Chosen Ones

Session 11b - Guest
We are Royal Guardsmen

This game was run by Joshua Troeger. Our crew was Andrew, Mike, Terry and Max. Bekah and George were unable to make it.

We started at 5pm. Food was served at 6pm to negate a player’s brief absence. Food was Chili and Cornbread, with Tapioka Pudding for desert.

The World was all created by the GM, majority of the Characters were premade prior to the game by Joshua using the Eclipse Point Buy system. We were all human, 1st level, using Andrew’s house rules. 78 CP to spend at 1st level.

The ‘Cast’ Max played ‘Stitch’ the Healer, he took the character of 20 years old and made him a 75 year old and slightly senile. Terry played ‘Grunt’ the teams heavy handed fighter. Mike played ‘Sil’ the roguish one in the crowd. Master of melding with the crowd. Andrew played ‘Flash’ a combat mage who can engage in melee and cast.

We began as most games don’t, at a castle given our orders. Our King needs us to escort his daughter from Fort Reinhardt to another capital to began trade negotiations, and perhaps a bit more. We set off on the long journey. Along the way we remember that this broken land once was a powerful united kingdom. Now it is three separate nations, ours is ruled by a benevolent king. Who are we? We belong to the Royal Guardsman. A group a notch above the common soldiers, we are the absolute loyalist, willing to lay down our very lives for our king. We are the shield against the scheming nobles who seek even now to destroy our beloved monarch.

We reach the keep and find the soldier, though respectful, lacking in proper protocol. They practically let us waltz in the front gate without even a cursory inspection. Then when we go to meet the captain of the fort, we find his men call him by first name. Flash is upset at this lack of formality and wonders how far the chain this lack of protocol and bearing has run. The captain is relieved we are there to take custody of the princess, and has a man escort us to the common room, where the princess is apparently hanging out. The team reach the ‘common room’ and discover the princess is up on stage singing lewd tavern tunes, and no apparent bodyguards who are even remotely sober. Sil is sent in to maintain watch, and we enter as the crowd disperses. The princess in a most distressing manner goes to leap upon Flash, who reacts like a snake and catches her mid-air, and places her at arms length from himself citing this is unbecoming of her royal personage. She flirts and manages to weasel onto Grunts lap. Disapproving looks are given. It dawns on Grunt that his very life hangs in the balance. The team takes up body guard duties and find the princess came with only two guards who are sleeping in a drunken state. The princess takes us to her room, and Flash immediately orders new quarters be located. Her highness should not be quartered in the common garrison. The princess puts up resistance, but discovers that she can’t win in this situation. She is relocated to a more secure location, and the guardsmen take up watch, Flash sets an alarm outside and inside. Middle of the first watch, Grunt is attacked outside, while inside Sil is attacked. The Alarm sounds, Stitch meanders into the hall and sees the attacker on Sil. Flash rushes out and slices the assailant in the hall. Stitch goes to the princess’s room and finds her climbing out the window. Grunt dispatches his assailant and comes inside. Meanwhile, the princess stabs Stitch in the ribs, he cries out in shock and alarm. Moments later Flash is standing where Stitch once stood and questions what is going on. Sil breaks down the door. The princess attempts to flee only to be tackled by Flash and tied up. Stitch determines she is an impostor, and the two attackers were her “bodyguard”. Questions arise, and it becomes apparent the captain is out of his depths. Flash has Stitch interogate the fake princess and then orders pidgeons be sent to the Castle to alert the king, and another to the meeting location that the meeting is postponed until further notice. They also bring in a expert information extractor, and follow up with a mind reader. They get new orders to recover the kidnapped princess. Using bloodhounds, they track the princess to the mountains, and have a battle. The traitors try to escape with the princess, only to find they’re feminine prisoner has been replaced by Grunt, and he’s not nearly as pretty. He deals with those two brigands while Sil, Stitch and Flash deal with the two brigands close to them. The princess is healed and taken to Fort Reinhardt where our adventure ended.

- End Time 12:00 midnight.

Laelia wakes up.... and remembers nothing.....

[I have yet to write any journals…. so this will be from the first few games in the campaign.]

Ahhh, I feel well rested, but very confused. I woke up in a strange cell with 4 other men. They all tower over me, one especially! Another one looks sickly… and he has strange eyes (his name is Pip). It was all fine and dandy, though baffling, until we opened the door…. We discovered that we had items in a special force cubby, one cubby to each person. I still don’t know how this all works. Then there were dead people! Oh it was horrible! We looked all around, and we could not get out. Once we finally found the key to a door, it wouldn’t let us pass! However, then we then found another person and the door suddenly let us through.

One of the men has the ability to see things that have passed. It’s truly amazing! He saw the creature that killed the others. He also saw that one led the creature down into a retched pit. We’re presuming he did that to save us. I thank that creature for my life.

We got out into the fresh air, and suddenly we are accompanied by other creatures. Friendly creatures, however, as far as we can tell. There was a crow, though now it’s a wolf, and he’s not always there… There is a squirrel, and he likes to hide IN Malcolm’s (he’s quiet…) body. Oh, and a man named “Arky” (he’s really big and burly, and fun. He’s the one that ‘sees’ things) has a blade. I know it’s not a creature of some sort, but it does seem to have a mind of it’s own. I originally grabbed it and it disappeared from my hand and went to his. All sorts of weird things have been happening so why not? Back to the story… The tallest one of us, his name is Caleb (he’s nice… but there’s something about him. hmmm, oh well.) and I sensed danger up ahead. We go up and there is a cat with a bird flying over it’s head being attacked by shadow creatures!!! We all fought the creatures, though Arky seemed to be having an easier time against these foes. It was amazing however! Once I made eye contact with the cat, it grew larger!!! This is truly an amazing cat. She seems to like me too. I like her back. Her name is Ginger.

One of the men climbed a tree and figured out which way to go to get to the nearest town. On our travels Pip decided to scout ahead…. I really don’t like Pip….

