and go out a different direction.

As we’re walking, we’re all attacked by panthers.

We all fight bravely and defeat the would-be killer panthers.

End Session Notes

Session 15
Red Thunder, Fluffy and Earth...

So, we drop off the Duke at his residence. While walking back Caleb is struck by black lightening while trying to explain his feelings to Lelia. He falls to the ground, stunned and shocked, collapses but remains conscious and steam rises off of him and he then fades from view back to the future style. An arcane backlash due to the void of Caleb hits us. Lelia goes to touch him to heal him and her hand goes right through. We don’t even hear anything in our heads. Within a few seconds Caleb fades from view. Lelia goes pale and crumples to the ground. Iridius goes to try to revive her. “We need to find shelter!” He drags Lelia toward the nearest house. It is dark, Malcolm knocks on the door and says “HELLO? WE NEED SHELTER!” with no response. Arky fails to pick the lock. Iridius runs to a nearby house and an old lady talks with him and lets him in. Arky runs to that house with Lelia in arms, and Malcolm follows behind with Aramel. Malcolm thanks the old woman. Iridius pays her 10g. Her eyes bulge. A heal check reveals there is nothing physically wrong with Lelia, and Iridius tries to dive into her mind through the mindlink. He fails, and asks Arky to try. Arky realizes the mind is completely shut off like she’s in a coma. Iridius attempts to cast Restoration on her (after quibbling with Malcolm over finding a higher priest.) We all see the central point with the lines like Arky sees sometimes, and the line where Caleb’s link would have been it looks to be codarized and charred. Lelia’s was frayed but remains intact. With the spell, negative energy was woven into the line and it’s what needed restoring. Lelia gains consciousness and she is laid on the bedroll. She doesn’t seem to remember, and we ask her what she remembers. She says “did that just happen?” and she seems to be struggling to actually say words. Lelia is distraught. Arky is looking out the windows. Iridius explains that Caleb is probably in a much better place. The elderly lady is standing back watching with amazement. Ginger (Lelia’s cat) purrs and rubs up against her. Iridius leaves. Arky mind-links with Iridius, Malcolm, and Aramel and talks about perhaps going to a funeral. Arky go-go-backpacks a blanket for everybody. Iridius goes back to the scene that Caleb faded at, and he finds remnants of dark necromancy heavily laced with negative energy. and the cobblestones at the scene are clean cut with a groove that suggests it was scooped perfectly and taken somewhere. Iridius gives the knowledge to Malcolm. Malcolm leaves to go find Iridius. Iridius is fascinated by negative energy which takes away something – he notices and theorizes that the active spell of the sky is an artifact induced magic. It didn’t make sense at the time but wherever the lightening has struck the undead has risen from there. Instead of raising the dead with the black lightening that hit Caleb pulled him into another plane, and Iridius also thinks the negative plane is essentially hell. Chances of survival are pretty slim. Malcolm asks what we should do about it. Arky wants Malcolm to summon Caleb, but Malcolm can’t. Arky thinks about teleporting into hell. Iridius suggests against it. Malcolm and Iridius go inside and rest. Malcolm asks Demetrius to keep watch with Helga for the night.

Morning comes, bright and sunny. No lightening or zombies. Yay! People are celebrating. Malcolm asks why Demetrius didn’t wake us up, and Iridius asks Helga the same thing. She throws up on his hand, Demetrius tells Malcolm it was 4 in the morning and nothing was wrong. We now have two funerals (Lelia’s mom and Caleb’s) to perform. Iridius suggests to cremate the corpse of her mother. Lelia wants to ensure the city is alright before something would interrupt the ceremony of her funerals. Random citizen X says “it stopped sometime this morning.” And Lelia realizes her mom is on the TARDIS which we do not have access to. Travelling down to a tavern that Simon frequents, Arky wants something to heal because he thinks that Iridius is unreliable. We explain to him that healing is really Iridius’ specialty. A little girl about 9 years old give or take rushes towards the temple we are near and she has tears running down her face. Malcolm keeps on walking, Iridius asks what’s wrong and she says “Fluffy! fluffy went down the drain.” Arky uses psychometry. A white dog fell down a drain. “My dog fluffy! Everybody loves fluffy! His barks are getting quieter.” We go to the drain, Lelia trying to sense the girl’s motive. Malcolm asks Demetrius to go get the dog. He gets there and can’t find the doggie. Iridius sends helga too. (she’s drunk) He can’t go farther without losing contact so Malcolm tells him to come back. He mentions there’s bigger earth elementals down here. I figured I’d mention that. Malcolm asks him to talk to the elementals about the missing dog. Arky go-go-backpacks and gets a stuffed dog out which makes the girl cry more. Demetrius says the dog is in one of their hands. They don’t want to give it back. Everybody goes down the ladder.

