Chosen Ones

What do we do?
June 13th, 2009 – Saturday. Session 4.
  • Absent: Terry
  • Present: Bekah, Mike, Joshua, Max

I’ve updated the notes to something a little more detailed. I’d invite the players to send in journals as a way of giving these logs more personality and a different point of view.

Our group woke to a strange “Shadowman” standing at the edge of the light. He didn’t speak, just stared into the hearts and souls of the party. only too late did the party realize that slithering snakes of shadow were surrounding them. The snakes seemed to be coming from the man. Arky decided to face the man and fight him. Meanwhile the snakes seemed to converge on Malcolm and Lelia. Thinking to use light, the snakes merged into three huge fearsome beings while the shadowman seemed to have shrunk. Lelia took a big hit, while Malcolm did what he could to free her. The snakes were defeated, but Lelia would not wake up. The group decided to return to Angelina and get her cured.

  • Takes them half a day to return, but notice they are being stalked by more “shadowmen”.
  • Angelina does a purification ritual – Arky, Lelia and Pip cleansed They return to find angelina at her house. They get some fairly straight answers from her on the condition of Lelia. She consents to aid Lelia, but asks the group to assist her. She does a mixture of Arcane and Divine magics along with other mystical ritual things. She enters a trance and not long after looks to be struggling. Sensing they should help, Malcolm joins the dreamscape fray and fights the demon possessing Lelia. The others also choose to help in the battle. Lelia and Arky both have possessing ‘spirits’ that they end up fighting. Soon the ritual is over, and the ‘darkness’ expelled by both Arky and Lelia, forms into a ball in the house, while a sludge ooze is secreted from Pip’s body. Angelina collapses from mental exhaustion.

The group nurses Angelina back to health, and aids them with a oil to protect them from scrying eyes. Afterwards, the group heads back out to the road and avoid further entanglements with ‘shadowmen’.

During one of the nights, a strange little girl delivers a message to the party. The party is dismayed that the Tabarath cult is sending them invite letters, and will be waiting in Hilsfar.

They make it to Hilsfar and decide to frequent a few places they’d expect the mysterious ‘Eagle’. They find the man they think they are looking for, whom it turns out is not the “Eagle” but one of his righthand men, called “Eagle Eyes”. He pulls them into a room and tells them about the Eagle and the Cult, and what destiny they seem to have before them. He also explains why their respective memories are missing (They were pulled out of the infusion machine too early).

Rejoicing at his good fortune and how durable they are he tells them about a grand destiny they will fulfill in a short period of time. He will consult and discover their purpose and send them on their way.


[Started the game at about 5pm; group enjoyed BBQ tri-tip (Tin foil to retain moisture, and made to medium rare, yum! Thanks to our marinade supplied by Bekah, a very tasty snack), BBQ chicken (Half using the tin foil method, again thanks to our Marinade Queen), Garlic Bread with the Oil/Vinegar mix, along with Hawaiian Rolls and the Salad rounded out the meal. I think everyone appreciated it.]

Players: Malcolm the conjurer, played by Mike; Caleb the bard, played by Joshua; Pip, the ranger, played by Terry; Arkansas ‘Arky’ Jones the warrior/rogue, played by Max; Lelia the druidic warrior, played by Rebekah. Companions: Demetrius – Squirrel Familiar of Malcom; Black Wolf – Companion of Pip; Keyblade – Mystical Relic of Arky.

[GM Notes: This game was the start of moving from the classless d(liberation)20 system to the ‘Eclipse – The Codex Persona’ point buy system. All characters had attained level 2, but the game was planned to have the level 2 abilities manifest. In point of fact, Caleb’s and Lelia’s newly acquired companions “Familiars”, came from the lv 2 character point pool. Hence the growing aspect.]

We started where we left off, with a recap of previous events and then Pip rejoining the group with a wolf, and then Malcolm getting a scare from a squirrel avoiding Caleb. For the most part, the group seemed un-phased by their new additions, and set off towards the west! The new additions are the Wolf and a rather ordinary looking Squirrel. A detailed look at the squirrel reveals that the fur is actually spines of an earthen nature; the wolf has yellow eyes and is jet black, it’s “fur” is actually black feathers

GM Note: Pip got a Stat boost from the Wolf; Malcolm floats above the ground by an inch.

Caleb felt a strange urgency to proceed to the West as If he was being threatened. Lelia later felt an unseen injury and the feeling of being surrounded. The two affected members rush in the direction and stumble upon an in-progress fight between the shadowy heartless creatures and two unlikely animals, a small cat and a tiny bird. Why the bird hasn’t flown away is unknown, but it looks to be a Sparrow perhaps, and the cat is ‘small’ [picture of an ‘Ocelot’ used for the cat]. Before the group can intervene, the ‘tiny’ bird is struck and is thrown in the direction of the party by a hit.