Apparently, without knowing ANYTHING about this guy, he decided that a halfling was delivering goods to the prison we were being held at so he shot and killed him from a distance… then hid the body and stole the cart. He tried to pull it off like he just FOUND a horse and cart with skins just sitting there waiting for us to use it. He finally told us what happened. I was mad. No, I was worse than mad! He, being unprovoked, killed a man for a cart!!! He says that the guy could have been bad, but he didn’t even find out! Arrr! I was so…. grrrrr. Finally I just walked off. Ginger was helping me calm down when she suddenly jumped out of my arms and sniffed in an area off the side of the road. There was the body. Thankfully, he wasn’t all dead. For a man that was just shot out of nowhere and practically died, he was pretty understanding. Apparently he’s a merchant and he was taking his goods to the dock. He was very sweet and actually took us to the town we were headed towards. We thanked him and gave him some money. Pip, though he wanted to steal the cart so he didn’t have to walk, decided that he would much rather walk and keep an eye on this ‘suspicious’ merchant than sit in the cart with us. I’m perfectly fine with that, though he is being silly.

Session 11
Naked Oily Yoga

Food – Beef with noodles, Garlic Bread, Cookies (Variety pack)

Printed character sheets for Bekah, George and Max. Present – Bekah, Max, George, Mike and Joshua.

Summary by GM -

Recap by Mike the recorder. Brought up to speed. Eagle takes the group to Elysium for recupe time and to take care of some business. The party enjoys the sights and activities (Picnic, Pool complete with unclad people and oils for massage, an Oracle for debating, and musicians to add ambiance). Arky enjoys the natural bathing ordeal followed by much oiling by some female companions. Iridius likewise enjoys swimming and a good oiling. Lelia frolicks with other females and later is heard humming a familiar tune. Caleb is sorrowful in playing a tune, and is joined by two others who add a counter melody and harmony to his tune, one turns it so sorrowful that it brings tears barely held in check to Caleb, and then they change the tune back to a more cheerful tune. Malcolm enjoys a relaxing philosophy debate with the oracle. A mass bonfire roast and entertainment plays out, satyrs join in the evening festivities. The party enjoys the festivities and are rejuvenated.

Next stop, Malcolm’s past. The group is again greeted by a reverse montage displayed in the Tardis, this time of Malcolm’s past. They arrive in the courtyard at the Mage Tower. With a warning to not blow up the tower and beware the black cat, the Eagle again leaves to handle only he knows what. While the party enters the tower after spotting a black cat. Inside they find something has been struggling in the basement. Overturned barrels of mysterious powders does not sit well with the party, and beyond a door a large room with three mages locked in a Will Contest while a summoning circle activates and a large Fiery Fire Elemental appears, also present, a black cat, the ‘heartless shadows’ and a Death Knight. The death knight hits them with a wave of negative energy knocking Malcolm to 0 HP while thew rest of the group grimmaces through the attack. Arky engages the Death Knight, Lelia and Caleb deal with the shadows and Iridius tackles the evil wizard (Who is not Malcolm’s parents, they are the other two wizards locked in the wizard battle). The Black Cat leaps at Iridius when Ginger (Lelia’s Dragoncat) unleashes a fireball. The fireball is a catalyst to the mystical powders surrounding the fire elemental and it unleashes a devastating explosion destroying the building. Only through the powers of the dragonblood does the party manage to even survive, that and Aku, the revealed Shadow Demon who was the black cat.

They limp back to the TARDIS, dejected and not happy with events. They are given the opportunity to rest before heading to Iridius’s past. His life is likewise reverse montage. They arrived in the winter near the log cabin where Iridius lives. Iridius is a 3 month old infant. They have dinner and Iridius (The Chosen One) gives a proper oration history of the People. Later that eve, back at the log cabin, Lelia is found to be rocking little Iridius and humming to him, which puts regular Iridius to sleep. A strange Mist enters the cabin and an alarm is sounded by Lelia. A multi-tentacled horror attacks the group, but is laid low in quick order. Lelia and Caleb share a meaningful and private mind-to-mind discussion through the night. And this is where we ended the session for the evening.

Recap by Mike our designated recorder -

When last we met, the group investigated the background of Caleb, and surprisingly finding out how Lelia is involved.

Everybody meets back at the shrine, goes in, and is back to the mostly dark room with the controls. Arky decides to explore by sprinting off into the darkness. Then you hear “OOF!” as he collides then flips over onto the floor. “There’s stuff out here guys!” Malcolm casts light, shaking his head. Lelia sees a door and opens it. Beyond it is a long hallway. She closes the door behind her and sits in the hallway in the fetal position. The eagle seems to be activating things in the main room, and the crystal goes out. He opens a door to a bright place and he steps out into it. Iridius asks where the Eagle is going and he doesn’t answer. Arky pokes his head out of the door and he sees a glade, similar to greece with columns and arches. From behind one of the columns a toga-clad young lady steps out with a basket. Arky steps out and waves. Iridius follows, as does Malcolm. Arky wonders if he’s dead, and asks why we’re in Elysium. She puts down some wine and food. Arky asks about towns, and there are none. Caleb is preoccupied in the room, so he doesn’t follow. The food is provided by the gods, and the woman points out the temple, and the direction of the pool which has an oracle at it. Malcolm asks about finding the gods. Iridius prays to Odin for food, and nothing happens. We go to the temple, devoid of people but with a shrine. Caleb finally joins. Arky asks about shadowy creatures, but nothing like that is around Elysium. The young lady has however heard of the Eagle, as “The Traveler.”

There are two trees with their bows woven together and when we walk through them we sees a large space of darkness with images surrounding the Eagle and many other robed figures at the center. The images are of things the group doesn’t understand like space battles. We also see a recap of us interfering with Caleb’s youth. Arky asks “Why are we here” and the response is “You are here to observe.” And after a moment the images cease. The Eagle stands up, his eyes with a small shimmer. Iridius asks what our commands are and the Eagle says “to recuperate.” and suggests Arky go to the pool. Apparently at this pool clothing is optional. Ladies start oiling his nude body, to his liking. Iridius feels a stronger connection to Odin in this place, even though his prayer wasn’t effective, so he communes with Odin. Caleb wanders to the pool, sees Arky being oiled, and wanders away… Malcolm is trying to disbelieve the surroundings, including the women who stumble upon him and have magic fingers. Lelia comes to the scenery as well, and understands it’s a good place which is nature infused. She explores, and “frolics with the females.” (Naked oily Yoga.) Caleb tries playing a sad tune on his instrument and immediately there is a counter-tune being played to make up for it, but there is also a small group empathizing with his melody (one’s crying.) Lelia hears Malcolm’s thoughts of disbelief and tells him to take a break, and he refuses. Lelia then gets upset. The music then changes back. Iridius swims, and lounges, and feels refreshed. Malcolm apparently holds his own debating the oracle on philosophy. This somehow relaxes him, and he begins to rejuvenate also. Evening does come, and the glade slowly forms into a luau.