It’s dark. but that doesn’t bother people with darkvision. It’s also slimy which would normally require acrobatics (malcolm glides though) so Arky go-go-backpacks some snowshoes. Malcolm asks Demetrius to lead to the Earth Elemental with the dog. We get to a spot where there is an obvious big hole. Eleven feet tall. We go through it. Malcolm casts a few earth elementals, and Lelia tries some protections. We get close enough to see earth elementals. Lelia earthen graces herself and Arky. Iridius casts dismissal on one of them and fails. It turns around and looks at us. Iridius tells Malcolm to talk to it, and Malcolm says “Sure, now that you’ve rudely tried to expunge it from this plane…”


Malcolm tells people to hold until we try diplomacy. Arky goes on full defense. The creature rumbles “What do you want?” Malcolm responds about the dog, they want the shiny attached to the dog. Malcolm tells them he can detach the shiny and they can have the shiny but we want the dog. The second rumbles up to us, with an elaborate collar on and it holds out the dog. Malcolm detaches the collar from the dog, and it seems enspelled. We take the dog. Malcolm asks what the collar does and the creatures do the equivalent of a shrug and they turn around and walk away. Malcolm turns and walks back with a dog that is licking him. Iridius follows. Arky follows. Aramel follows. The little girl is happy when we return her dog to her. Then she notices the collar is missing, and she says it was made just for fluffy. We ask what is so special about it, and she says her uncle Neville Ruert gave it to her.

Lelia wants to go to the tavern to talk to Simon. We only have to search about three taverns before we find the peackock feathered cap we’re used to. He has women on each arm. He’s telling them a story about black clouds and red lightening. The girls giggle and smile, and Lelia notices they have no pupils. Malcolm strangely doesn’t notice anything. Iridius believes they might be Gales from the Celestial planes and mentally tells us so. Simon excuses himself and talks with us. We ask what we should do and he says he cannot tell us until tomorrow. Lelia asks about burying her mother. Simon pulls out a diamond and gives it to her compliments of the Eagle. She sees her mother laid out in a pose in the center of the diamond. Arky appraises it and figures out it’s worth ten thousand gold. He theorizes how to get the body out to sell the diamond. Simon asks Iridius to bless a platinum chain for an amulet, so Lelia can set the diamond in it. He does, and she puts it together and wears it. Lelia wants to do druidic ceremonies for her mom and Caleb and plant two trees. and then find her child. Iridius wants to rethink his desires for the future. Malcolm always wants to find more spells to find in his spellbook Arky wants to uncover treasures he buried in the past.

We go to do Lelia’s ceremonies, planting a cherry tree and a redwood. There are bodies everywhere from the apocalypse. The army is out gathering them. There is a large metallic oval object on the ground. It’s purpose is unidentifiable. Oh and there’s this big giant bowl. It’s off-white, greyish in color. We carry on into the forest into a secluded spot. Lelia gives a service bla bla bla honor and love bla bla bla planting in honor bla bla bla rebirth of the spirits bla bla bla. She plants the cherry tree and sequoia a good distance away from eachother. When she casts her spell, the diamond flares up and the trees grow full bear. Malcolm notices the necklace enhances her magic, and he tells her. Malcolm also notices a green light go from the necklace to the cherry tree. Arky tries some cherries, an everybody else does too.