[Combat begins] The bird hobbles towards Caleb, the cat manages to down a shadowy heartless creature. The party leaps into the fray to assist the injured animals. Pip heads toward the cat, only to have a shadowy creature appear in front of him. Lelia also approaches and engages a few shadowy creatures managing to ‘injure’ one. Malcolm, frustrated by his constraints decides to fling a magic missile into the fray instead of summoning a creature, only to discover that instead of a magic missile, he has summoned a creature who seems to be slightly more powerful.

GM note: Creature summoned also remained longer than normal.

Caleb, picked up the injured bird and healed it with his ‘healing’ potion. He then proceeded into the battle, and managed to cast a sheet of flames of intense fire, striking several shadowy beings.

GM Note: The spell did more damage and Malcolm noticed the bird let of a red burst when Caleb cast the spell.

Near the end of the battle, Lelia and the cat saw each other clearly, and in that moment Lelia felt a connection. The cat increased in size and destroyed one of the remaining shadows… At the conclusion Lelia healed the cat, noting the injury on it’s foreleg was the same area she had felt pain. The healing was a wonderful discovery for Lelia, having for the first time successfully channeled magic. She and the cat then tried to bond, only to have Pip anxiously insisting they move saying they shouldn’t waste precious daylight. Caleb likewise had found a tree to lean up against and was trying to discern the nature of the bird.

GM Note: Details for the Bird, [picture of American Kestrel Falcon used] this is a small raptor bird.

Caleb discovered it seemed to enhance his fire based spells (adds +1 die of fire damage to fire based spells as long as the bird is within 5 feet), it also adds +6 to all Performance Based Skill Checks. Arky discovered some treasure in the form of golden balls, and has a conflict with his greedy nature and the Keyblade. The Keyblade wins out and Arky splits the ‘loot’ fairly with the party.

Lelia does not discover anything unusual about the cat, other than it stays with her and it had grown for a short time (It had shrunk back to a ‘small’ size).

The group set up camp and decided upon a four watch rotation (2 hours a piece, with one person getting a full nights rest). Malcolm volunteers for the first watch. Sitting atop his bedroll he hunkers down for his two hour rotation. Demetrius (His Squirrel Familiar) shouts a warning, but Malcolm is too slow to react before he is injured by a ‘dire wolf with red glowing eyes’. Malcolm shouts out a feeble warning and then is barely able to get a spell off before the wolf takes him down with another mighty attack. Lelia is able to stop the bleeding and revive him while the wolf is above him. An earthen fist flies up out of the ground in an Uppercut distracting the beast and then falls onto Malcolm’s chest as it forms into his squirrel (Demetrius), as the Squirrel’s feet touches Malcolm, he is sucked right into the ground. Pip engages the beast and deals severe injuries to the beast, and then Caleb gives it the killing blow whereupon a black shadowy mist rises from it and the body seems to shrink, looking like a common wolf. Moments later the squirrel heads pops out of the group looks around, and then Malcolm is back where he had fallen. Arky is finally awakened from his deep sleep and asked to probe to wolf. Arky makes some comments about the wolf not appearing to be much of a threat and then tries to use his ‘psychic’ ability to discern some facts from the wolf’s body. His attempt fails miserably, but some in the group noticed a flash of something go into his hand, he denies any change and then decides to go back to stay up for his watch. The rest of the night is uneventful for the party. Breakfast is cooked by Lelia.

The next day and night progresses without fuss…

The second day, Pip scouts ahead (Sans wolf, in fact the wolf has been absent, though this doesn’t seem to bother Pip, or does it?). Pip spies a wagon on the road ahead, it has a small person driving it. Pip, deciding the group needs a faster mode of transportation decides to shoot the driver**1. (Deals 11 points of damage). The driver slumps over. Pip quickly closes the distance and hides the body in the brush and then brings the wagon to the rest of the group.#2 #1 – Pip shoots driver to get wagon (Evil POINT acquired) justifying the ‘kill’ as ‘survival’ for the group. The groups sees the wagon heading in the distance and are surprised that Pip hasn’t returned from scouting to warn them about this and decide to take cover, leaving Malcolm as ‘bait’ in the middle of the road. Seeing it’s Pip driving the wagon the party questions the sudden appearance of the wagon, and it’s method of acquisition. Pip finally confesses to his deed, but displays no apparent remorse at the decision. Lelia takes umbrage at this news and refuses to get in the wagon. She debates Pip over the apparent cold blooded murder of the driver. [Yes, I’ll say cold blooded murder. Though in fact of “law” it was attempted murder] and finally gives up and walks away. Pip again catches up with her and tries to persuade her that the decision was made in the best interest of the group, but makes no progress in swaying her from her righteous morals. During the conflict Arky has a vision (shared with Malcolm and Caleb) involving pillars and beams of light coming from the pillars striking a golden ball floating in the center situated between all the pillars. With his impressive ability he is able to see the pillars are actually representative of each person in the group. He sees his line is a solid gray with a solid white filament and a growing black filament; Pip has a dark gray line; Lelia has a white line; Malcolm and Caleb both have light gray lines.