The oracle tells a story which becomes a talent show, and Arky hosts some stage magic. Malcolm goes on stage with inspiring philosophy, Iridius abstains, and Caleb performs music, then Lelia goes on stage showing prowess with making the wreaths entagle to become a canopy above and interweave. The satyrs appear as well, suspiciously turning water into alcohol. The Eagle is standing to the side, just watching the scene and looking normal. We ask if we are ready to go, and we go back to the room. It is lit inside by the panels and the walls. The Eagle does some things to the table in the center with the levers, buttons, etc. On one of the panels we start seeing Malcolm’s past. There was a long string of Malcolm going from place to place to learn things, before that Malcolm was in the mages guild but arguing with people and leaving eventually, before that he was being taken care of by his grandmother, and finally the last scene is of the higher mage tower exploding before we see Malcolm with his parents as a happy 5 year old. When we exit we are in the courtyard of the castle where Malcolm grew up. His mother is obviously more noble than his father and you suspect her bloodline is not entirely human. There is a black cat going inside of one of the windows of the mages tower. Lelia spots it, so we follow. The cat appears to go into the basement. Along the way we see signs of a scuffle with overturned barrels of black powder. Arky scoops powder into his bag, and puts the barrels right side up again. There is a faint air of magic. Iridius takes some waterskins and pours water on the black powder. All the powders are moving into the next room. Arky wanders into the next room. Two people are standing with intense concentration, and another is muttering things under his breath on the opposite side of the room. In the middle of the room is a summoning circle which lights up, and a great fiery being appears. It’s malcolm’s parents locked into a will struggle and the one muttering is a teacher malcolm never liked. There is a wave of malevolence coming from the teacher, and there is a wave of contempt for the living coming from the corner which is a zombie creature in full platemail. “heartless” form around the room. The lizard creature pointed his sword and hit us all with cold damage, downing Malcolm. Arky attacks the dark creatures, Caleb sings a ballad, Malcolm drinks a potion. Arky attacks the zombie and hurts it. Malcolm whelms some creatures. Caleb firebursted two shadows. Iridius grapples the parents, the cat pounces but Lelia’s cat spits a fireball, which hits the flame elemental, who takes the opportunity to ignite some materials around it. The basement of the tower explodes. The lineage of the dragonblooded protects the party, and the Aku demon survives, but unfortunately everything else in the basement including Malcolm’s parents did not survive. The tower becomes a crater. The Aku demon limps away, Malcolm does a channeled pyroburst on it, and it keeps limping. Lelia makes it stay put, and Malcolm summons archons to destroy it. It dissipates but isn’t known to be killed. There is a ring on his mom’s finger, and Malcolm takes it.

The Eagle meets us, and we go back to the room, and rest.

So Iridius’ history appears around us. Next we see Iridius inspiring heroes to do deeds, as a motivator. Before that he comes out of the deep forest, surrounded by fey, and further he is rescued by the fey, before that thrown out of the village he lives in, before that, he is blamed for a plague that his parents (who do not look like Caleb and Lelia) are inflicted by, and farther back his parents are leaving their homeland to find new lands rich in soil. We are deposited in the dead of winter at a log cabin. The snow is around 3 feet deep. Arky produces Snowshoes from his bag, but Lelia casts “snowshoes” and we ALL walk on top of the snow. At the cabin, Iridius’ mother is holding the baby Iridius, sitting on a chair, breastfeeding him. We knock on the door claiming to be distant travelers. We go and warm ourselves by the fire. Iridius explains he will cook. Iridius’ father shows up, also named Iridius. He is a hearty man, large but not Caleb’s size yet. He greets us. We all go to the “lodge” and Iridius creates food and water, and we all eat as he orates a lovely rendition of the history of Midgard. Lelia holds little Iridius, humming to him. Caleb plays a tune along with it. The Chosen Iridius likes the song and all three Iridius’ fall asleep. Arky falls asleep also. Malcolm fights sleep and loses. Lelia notices dark mist coming from under the door. She tells Caleb. She wakes the house. Malcolm summons some air elementals which fail at dispersing the mist, and the mist turns into tentacles. Lelia babau slimes the baby. The tentacles reach for the baby. Malcolm summons some Archons and the elementals attack their tentacles. Caleb pyroblasts some tentacles. Lelia decides not to fireball, instead she uses her swords. Malcolm’s creatures hit and he magic missiles the creatures.


"The Mind Twist"

The Mind ‘Freak’ Session also known as ‘Past Lovers make for complex stories’

Players Present:
  • Mike
  • Bekah
  • George
  • Joshua
  • Max

Meal: Cure-all Chicken Soup, Crackers, Meats and Cheese, Eggnog/Fudge for desert.

Short Summary: [The full summary is quite lengthy, this is about five pages worth of material condensed to one page, besides, we have Mike’s amazing notes to recap the entire session coming up].

Caleb’s past is brought forth. The Focus is on Kaitlyn? and how the ‘bad guys’ will stop her murder [She is Caleb’s pregnant noble lover who is murdered which causes him to fight against evil]. Or at least that is what the party suspects. Last minute the party decides to keep an eye on young Caleb.

Young Caleb is stalked by the ‘shadow people’. The two [Arky and Malcolm] stop the shadow people before they can attack young Caleb.