Iridius asks the gods “would we do well to seek the child of Lelia and Caleb, and would it be difficult?” “Seeking the child may be beneficial, but it would probably be perilous.”

Iridius stood a spear up, letting it fall a direction, and he asked the gods to direct it to the direction of the child, and he stepped out of the way, it wobbled, and…

—end session

Session 14b
Guest Spot...

This was a “All Flesh Must Be Eaten” Guest game run by Andrew M.


  • Elizabeth
  • Bryce
  • Max
  • Conor

Aboard a cruise ship, sonic waves go through, apparently turning half the crew into “zombies”. The group fights their way to Engineer to stop the mad scientist.

Session 14
"Laying Low"
  • Mike
  • Bekah
  • Max
  • Joshua

Food – Soup

Mike’s Recap

On top of the mausoleum, Lelia realizes that the teleportation to the roof was a mistake, and immediately orders us all to teleport away. A chill affects us all to the bone. We all take damage. Elementals 8hp, 10hp. Iridius looks deathly pale. The fleshy people on top of the mausoleum have red eyes and look pale. They have armor of bone chips. Aramel strikes one and bone chips fall off of it’s armor. Arky is busting out his dual keyblades all glowing. (the He-Man theme plays) Arky teleports the rest of us to the gate, and hacks up more zombies. Iridius lays on hands on himself. Caleb plays his flute with vigor. Everybody that could hear him gets 1d10HP and regains their mana. Arky and Aramel get hit with the cold aura. Arky feels very sick. Lelia nags Arkansas more. Arky looks as white as a sheet fighting the super-undead. He is hit by the undead’s fist and bleeds from his side. The undead near the gate take on defensive positions for Malcolm’s elementals. Lelia and Caleb feel as though a cold dagger is in their heart, and they know it’s because of Arky. Malcolm throws a fireball at zombies and kills around 24 of them. Arky goes down from the cold aura blast, and Aramel dumps a potion down his throat. Arky gets back up but feels like crap. He teleports Aramel and himself back to the gate. Iridius heals Arky. Everybody steps back from the gate, and Caleb re-seals it. The battle is over… the zombies are overwhelming.

We move to the city wall, a fair ways from the graveyard. Outside of the town, there are large amounts of big bodied (giant-size) among smaller creatures (medium size) We find the Captain. From there we go to the King’s Wizard. The guards recognize Caleb and he uses his charisma to gain entrance to the King’s Wizard. Caleb in the palace now understands more about the city’s advancing threat. He is reminded of a dark cloud with red lightening. Guards bar the entrance of everybody except Caleb, and Caleb requests an audience. We spot an old man with spectacles off to the side, and also a noble from the engagement party. Caleb tells the king that he has a ring, and that we got the ring from someone who died. The man with the spectacles says “I got better.” And we realize Merrick is in the room. Caleb offers to return the ring to him. The table has a map of the city with colored animated dots all over it. Those in charge inform us that we really cannot be of any assistance. We leave. A man with a robe and rope belt around his waist, goatee, and not carrying possessions. Walking towards where we came from. Arky asks for a blessing. He looks at Arky and notices Arky’s life force was tampered with. He looks through Arky and starts chanting southern baptist style, chanting about greed and slapping Arky on the forehead. Arky shouts Hallelujah! and is back to normal. Aramel and Iridius go next, and the monk heals them all. The monk mentions vampires were what arky and aramil fought, and Iridius remembers back in the scrolls of Valhalla there were creatures that sucked the blood and life essence from their victim, and they’re very hard to kill. They have a weakness toward magical weapons or silver and holy brandished items with faith behind them. They have partial immunity to cold. The peacock hatted one was in the corner. He asks how long it’s been. He casually explains that the sky has been dark and the undead have been attacking since yesterday. We explain he isn’t concerned, and he explains that we’re in a safe place. Malcolm asks what we should do. Simon asks what live experiences have you had since we left. Malcolm explains about the magical device and going back into the past to change what the heartless have done. Simon is concerned about the Tabarath Cult. He explains the sentinels will guard the streets, and Merrick will continue to try to protect the city. Simon also explains that possession is a worry – if a noble is possessed they can be dangerous. The duke that was recently killed on accident by a young knighted boy is the most likely target. We nod, and plot using holy water, while gathering information. We see a beggar. Arky gives the beggar a few gold. We go to the Pig’s head tavern because the ambassador frequents it.