Lelia continues walking with the cat held in her arms, when the cat jumps from her arms and sniffs the area, leading Lelia to find and recover the well-hidden body of the Halfling. Lelia is able to revive the near-dead halfling. She is able to glean information out of the battered halfling, and even sweet talks him into giving her and the group a ride back into the nearby town. The halfling drops them off near the village gate and continues on his way leaving the party near the gate to the small town of 500 or so inhabitants. [Nobody ever asked his name, so he remains nameless at this time.]

After conversing with the friendly lone gate guard, the group finds themselves at the local common room where the locals have converged for a night of conversation. Caleb feels right at home and soon has fair following as he sets to entertain the crowd. While Caleb entertains the locals, Pip slips away to scout the area and get away from the crowds. Lelia also slips away to visit the Herbal Lady, Angelina. Angelina the herbalist, is an elderly woman. She was found sitting on her front porch for the last hour of daylight. Her ages show, with arthritic hands and a frail look about her. However, of note is the piercing gaze of her Amber eyes. Lelia seems to befriend the old woman, and she divulges some secrets of the local flora and perhaps some druidic knowledge. The conversation is interrupted as she announces the arrival of another. Pip happens upon the end of the conversation and makes a snide remark. As he walks closer, Lelia notices that his hair is ‘hot pink’. Pip seems to take umbrage to the old woman and ends up leaving. Angelina says a cryptic message about letting Anger fester in you, but whether for Pip or Lelia, they don’t know.

Lelia and Pip head back to the common room where Pip discovers his hairstyle change by the group snickering. Pip shaves his head only to find that the hair quickly grows back. They rest in the common room and decide to pay the herbalist another visit before heading out. Angelina is found in her garden, somewhat oblivious to their presence. Caleb clears his throat, which elicits a remark from Angelina and a request to at least help with the gardening. The group tries to get some ‘healing’ potions, but find the price a bit to steep for their liking, but settle for acid. Angelina shows Lelia how to create acid, but whether by natural use, or magic was unclear. (She placed a simple leaf in a bucket of water and then took it out and claimed it was acid). The party tested it and found it to be acid. A final cryptic warning she uttered to group “Do not be consumed by the dragon!” Lelia noted little motes of magic floating around the area; in conversation Angelina divulged to Pip on how to have his fey prank lessened or removed.

The party proceeded, with some annoyed, others intrigued and promising to return. Down the road the party heard Pan Pipes being played off the side of the road. Caleb decided to join in playing and Pip started to dance. They both wandered off the road, the non-dancing members followed with some concern. Caleb and Pip were joined by three Satyrs, one playing the pan pipes, and the other two dancing. The satyrs then left and Pip found his hair color to be back to normal after getting the Satyr wreath around his head…

Group (Except Malcolm) have the Satyr Wreaths. (Light Enchantment)

GM Notes: Bonus of Racial abilities kicked in, +2 to Strength, Constitution and Charisma; level 2 applied across the board.

Ended Game at 11pm

2 – I’ll allow a character to commit most any act, however, the whole premise of this group is to be the Heroes or at least the good guys. This act in and of itself struck me as very wrong for several reasons, whatever the justification may be. I don’t believe in a true alignment system, but I do believe in evil vs. good and right vs. wrong. The majority of the group seems to have seen this act as a blatant act of evil, whether or not they act upon it or not is up to them.

What is up?