Kaitlyn is met by her brother outside the shop after she is sent to deliver a package, something happens and she faints. Lelia rushes to her aid, while Caleb knocks him out. Faced with a dilemma as they’ve broken the chain of events, a master plan is discussed on how they’ll fake her death, then they wisely decide to let the brother finish what he was doing. He teleports out, Caleb rushes to the “murder” scene and finds she is “dead”. Arky scrys the past and sees the brother did an elaborate ritual.

A fast funeral takes place. Leaving the group confused. [Fast Forwarded events to get completion taken care of]. The group returns to the [shrine/TARDIS] only to be met by the Eagle on his way to the funeral site. The group questions his motives and reason (They feel overwhelmed by the lack of change in the past events.) The Eagle is less than helpful in his quirky replies. Caleb tries to assault him, but in his drunken state manages to stagger into a wall. Iridius gets less than satisfactory answers. The group (except Caleb) follow the Eagle to the funeral site, where the brother is waiting. The dirt is removed, the coffin floats out and Kaitlyn wakes up and is somehow changed by the Eagle. To the shock of the party, Caleb’s lover turns into Lelia. She is then sent away via powerful magics.

The Current Lelia is in shock as these memories long blocked and repressed start flooding back; Caleb likewise is shocked.

We ended promptly at 11pm. The players all indicated that the game was amazing, a real mind f* and enjoyable.

Aftermath – Josh has expanded his background in collaboration with Bekah. Mike and George are now anxious for what is to come for them.

- Mike Mason to add Notes Later.

- Other Players to add notes later.

Tactics and Birth Control....

Players Present

Mike, Bekah, Josh, Terry, Bekah and Max

Soup, Bread, Pie, Cookies

5:30ish for start – 11pm for end

Summary – Tactics and Leadership elections; Save Arky from being erased from existence.

— GM’s Notes – (Yes, these are quite visible to the players). The first half of the game was geared towards getting a leadership established to make decision making processes a little more streamlined and less chaotic. The second phase was also to establish some tactics, as the group’s tactics for the lack of a better term, are as chaotic and uniquely individual as the players themselves… not implying this is a bad thing, but it does tend to make certain missions a lot more difficult then they should ever be…

The Eagle has taken it upon himself to impart teaching lessons to his elite team of time commandos. Since failure for some of these missions will cost more than their own lives.

— Cut to actual game play – Party endures a nice heated debate upon leadership and who should lead. Followed by tactical coordination, then finally they are sent back in time to stop the Cult from erasing Arky from ever being born.

Shh, we're huntin' assassins!

More information to come…

Player Submissions

On one of the downed men, they find two pieces of paper. One has a picture of the five, the next has a picture of Iridius. It doesn’t have the same “Flair” as the first drawings so we don’t think it was drawn by the frenchman. Also, we find three shortswords, one studded leather armor, and 100 gold apiece, (300GP total.) Arky shouts “By the order of the Hilsofar guards I am placing you under arrest.” and plops the man over his shoulder. He tells people he is passing by that his buddy had too much to drink. BLUFF! :P

Back to the hotel room. Arky wants to tort…err interrogate the downed man. Iridius tells Arky he can know if the man is telling the truth or not. Zone of Truth! The interrogation begins. He was sent by “The upright man.” And when that isn’t clarified, it’s good cop bad cop. apparently the night watchman is his contact, and it’s a cell structure. There seems to be no falsehood from the man, Arky can lie though. The man is going to the flying princess. There are watchers to know if they were successful, who are reporting back at this moment. He knows their faces. Sketch artist time? Pip wants to deceive the man by pretending to be on his side, but notices extra people outside and informs us. Caleb moves to a blind corner of the room from the door as Pip remembers we’re straying from the mansion. We lock him in another room and pay for it, then go back to the mansion.

The mansion is lit up near the alley where Lelia and Pip went. There are guards in the courtyard. Helga scouts. One of the kids got shot, he’s alive and pissed off, and there is a dead assassin (scar eye) being taken away. Five left. Iridius sleeps while Helga keeps a lookout. We take up watch on the rooftop. Caleb alters self to look like the captured man. A homeless woman calls out to him. The ‘other’ group came over, and tells him the the kids are viscious, and another assassin (redbeard) is in the house. She tells him to check in with the swallow (at the pier.) Caleb telepathically tells everybody. Malcolm and Iridius throw magic missiles at the red bearded man who appears to be slowly taking a dagger out of his sheath. Iridius invisifies himself and jumps down. Arky activates valor and his blue outfit twinkles and sparkles, changing it more reddish. Everybody except malcolm jumps off the roof and pip makes it to the top of the fence. Malcolm flies to the rooftop above where redbeard was, and mentally tells the chosen ones he’s no longer in there. Lelia joins Pip and Arky on the other side of the fence. Caleb walks up to them playing a tune to make an aura of calmness. Malcolm flies up but doesn’t see anything worth seeing except the guards moving toward Caleb.

Arky and Pip run to the vines on the side of the mansion and climb up to the window. Lelia goes to a door and looks. Caleb keeps playing as the guards march to him, so he puts on his ring and they march right past him. He then takes the ring off, and tells them the assassins “went that way!” Iridius saw Caleb the entire time. Malcolm is still clueless. Arky goes into the room after the kids are ushered out by the butler, and looks for treasure. Lalia stealthily scouts the house. Footprints sound going towards the door the kids left from. Helga scouts and a large asian man wants to scout the house. Arky goes through the door to the north, which is right from the window and left from the door the kids left through. Arky loots room to room until he finds redbeard. Lelia goes upstairs and sees pip hiding. Mentally, Caleb tells us we should regroup and go to the pier, as the group bickers between itself about arky looting. Pip and Arky think looting is fine. Lelia leaves a note that says “Don’t trust the red bearded one.” Iridius asks Caleb to go to the dock. Caleb re-disguises himself and discovers a man in trenchcoat but gets the feeling he’s being watched by men, one with a red beard. A paper with a seal is tossed at Caleb saying the contract on the kids is off. Another man looks to Caleb saying “I don’t look anything like that.” Caleb slips on the ring, and they stop paying attention to him and take off. Caleb/Iridius return with the rest to decide what to do and Caleb has an ephiphany that the south wall is being attacked by supernatural forces. The party leaves for the south wall. Iridius is blinded and pained when attempting to detect magic. Small creatures are attempting to attack the wall, and a flame hits them when Caleb ‘surged’ near the wall. The creatures are gone, and Caleb says that it’s over.