In the tavern, Caleb looks for him, and overhears a trade agreement the ambassador is discussing. There are also hooded figures that are in shadowy darkness in the corner. The entire room is uneasy because of the pitch black. Iridius steps outside and detects evil. A thread of darkness comes from the people sitting down and it’s going toward the ambassador. Arky swings his keyblade through it, gaining the attention of the bar, and he throws a barstool at the dark corner with the hooded figures. It shatters in midair before reaching them. A cloaked figure steps out and palms the air in Arky’s direction, and Arky gets hurt. More creatures, shadowy with antenna, leap out and strike you. Another figure steps near, opens a portal somehow, and steps through it. The portal closed. Aramil whacks the monk which hurt Arky. Arky steps back and lunges. Malcolm casts a spell but fails. Lelia heals Arky. The commoners flee. The ambassador is making an attempt to leave too. A dark voice says “we shall meet again.” Malcolm goes to the ambassador and explains to him they’re there to protect him. Arky fights the antennaed ones, Iridius casts searing light, and the shadow creature disappears. Lelia’s cat attacks them too and destroys one. Arky attacks the creature and keeps hitting it. Iridius and Lelia attack it. It goes down.

Arky uses psychometry on the table, and gets a vision with darkness and voices in darkness, and oh – there’s darkness. Did we mention there’s darkness? okay. So, the voices are talking about capturing the ambassador trying to place a tracer on him (we think that’s what the tentacle thing was.) And further back, there were people discussing a lucrative job opportunity. A treasure laden caravan! It will be passing nearby this tavern within the next week. Then the vision ends. Arky now knows what we need to do!

The man is not evil. We take him to a table and explain to him we’re requested to watch over him because bad magic users wish to cast bad spells on him. He thanks us and wants to be taken home.

Session 13
Furry Handcuffs

Mike’s Recorder Journal Entry

Back at the Tardis, Lelia brought her mother’s body with her and thinks of a place to bury it. (It is decided Malcolm at level 5 has 72 spell points) Iridius suggests the eagle can take the body to Valhalla. Malcolm tells Iridius that the Eagle said he’s not a God. Pip is in the corner, the Eagle grabs something from underneath the desk (a jar) and breaks the jar at Pip’s feet. Vapors emit. Weird abyssal profanity comes from Pip, which only Malcolm understands as abyssal. The Eagle says to restrain him before he gets loose.

Arky tackled him (with a deep breath) and is deflected and clawed. Malcolm “Inhibit’s” Pip. Iridius defends himself. Caleb tries to Hold Person, and fails. Arky headbutts Pip. Caleb detects malevolent Evil from Pip. Lelia casts a spell (bull’s strength) on him. Pip laughs. Malcolm casts Mass Whelm. (30 damage) Iridius rushes in and grapples Pip. Caleb grapples Pip as well. Pip is down. Arky asks for shackles from his pack, and furry shackles emit. Malcolm asks “What was that?” The eagle says “I’ve made a mistake.” while at the console punching buttons. “What would have happened if you would have succeeded?” “Pip would be a lot different today.” Malcolm grumbles. Arky peeks under Pip’s eyelids (the eyes are red)