Merced Group A – 5.16.2009 – 5pm to 11pm

[Everyone enjoyed pizza, official character sheets printed for everyone]

We started the game pretty much where we left off. The main group found themselves trapped in a force fielded area. After a few minutes, it dropped and they saw another person. The newcomer seems to be #5 (As evidenced by the mark on his wrist). After introductions and much interesting interactions, the door was finally unlocked and the group proceeded upstairs to the next section. [Character #5 had a solo session to catch him up to the group]

Once up on the landing, the group discovered some blood. Arky, after being asked, senses the blood belonged to a lizard ‘humanoid’ that was trying to protect the ‘chosen ones’ and was being chased by the large monstrosity bent on it’s destruction. They proceeded to search each room and discovered that the ‘Cult of Tabarath’ is trying to destroy the chosen ‘heroes’ who prevent bad things from happening in the future. The group surmises they [Tabarath] are the bad guys based on what they read. They also learn that ‘The Crow’ was communicating to ‘The Eagle’ whom they surmise is another Timelord Minion. [Arky true to his nature collected everything visible and potential value]

Searching the adjacent room, they found a decapitated body and a magical tattoo of a Crow. Figuring this must be ‘The Crow’ they searched the body. Pip, with his curiosity piqued, decided to touch the tattoo, and entered into mindscape where he encountered a ‘raven’. He had a strange Q&A session with before he accepted it into him. The results were immediate. His body improved in wondrous ways.

Continuing the exploration the group found a strange room with magic tables and some 12 vials, all unlabeled to the chagrin of the group. They proceeded to clean out the kitchen (Well, Arky did, and a pastry was thrown out of his pack.

The next room was the Main Door / Foyer and the adjoining room was the latrines where a large hole was found. Backtracking, they found the arms room and then a giant room with a Floating object in a Pedestal. Caleb thought to play a prank, which was an epic failure. Lelia ventured into the room, declared it clear to proceed and then went to observe the object. Out of the floor these shadowy creatures popped out and attacked our heroes. The battle was fought swiftly and the creatures dispatched with some ease. Lelia pulled the object [Keyblade] from the pedestal wherein it sought to test for who was the worthiest to wield it. The contest boiled down to Lelia and Arky. The Keyblade chose Arky, but is uncertain about him. [He counts it as loot, something he might want to rethink]. Oddly enough, the possessive rod any weapon does not seem to reject the keyblade. Another letter was found on a body of the ‘minions’ with the instructions to meet the Eagle at Hillsfar.

Possessing a “key”, the group unlocked the front door and decided to get their bearings. Remembering a map in one of the books collected, they quickly ascertained their location and decided to travel west towards Hillsfar [Approximately 80 miles or so]. Pip scouted ahead and soon realized a Raven was watching him and appearing on a tree every 50 to 100 feet distance. He decided to befriend it and soon after it became a Large Black Wolf. The group caught up and found this to be a bit alarming. Caleb realized that Malcolm had a squirrel on his back. Ended up dropping nuts down the back of the shirt and then copped a feel. Malcolm was startled by the squirrel and then being felt up by Caleb (Great acting ensued). Malcolm tried to dislodge the squirrel with no success and quickly discovered it was a earth spirit/elemental.

We ended at that point and time.

Players – All present. All characters achieved level 2 for successfully completing the first section.

Character journals are welcome for how you’re character perceived the actions. Feel free to add in quotes of ‘in character’ comments and how things played out in your mind. A first or third person narrative is quite fine.

[Joshua rolled a 1 for the whole familiar deal… tsk tsk.]

Where are we! and who are we?

Session 1 Recap (Short and sweet for the first one)

Players present: Max, Terry, Bekah, Joshua. Absent: Mike

We started around 3:30, after everyone enjoyed some BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs.

[GM Note: The focus of the start up game was to give the characters a few tidbits, and let them run with it. Each person portrayed a different view and played it out. I was impressed by each persons portrayal. This was an ice breaker game for everyone.]

We started with the characters waking up in a room, a 15×15 room, lit by four smokeless torches, each character was on a fungus bed attached to a crystal globe by a tube of sorts. They had no recollection of who they are or where they are.

Much interaction took place by the characters. During which, a loud noise was heard outside the door, and the party did investigate. Fresh blood on the wall, a broken bar, two dead humanoid reptilian creatures dead, and a shambling hulk of a brute lumbering away.

The group discovered alcoves, numbered, each character had a correlating number tattooed on their wrists. Each got a set of clothes, backpack and a ‘rod’. They investigated the complex: Found a parchment letter where they discovered the ‘chosen ones’ would not be ready for another week, with the date of today. A question of who the chosen ones are, and their purpose is unknown (Sacrifice to a dark god was brought up) Rooms where they could train themselves. And played with the items they had gotten from the alcoves.

The game ended promptly at 8pm with character creation worked on.

[Game notes: The group presently is sticking with the classless system as presented to them “d(liberation)20”, a few tweaks will be made by the GM. If the system becomes to much of a burden we will switch to the traditional class based system, and the GM will tweak that instead. :-) ]


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