The party fail to find Simon, and go get some rest. Simon apparently is at the “Princess Swallows.” which has a picture of a princess having a hearty tankard in her hand (what were you thinking, you dirty minded reader?) Simon pays us for the service… 6000 gold, and gives us six differently colored marbles and says they enhance our abilities to work with our suit.


Meal – Hamburgers, BBQ Mesquite Chicken and Salad. Gummi Worms for after snack.

5p – 6p Eat, Character review and printed new character sheets

Players Present:
  • Arky (Max)
  • Leila (Bekah)
  • Caleb (Joshua)
  • Malcolm (Mike)
  • Iridius (George)

NPC: Pip

Recap by Mike. The group entertains, gives out money to the common folk and generally make nice while camping outside the city walls. Morning comes and the group notices from the soldiers, that a colossal red dragon is descending upon them rapidly. A few moments before it’s arrival, an elderly man approaches and mentions to no one in particular that they have an uninvited guest. After a mild bantering between the group and the old man, the dragon lands, spraying dust into the air.

The old man challenges the Ancient Red Wyrm, but calls it a demon and names it Tsoltan, a great demon lord. In return the dragon answers it’s there for the group and wishes nothing else. A titanic struggle both seen and unseen takes place, eventually the demon succumbs to both a disintegrate sphere and some sort of powerful light ray. The demon is destroyed leaving the possessed dragon momentarily confused and it collapses onto the old man. The dragon recovers and with a roar of anger, leaves. A shouted ‘Nooooo’ in the distance seems to be response to the dragon collapsing on the old man.

The party was all struck by dragon fear and helpless for the confrontation, only by powerful magics did they survive. Moments after the battle a strangely dressed man approaches them and asks them odd questions. <insert>

They decide to seek out Simon (Eagle Eyes) and show off their new addition. They go to the local dive and find that he is not there. They then seek their rooms and inquire to the innkeep if anyone has been asking for them, he says yes and shows them a paper with all FIVE of their pictures drawn on. Arky uses a power on it and sees an artist who was paid to draw the paper. They go to their rooms and find it’s been searched and a note left. The note has written ‘The Leaping Lion. EE’. They go to the artist shop and inquire after the paper, they demand a drawing of the man who requested it. <insert>

Then they go to ‘The Leaping Lion’, an upscale establishment, there they locate Simon sitting in a dark corner watching the goings on. They decide to go to a private room, and during that time the strangely dressed man appears. Iridius confronts the man and insists on an introduction. He introduces himself as the ‘Eagle’. Iridius demands to know if he was the one who brought him here, to which the man says ‘Yes’. Iridius asks to know why, to which he is told “To stop Ragnarok’, he places a hand on his shoulder, and Iridius has a vision. After the vision he sees semi-imposed over each character an image of an older and symbolical rendering.

The mission given to the party is to stop six assassins from taking out some kids. The group determines to locate the kids and stand watch from a distance. They cannot interact with the group.

They locate one, and he flees. Lelia and Caleb give chase; Malcolm summons a bunch of tiny celestial monkeys to search the area; Arky and Iridius intimidate someone into fleeing and then Arky attacks a group of nobles. The nobles turn out to have sharp teeth (so to speak) as Arky is quickly humbled by they’re precise strikes. Pip and Iridius aid Arky and they manage to overcome the opponents. Meanwhile, Lelia and Caleb chase the assassin through the sewers and find he’s popped out somewhere else in the city, leaving no trace behind him.

We ended the game at 11:20pm.

END GAME NOTES: Changed next game to Sunday the 13th @ noon for a conflict.

Player Submissions

Iridius gives thanks to Odin and Freya, and tells Helga to wake him up in the morning. Arky does not set up a bucket. Caleb goes to sleep. Malcolm goes to sleep, tying his pouch around his wrist. Iridius preached to the peasants about being virtuous and honest, and how they might be lucky enough to go to Valhalla if they live a good and honorable life. The peasants are mixed, they like the sermon, and being paid for listening, and they look disheartened as well as a little banged up and bandaged, so Iridius heals them with a show. They were apparently attacked by big bad wolves. Iridius wants to do something about the wolves, but Malcolm says “maybe in the morning” and the others mostly agree. Arky pulls out some cheap wine and gives it to the peasants. Caleb plays his flute nonchalantly, and some of the kids go up to him to listen (like 15 kids) So Caleb casts a minor illusion to make a small satyr dance, which upsets Helga who tries dancing with it but gives up (because it’s incorporeal) and she goes and dances on her own. The adults, especially the inebriated ones, gather to listen to as well, and Caleb entertains them (with requests if there are any) While the guards start patrolling a little closer to the group now (THAT’S how you get security) and some of them tap their feet with the music. Good times. Good times.