The center console undulates. Lelia ties up Pip. Iridius and Malcolm argue about whether Pip was evil before the jar. The Eagle says that Pip is a demon, more-or-less. Arky has a vision. The lines that eminated from each of us going to the center, one is black and it’s almost reached the center. That is Pip’s. The main console stops undulating. Arky and Lelia asks what will make Pip okay again. The Eagle says “You need to succeed where I apparently failed.” “Why do we need to fix your mistakes?” “That is going to infect all of you.” “What is that?” “That is what happens when you get infected with the fey and other dark powers.” (Apparently we need to save Pip as a child before the dark Nyad gets him.) “Back in time yet again.” Malcolm says. “On the positive note this is the last time. I think.” The Eagle replies. Then the Eagle explains that they have been able to find us because of Pip’s corruption. We exit the TARDIS in daylight with smoke off to the side, a lady reaches the river and tosses the basket with a baby in the river as she’s shot with arrows. Further down the river is The Eagle. Those firing the arrows are not aware of us yet. Malcolm casts fly on himself. Arky teleports Malcolm into the water and himself to the raiders, attacking one. Caleb holds his action. Lelia turns into a bird. Iridius hustles to the village. Malcolm is sputtering when he is in the water… disoriented. Arky is approached, and AoOs the approacher, cleaving and dropping him, then running to 10 feet from the next guy, and stabs him. Malcolm grabs a stick which hits him, and he’s pulled out of the water. Iridius casts divine power on himself. Lelia flies toward the baby. Caleb allegros and runs. Malcolm Flies toward the waterfall. Arky apports Iridius to near a horseman, and tries to apport himself and fails. Iridius jump-tackles his own foot, slipping and landing face first in a horse-pie. Lelia flies toward the baby. Caleb runs toward it. The baby lands in the bottom of the waterfall, and goes down another stream. Malcolm flies toward the baby. Out of the waterfall shoots Demetrius in a swordfish form. He goes for the baby. Arky Kills off another raider, and hits a second this round, and then his second attack kills the second and he cleaves into a third and kills him. Nobody else is within cleaving range. The arrows miss Arky. Iridius wipes himself off and realizes Arky killed his target. He goes to heal Arky. Lelia races Malcolm and Demetrius to get to the baby. all three fail. Caleb runs and started casting mid-air. Arky did nothing, his foes ran away. Caleb pops and lands safely on the ground before he jumped. Lelia grabs the baby, and swoops to go back to the place we all entered into the scenario. Malcolm follows her. Arky swipes things to stuff in the backpack and he gets 50 gold back from them. The townspeople are weeping over the death of their loved ones to the raiders. Arky gets the mental premonition that the putrid black line of our link is no more. Lelia gives the child to the Eagle on the riverbank. We all head back to the TARDIS.

Someone emerges from one of the doors from the main room of the TARDIS. He looks like Pip, except two pupils, greyish skin, and pointed ears. This time he looks shorter, has more normal skin, but still has pointy ears. And his name is Aramil Liadon. He has blue eyes, is 95lbs, 5’6, almost 200 years old. THIS version never got tied up. Aramil uses two swords.

Iridius then contemplates fur on cuffs. Truly that must be from some demon plane!

The eagle punches buttons, undulates the console, and the dead body is still on board. (SHE DOESN’T SMELL!!!) The eagle says he will part ways with us and be in contact through simon. Malcolm asks the Eagle, “What is our objective?” The Eagle “Lay low and ask simon eagle-eyes.” Iridius and Arky step out to armageddon at Hilsofar. The sky has red lightening and there’s about a thousand undead in the city. Arky puts on Merrick’s Ring. He detects the undead in the city. He told everybody about them. Caleb takes the ring from Arky and puts it on. And he Goes nuts. He screams. Aramil Lelia and Arky do not shut off the mental link fast enough and are all screaming, Iridius and Malcolm do not. Iridius casts Calm emotion and it works for the other three but not Arky. Caleb however is still screaming so Arky tries to hit him and misses. The blue box makes a funny noise and disappears. Lelia tries to take the ring off of Caleb. It won’t come off. Lelia then tries to mind-link with Caleb and fails. A wolf jumps out of Aramil. It growls a bit looking down one of the roads. (we’ve been inside the city oops) The smell of undead cannot be smelled, so they are not that close. Soemone walks down the street in out of style clothes. He’s got a little limp. Malcolm sends Demetrius after it. Arky runs up and kicks it. It’s head rolls off as his foot demolishes the person’s torso. “Hey! We got Zombies!!” (Does he have treasure?) Iridius determine powerful fell magics resurrected them. Caleb wakes up. He uses his magic to fortify the city, and wispy groups of humanoids with swords appear all over the city, They defend against the undead of the city and cut them to ribbons, ignoring the rest of the party. Malcolm envies the ring.