The gate is unlocked as the sun comes up and there are shouts of surprise upon the walls, A very bright red dragon coming our direction fast, and the guards are unsure whether or not to close the gates again. Iridius begs the guards to open the gates. Arky thinks it’s time to use the crystal. The chosen ones deliberate as an old man tilts his head looking at the beast and walks away from the wall away from the crowd. He’s wearing a magic ring. He looks at us, then at the dragon which is closing fast. “It seems we have an uninvited guest.” He’s smoking on this pipe but nothing is coming out. Arky asks him what his escape plan is. “Escape? I plan on driving the creature away.” “How?” “Persuasion. I’m a very good talker.” Iridius goes to the people. Malcolm is confused and therefore doesn’t act much. The fearful people are now pounding on the gate which was closed on them. The heroes should run in fear but are mostly locked in place. The dragon hits the ground with a large thud and a cloud of dust. It beats it’s wings, snorts and looks right at the heroes, and then it notices the old man. It seems arrogant. The old man cocks his head from one side to another, sighs, takes one step forward, and says “Tsoltan? is that you again?” then the dragon speaks, but something is off, (the bass is usually large but it’s off when this dragon speaks. And the dragon says “My quarrel is not with you old man. I’m here for those guys.” “Didn’t I banish you 100 years ago, demon?” Arky thinks that this may not be a dragon. Nobody recognizes the name used for the dragon. Caleb sees a shadowy aura over the dragon, as if it’s possibly posessed. The Dragon sniffs the air, as if it’s filling it’s lungs, and the old man says “I’ll give you this one time to leave right now.” As the dragon gives a malevolent laugh then breathes fire. A searing heat washes over everybody. It hurts a large amount, but we do not die. A shadowy creature with a sword is trying to hit the old man, and apparently there is a shadow stemming from the old man to fight the dragon as we’re all paralyzed with fear. The blistering heat continues, we feel like our bodies are incinerating, but we do not die. A powerful field of magic eminates from the old man, as some of the dragon’s scales disintegrate before us yet we don’t even though we are in the field of magic. The demon is snarling as it swings it’s sword, not affecting the old man, but hits Malcolm who is knocked back and falls. Scales again disintegrate as magics are thrust at this creature from the old man. The battle is epic. The dragon falls on the old man as the demon is vanquished, it’s last words being “No, I’ll never go back there!” but the dragon still lives even though it’s fallen. Malcolm summons celestial bisons to move the dragon, but as they get close it spreads a wing, flings them away, and gets up, flying away. When it gets up, there’s no old man, but there is a ring, which Caleb takes. A girl screams “Noooo!” in the distant forest. The fear is shaken off, as shame sets in that we were not able to act. It was a battle beyond our abilities. Caleb did notice that the full dragon aura came back when the shadowy aura was banished.

Caleb says “Okay, well I say we let that moment pass and get on with our eerie day.” The mob is trying to push through the gates single file, while the shaken guards are checking for weapons. Caleb performs yet again to calm their emotions as Iridius casts the calm emotion spell to the peoples. The chosen ones move toward the gates. One man stands out from the crowd, with a bag, and a hat, with a weird looking scarf, and overcoat, munching on something. He pulls out a small red thing. “JellyBelly?” Arky declined. “By one dying, several were saved. JellyBelly?” Iridius accepts and eats it. The man looks to Arky “Would you say that’s a noble sacrifice. One man to save many?” “I guess.” So he points to a man in the crowd “What’s HIS life worth?” “120 gold… what’s the going rate for slaves?” And Iridius chimes in “King or pauper, I’d gladly die to save one man’s life.” The man asks more questions about random things like the value of life. He offers one to Caleb, and Malcolm, and they both eat as well. The jellybelly does not seem magical when malcolm discreetly casts Detect Magic on it. Malcolm asks him “What manner of bean is this?” “It’s a jellybelly!” “Is it made out of jellyfish?” “In a manner of speaking.” “Curious.” and Malcolm eats it. “Anyways. I think the gate is clear. See you!” Iridius asks the strange man how much a life is worth and a cryptic answer follows “It is as much value as it’s worth.”

We all think he is strange, so we continue on and go to find Simon at the bar. Pip has been very quiet this entire time. It’s likely because he wasn’t able to rip the dragon’s heart out. At the bar, people are chanting, led by what caleb thinks is a rank amateur. Lelia grabbed a fish along the way for her cat. Simon is not at the bar, and the bartender, barmaids, and other employees do not remember or recognize his description. Iridius suggests to the others to help the townspeople who were affected by the wolves, and leaves the group when the others do not go with him because they go to the inn and look for a note or letter to them. Iridius finds people, and asks them about the situation. Iridius feels like puking, with a raging headache. Lelia thought-asks him if he’s okay, and he responds thinking “I shall return.” Before we leave, Caleb asks the bartender about if any messages were left, but none were, however there were drawings left and they were asked about the descriptions of the chosen five. The description of the asker was a dark haired goateed man with leather who was trying to catch up with us. Malcolm asks them to forego giving any more information to anybody except a man with a feathered cap. At the inn, there’s a note, but the room was searched. Arky tries to use psychometry on the picture given by the bartender. He sees the paper on a desk being drawn by someone dictated to. The dictator is a hooded figure, who gives the artist money for the exchange. It’s daytime when the drawings are drawn. The artist is known, as a shopkeep in the town. Anyway, Iridius is sensed coming back to the five. The note shimmers as it’s picked up. The note says simply “The Leaping lion. -E.E.” So the party goes to the sketch artist’s shop, looking for the Leaping Lion along the way. Iridius comes back and Lelia gives him a goodberry, touching us all, which gives us all a surge of power wash over us. The artist is encountered by the group in the exact order of that of the portrait, and he is ordered to draw the person who ordered him to draw the drawing. The artist then draws the picture of a hooded figure in all black. The artist says with his very french accent, he MUST draw caleb, a striking example of perfection in artistry. Caleb turns him down for a picture of “titanic” proportions. Caleb wants to go to the Leaping Lion so he asks for directions. The Leaping Lion is more posh than anything the heroes thus far have entered. We enter!

There are so many dandys and fops and servants it’s like looking for a tree in a jungle to spot Simon. It’s a two floor establishment so they go to the top floor with the balcony to see everybody. We all look different directions and Lelia sees a hat, telling everybody, finding Simon when she walks up to it. Speaking with Simon, we explain about the Dragon and it’s attack upon the “noble man.” Caleb explains it was posessed by a demon who was banished by the old man. Simon asks for a private room. We all follow. We deliberate more, and figure out that we need to keep a lower profile (no posing in the nude) because had they merged properly they’d have been nigh unstoppable. They ask for another task, and apparently the local thieves guild have been performing assassinations and and framing people for it. Simon talks about a great protector with a pipe with no smoke, who stops the supernatural forces from entering the town. Let’s just hope he didn’t die then, ok? ok.

Well we know they’re going to use the thieves guild to kill some people. He gives us some scrolls with pictures of people in the thieves guild. Iridius says that Caleb may be able to help because of his contacts but caleb says people know HIM, but HE doesn’t know people much. The city blueprints for the sewer are given, and locations of some of the lackey’s hideouts are given. Lelia asks about the higher-ups location. The man with the jellybellys knocks, and is let in, and goes to see Simon, offering everybody jellybellys. We question him about the whereabouts of the thieves pictures, and he says for us to “follow our nose.” Iridius introduces himself, and the man introduces HIMself, as “The Eagle.” Iridius asks “Are you the one who took me from Midgard?” “Yes.” “Why?” “You’re here to stop Ragnarok.” as he pats Iridius on the shoulder, and Iridius sees Valhalla (as through a pool) and he sees a mighty apocalyptic battle as the valkyries lead the way, with Iridius heading them. As the eyes are glazed in the vision, The Eagle tips his head and says “I have things to do. I will see you later.” And Iridius sees Lelia with vines and natural life essences everywhere, then Malcolm with giant energy hands each having large and wonderous creatures on them, and Arky as a shiny knight with the Keyblade, and Caleb standing there while fey dance around him worshipping him. Then there’s pip, with a wolf coming out of his face, coming out of his body and a crow sits atop his head, seeming feral but weilding two swords.

Simon reads the scroll given him by The Eagle, and shows us the picture of a bunch of kids, which we are not allowed to make contact with, for they are the target. So, the chosen ones decide to go to the kids but not contact them, in order to find the ones attempting to kill the kids. The Chosen Ones ask about about the kids, who are apparently staying at some noble lady’s house. Iridius sends his fey out, who scouts around the mansion, invisible. Lelia is made invisible as well, and climbs onto a roof finding an enemy who finds a prime spot to spy on the mansion. Lelia tells us all telepathically, and Iridius tells Helga to fly high and see how many there are, and apparently there are six of them. The chosen ones spread out.

Lelia throws a flaming sphere at the man she scouted and hits him. Caleb moves around the building, from his 3 o’clock position closer to 12 o’clock. The bandit was on a roof, he rolled off the roof, and fell behind the building somewhere, where there’s an alley. Malcolm summons a form for Demitrius, Iridius waits. Arky moves to the alley. Lelia ran to the scene, Caleb runs to the scene as well. A celestial monkey appears where the bandit rolled off the roof. Malcolm summons another monkey. Iridius summons Helga. Lelia looks in the alley, sees a grate that has been moved. She points her fireball to move it down to the sewers. Caleb is running, again. Arky goes for another man he saw, charging at him. as will Pip. Caleb gets there! Malcolm summons another monkey, while the first two disperse and look. Iridius finds a man who runs from him. Iridius then looks for Helga, who can’t find anything. Lelia looks down the sewer, sees no light sources, and smells a very pungent odor, something worse than a normal sewer. She goes down the sewer, and finds a dead body floating there. Arky charges at the group of nobles he sees, who look at Arky like he’s crazy. With a flying tackle he knocks one over, the other two dodge, one of which takes out a shorsword and goes to stab him but fails. Pip moves toward the tackle. Caleb casts invisibility on himself and goes into the sewer, the opposite direction of Lelia. The first two monkeys are not finding anything, the third goes to look in a different direction, and Malcolm summons a fourth. Iridius casts detect evil, and he senses evil in Arky’s direction, and sits back. Arky hits the man with the sword, subduing him. The other guys pull out their swords, and one hits. Pip rushed onto the scene, Caleb continues on his way, and he sees no signs of anybody. Lelia hears a splash, communicates it, and goes to investigate. Malcolm makes a fifth monkey, and the first four monkeys continue to scour the area. Caleb communicates to everybody that there’s a possibility the bandit did not go down the sewer. Iridius casts Invisibility on himself, and concentrates on his detect evil. (He likes to watch) Arky decides to apologize, and withdraws from the three Fops who don’t match the description of the six assassins. Arky goes to the last known coordinates of the invisible Iridius. The Fops pursue, trying to stab Arky. Lelia follows footprints she found, and Caleb is behind her closing in. Pip misses his attacks to the men going after Arky. Caleb continues to close in. Malcolm summons a sixth monkey, which the first five haven’t found anything yet. Iridius heals Arky. Lelia comes to a T intersection with no choice but to scout by trying to pick up a scent. She goes right. Arky stops subduing, and swings for a real hit. BAM. The men retaliate, and Arky asks for some help through mental link. Pip hits the one arky has been wailing on, Caleb goes right. Malcolm summons monkey number 7, and the first six are told to go to help Arky. Iridius heals Arky. Arky tries to down half the potion he has, (the last time he used a whole one it healed him completely) And heals more than half his total health, back. Arky then attacks the wounded, and downs him. The remaining of the three tries to whack Arky and missed. Pip misses both attacks. The next round, the remaining man is taken down. Lelia and caleb find another grate and go up it, but do not find any sight of the guy they were trying to find. The monkeys don’t find anything else on their way to the scene of Arky’s attack.

Where is the other guy?

Start Time: well later than 5pm… Character updates took precedence.

Meal: Spaghetti, Bread and Salad.


  • Lelia (By Bekah)
  • Caleb (By Joshua)
  • Arky (By Max)
  • Malcolm (By Mike)
  • Pip (By Terry)
  • Iridius (By George)

This is the Short GM Summary:

Party got 500gp from the Nobleman for saving him from the assassination attempt.

The group goes to find Simon. They find out they have a sixth member of their group and should return to the installation. They get a one use transport crystal from Simon.

They buy horses, travel back to nameless village with Angelina. Caleb performs masterfully. Caleb determines the Fey Wreaths grant some benefits.

They make it back to the installation to discover the sixth member inside the pillar. After introductions they take the new guy, Iridius to the training rooms.

They leave the installation and Iridius is reacquainted with his Fey companion. They set up camp and are besieged by Shadowy Warriors and at the end a Shadowy Mage. They handily defeat those attackers. They leave in the morning back for the village, on the way they notice a dragon bearing down on their previous encampment. They make all haste to Hilsfar, bypassing the village in the hopes of not bring the huge dragon bearing down on a small village.


Terry decided that Pip was taken against his will into the time minions. Mike decided that Malcolm declined the time lords at first, but later reconsidered and joined through fear.

At the well broken up party, the chosen ones stay put, and wait, while guards approach them and the two downed women. The party chooses to STILL remain until even more soldiers (with shortswords) arrive. We are asked to put down our weapons, and they take us into custody, to the barracks. After questioning, we are rewarded as upstanding citizens who protected the duke’s interests, and we are all given 500gp apiece.