Caleb tells us they’re coming out of the graveyard. Malcolm goads Iridius into using the ring, but Caleb says his effort might be wasted. He suggests we go to the graveyard. We do. There is a shimmering wall near the graveyard with a stone wall directly behind it. On the other side of both is undead. Arky ponders apparating on the other side of both walls. Pip wants to kill things and guard doors. The zombies have been trying to break down the gate. Malcolm tries to summon fire elementals on the other side of the gate but nothing happens. He lets the group know. (46sp less) The zombies seem to move in a way that denotes tactics. This suggests an intelligence. Malcolm summons fire elementals in front of the hole that Caleb made. The zombies withdraw. Malcolm tells the zombies to follow. Arky teleports us all to on top of the mausoleum.

Session 12
A Stitch in Time...

GM: Andrew

Players: Bekah, Mike, Max, Joshua, George

Food: Two different soups – Tortellini and Beef Taco; Bread w/ Butter; Cookies

GM Recap:

Ah, a bit of a late start due to some players running behind schedule. We catch the group up over what Malcolm and Arky did (See the sister page for the context adventure). The Eagle enters the console room from outside. Muttering about mischievous children. When Arky and Malcolm show up, the Eagle asks who was responsible for creating a rip in the whole of time and space centered on the planet… the others just point to Arky (Whom is considering how to make the idea into a mass weapon). The Eagle sighs and sends the group to retrieve an object that can help restore the issue. He gives them straightforward and simple instructions, including a map and send them on their way. Unfortunately, he landed about 5,000 years off course. The group find the shrine they were told to locate, but it’s guarded, and no signs of the relic are present. However, it seems the citizens and “small” town have grown and a religion sprung up around the “traveler” and the most “Holy Relic”. After getting a tour of the temple, the group decides taking it would be a bad idea, and it’s too well guarded. Returning to the TARDIS, the Eagle corrects his time miscalculation, although a bit perturbed he was off by so much, and sends them again to Brother Thadeus. They find the brother in the shrine and he happily gives back the relic for his mysterious benefactor the “Traveler”. The Eagle does something briefly with the “Relic” and has the group return the item. Iridius finds himself drawn into the “time vortex” swirling in the center of the gem. They return to the TARDIS and resume their normal operations. NEXT Mission, Save Laelia.

Eagle simply sends the group to protect young Laelia from harm. This sounds easy, after all, they’ve been through this drill four times prior with little resistance. Alarms Horns, and war drums paint a completely different picture. Laelia outpaces the group to save her self. She sees her mother beset by Shadows (Heartless as the party has since learned). Seems her mother is the only defender while the rest of the community has been drawn away in common defense against the greater threat. Laelia unleashes Entangle and then rushes to aid her mother. The rest of the group quickly arrives and lends aid. In the aftermath, Laelia’s mother has been slain, young Laelia is turned over to the Eagle who surprisingly showed up, and said their task was done here. Laelia recovers her mothers body, and they learn the village is doomed to certain and utter destruction. They can’t help but feel powerless in the face of what is about to happen, only knowing they accomplished their goal keeps their spirits high, that and the new treasures they acquired.

Player Recaps

Mike (The recorder’s Recap)

The group meet up with Arky and Malcolm in the TARDIS

Laelia tells us how Caleb chased a pig (he was really drunk) In the TARDIS, Arky pushes levers, and eventually goes down the hall, finding a bedroom. The Eagle says that the earth is plummeting toward a black hole, and we need to fix it. We need to find a device that looks like a star of David, and we’re 1,000 lightyears from Earth. Caleb goes to get Arky from sleeping in a random room in the hall. We exit the TARDIS on a cobblestone road out of a weird blue box, and head for the shrine. There is an iron gate with guards patrolling before the shrine. The original site of the town’s most holy relic. The star is the holy relic. Demetrius scouts and comes back saying the relic is not there. It’s in the big cathedral, and it’s only shown on holy days. We tell him about the name we heard from the Eagle, and he mentions that person has been dead for 5000 years. Caleb casts locate object to figure out that it’s inside the cathedral angled downward from us. Malcolm feels tingling of energy. Energy seems to flow more easily to him here. There are guards here, many of them. The plan is that Iridius will pose as a holy man from another land and Caleb will be his interpreter. Caleb casts invisibility on Malcolm and Arky who are going to try to follow the other three as they get a “guided tour.”

The first guard priest they come across notices that Iridius is not speaking well, and says that he can understand the guard perfectly. (there must be a tongues or similar spell in play) so the guard priest makes the “suggestion donation” of 250g. They pay. Any sort of insanity is immediately remedied (he’s no longer religious! J/K) Iridius asks for a tour, and they give them one. When we get up to one of the next doors, the guards throw down their weapons in the way of Arky and Malcolm, who are invisible, yet the guards can see them. Inside, they hear about the story in which the relic has been harnessed giving energy to the people for thousands of years and they have built their civilization and life upon it. Lelia and Malcolm are not comfortable taking the relic.

We go back to the Eagle, who is hip deep in TARDIS guts. Iridius explains the situation, and says that the Eagle, as a god, should know how to help fix this. The Eagle says he is NOT a god, thankyaverymuch. He is surprised that they’re 5000 years off course. The Eagle mentions he can try to fix that, and the group gathers. He flips some dials, and pats it a bit. Then he says we can go talk to the person who we first saw as 5000 years deceased. He is alive now. We go in, and the cobblestone is gone, replaced by dirt, and the buildings are wooden and not stone anymore. We go to the shrine. There is no iron gate or guards. We knock on the door to the shrine, saying “Thadeus!” Iridius asks for the relic, and Thadeus gives it to him to borrow out of a chest. We get back to the TARDIS.

The Eagle takes it and puts attaches it to the TARDIS, then does some technostuff, and gives it back saying he’s done.

We gave the relic back, and Iridius goes crazy again by looking into the vortex in the relic. The Eagle plugs things back in, the center console undulating, and the normal “leaving” sounds. We open the doors of the Tardis, and it exits to a forest between spring and summer. Large trees are there.

The eagle says we are to rescue Laelia before the dark ones get her. Iridius steps out. Malcolm asks about the dark ones. They are the heartless. Summoned by the occultists, they come from the negative plane.

He then asks how to find the people that summon them. The source is the core of the world. Malcolm, Caleb, Arky, and Laelia step out. We are running. The town was attacked before Lelia was taken away when she grew up. Laelia is in the lead, because she thinks the town hasn’t been attacked yet. We see Laelia’s mother shooting her bow at dark creatures materializing out of the ground. There is a massive battle going on towards the north. Laelia fights the creatures while telling little Lelia to stay down, a bit later, Malcolm joins, then the rest after Malcolm.

Laelia’s mom is hit and falls quite early in the battle, but Caleb goes to her and restores her. Everybody focuses on the heartless, and a strange half wolf half goblin creature. A bunch of hailstones hit a large area near the mother, and she goes down again. Everybody in the area takes a fair bit of damage, too.

Apparently the hailstones were a spell from a goblin wizard with a stick. Malcolm’s small army throws magic missiles at it, they all dissipate, and Malcolm throws a scintillating sphere and fries it.

Arky kills the last remaining heartless, then bolts for the crispy goblin to loot it. fanfare... sort of. (Laelia’s mother died, but little Laelia survived.) The eagle approaches. Laelia asks “are we done here?” he says “I am here for the child. Your task here is done.”

Iridius communes with the dead. Iridius asks “who sent you?” to the crispy goblin. “The dark ones.” and the goblin replies they are here now, and Iridius offers Malcolm the staff and bag (of holding?) and there was a ring, which he gives to Arky to hold. Iridius then found a belt on one of the baddies. It has an insignia of an Oak Tree on it. +2 to STR and +18 HP The staff is a keen bludgeoning staff (+2) Malcolm remembers his own ring that he got off of his mother’s corpse. Ring of Protection +2 And there’s 2000 gold in the bag of holding. Malcolm divvies it up evenly among everybody. The staff and the bag sell for 6,500, and Malcolm divvies that up too. TOTAL gold gain for each: 1,118 (woot!)

Session 11b - Guest
We are Royal Guardsmen

This game was run by Joshua Troeger. Our crew was Andrew, Mike, Terry and Max. Bekah and George were unable to make it.

We started at 5pm. Food was served at 6pm to negate a player’s brief absence. Food was Chili and Cornbread, with Tapioka Pudding for desert.

The World was all created by the GM, majority of the Characters were premade prior to the game by Joshua using the Eclipse Point Buy system. We were all human, 1st level, using Andrew’s house rules. 78 CP to spend at 1st level.

The ‘Cast’ Max played ‘Stitch’ the Healer, he took the character of 20 years old and made him a 75 year old and slightly senile. Terry played ‘Grunt’ the teams heavy handed fighter. Mike played ‘Sil’ the roguish one in the crowd. Master of melding with the crowd. Andrew played ‘Flash’ a combat mage who can engage in melee and cast.

We began as most games don’t, at a castle given our orders. Our King needs us to escort his daughter from Fort Reinhardt to another capital to began trade negotiations, and perhaps a bit more. We set off on the long journey. Along the way we remember that this broken land once was a powerful united kingdom. Now it is three separate nations, ours is ruled by a benevolent king. Who are we? We belong to the Royal Guardsman. A group a notch above the common soldiers, we are the absolute loyalist, willing to lay down our very lives for our king. We are the shield against the scheming nobles who seek even now to destroy our beloved monarch.

We reach the keep and find the soldier, though respectful, lacking in proper protocol. They practically let us waltz in the front gate without even a cursory inspection. Then when we go to meet the captain of the fort, we find his men call him by first name. Flash is upset at this lack of formality and wonders how far the chain this lack of protocol and bearing has run. The captain is relieved we are there to take custody of the princess, and has a man escort us to the common room, where the princess is apparently hanging out. The team reach the ‘common room’ and discover the princess is up on stage singing lewd tavern tunes, and no apparent bodyguards who are even remotely sober. Sil is sent in to maintain watch, and we enter as the crowd disperses. The princess in a most distressing manner goes to leap upon Flash, who reacts like a snake and catches her mid-air, and places her at arms length from himself citing this is unbecoming of her royal personage. She flirts and manages to weasel onto Grunts lap. Disapproving looks are given. It dawns on Grunt that his very life hangs in the balance. The team takes up body guard duties and find the princess came with only two guards who are sleeping in a drunken state. The princess takes us to her room, and Flash immediately orders new quarters be located. Her highness should not be quartered in the common garrison. The princess puts up resistance, but discovers that she can’t win in this situation. She is relocated to a more secure location, and the guardsmen take up watch, Flash sets an alarm outside and inside. Middle of the first watch, Grunt is attacked outside, while inside Sil is attacked. The Alarm sounds, Stitch meanders into the hall and sees the attacker on Sil. Flash rushes out and slices the assailant in the hall. Stitch goes to the princess’s room and finds her climbing out the window. Grunt dispatches his assailant and comes inside. Meanwhile, the princess stabs Stitch in the ribs, he cries out in shock and alarm. Moments later Flash is standing where Stitch once stood and questions what is going on. Sil breaks down the door. The princess attempts to flee only to be tackled by Flash and tied up. Stitch determines she is an impostor, and the two attackers were her “bodyguard”. Questions arise, and it becomes apparent the captain is out of his depths. Flash has Stitch interogate the fake princess and then orders pidgeons be sent to the Castle to alert the king, and another to the meeting location that the meeting is postponed until further notice. They also bring in a expert information extractor, and follow up with a mind reader. They get new orders to recover the kidnapped princess. Using bloodhounds, they track the princess to the mountains, and have a battle. The traitors try to escape with the princess, only to find they’re feminine prisoner has been replaced by Grunt, and he’s not nearly as pretty. He deals with those two brigands while Sil, Stitch and Flash deal with the two brigands close to them. The princess is healed and taken to Fort Reinhardt where our adventure ended.

- End Time 12:00 midnight.


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