While here, we hear the uptight captain needing help with a brutal beast which is killing commoners outside of the city wall. The party decides to go visit Simon again, to inform him of their success. To the bar! The eagle feather capped man is there in his usual spot. Arky tells Simon we were successful. Simon learned that our group is different. Most of the groups have a sixth, and we didn’t have a sixth with us nor did we see a sixth bed. Malcolm confirms this, and Simon pulls out a little cracked crystal. It’s got one use left. It’s a teleport crystal. Malcolm looks to the rest of the group. Arky tries to pull a horse out of his rather interesting bag, and he pulls out a small wooden rocking horse, and Malcolm can sense it’s magical and from the summoning domain. Malcolm asks for it, Arky says he wants to sell it to him… for 500 gold. (True to his character.) The ornament is made of oak. The party prices –real- horses, and pip wonders about riding our pet companions. Malcolm figures that he and Lailia can double up on one horse if they find a sixth. Caleb convinces Arky to ask the crystal for a horse. Nothing happens. The horse seller (who is surprisingly similar to an Italian) haggles with Arky, and Arky gets his for 63 gold. The other 4 horses cost 75 each. Lailia asks for gear (saddle and saddlebags) with hers free, and gets it. Pip is worried about if the person we are going to look for is injured, so Malcolm asks Arky for a demonstration, which pulls out a potion from his pack. Pip is satisfied.

The horses will take the party half the time to go back to the installation. (two days, not four.) The party rides. It’s been four days since we’ve been to Angelina for our potion, and it takes one more to get to Angelina’s hometown. Nothing extraordinary happens when we get there, except for closing the gate behind them. Caleb asks for Arky’s horse, under threat of identifying it. The town excitedly welcomes Caleb back, as Malcolm tries to go beneath notice. Caleb promises to perform for them that night. The horses get stabled. Caleb tries to identify the wreath before performing. The wreath boosts your charisma to good creatures, and makes Fey more friendly to you automatically. Pip and Lailia are arguing back and forth again, Pip being paranoid about Lailia learning how to turn Pip’s hair purple. Again.

A hundred people at least, show up for Caleb’s performance. Drinks are ordered, and people chant Caleb’s name in his absence. Many people ask about Caleb’s stories. He performs admirably. Everybody enjoys his performance, even Malcolm. Caleb seems like he’s GLOWING, like the moon on a clear spring night. Afterwards, Pip and Malcolm relax, Caleb drinks fine elven wine (a cask, which is an honor even above the free meal and room) The night passes uneventfully. The horse seems to have a command word “equine” at the bottom, which makes Caleb feel kinda foolish, but proud that nobody else caught it either, even Malcolm. Caleb is not hungover, (remember who gave him the wreaths?) Caleb explains what the wreath does, and Arky immediately puts the one Malcolm gave him on. Nothing extra happens, but Arky thought it was worth a shot. The chosen ones ride yet again for a full day. The door of the base doesn’t seem changed. Nothing seems to be able to be tracked, even by Pip, who is a great tracker, so it seems undisturbed. The horses are tied up outside. Arky leads, and walks in, with Pip directly behind, and the others after that. It’s been 8 days since the party left. At the scene of the massacre, the smell of decomposing bodies are there, with the bloated fleshy maggots going to town. They’re extremely bloated. More bloated than should be at that point. They’re like HUGE dormant nonmagical maggots. So we apparently notice this alcove is VI through XII, but with only five beds. Caleb checks for secret doors and finds none. The smell dissipates around the corner, and Lalia wants to find the first five beds, with Caleb continually looking for secret doors. The room we all came from is mostly the same, except for the crystal decanter in the center of the room is empty without it’s original crystal. (the same crystal Erik used on us.) Arkansas notices that there’s a button inbetween the beds, and the beds rotate, showing a bunch of moss behind it. Arky pulls back the moss, and finds someone.

The man who they find has a wild beard going on, like Arky. Long unkempt hair, wearing a loincloth. He looks to stand 5’9, 175lbs. His physical build shows he’s stronger than average, a bit fortified, but not as much as Arky in either. He has tattoos on his wrists with the number VI. Pip notices Malcom inspecting this, and Pip’s curiosity is rather sedated once he sees them too. Caleb, Pip, and Arky remember Iridius well, but Malcolm and Lelia (oops I’ve been spelling it incorrectly) cannot.

Iridius explains that he can remember our names but not us. Lelia explains where his stuff is. Iridius is still groggy, and Lelia finds Iridius’ belongings in his alcove, protected like we all had at first. Arky explains how he can get his stuff back, and Iridius takes his stuff, after magically examining it, but explains he thinks they are bewitched. Lelia is upset that Iridius’ boots are placed aside because she had to find hers. When Iridius grabs his rod, it disappears, and turns into motes, shocking him emotionally as Arky smiles and Lelia giggles. Lelia offers help by telling him to think of a weapon. He does, a longsword, and it appears in his hand. He’s interested in this, and tries to put it in his belt, but it retracts into his hand. Pip doesn’t fully trust him yet, and Caleb is interested but not emotional about Iridius yet. Malcolm tries to connect to Iridius through thoughts, and nothing happens. Arky knows that Iridius is not connected to the group’s mental link. Yet. Arky asks Iridius if he likes magic, which makes Caleb think (luckily to himself) “Oh great a religious fanatic.” Arky tries to get Iridius enthusiastically to go to the magic room, and touches Iridius, and we ALL sense that he’s in the link. (he’s been added to our friend’s list.) At the room of the training, Arky explains the room to Iridius, and Iridus gets the speech of how to use it in stereo, and looks uncomfortable. “There’s a library in here, and a big sphere which when you’re in here, you never feel drained casting spells. Iridius feels competent with his abilities, but prays to his pantheon aloud. He realizes we are not in midgard anymore, but Arky doesn’t explain anything about it. Iridius asks Malcolm about Midgard, and Malcolm replies we are not in midgard, but we are on Earth. Iridius asks about the roman empire, and Malcolm explains this is past the roman era. Arky bluntly adds “Yeah. Everybody you’ve ever loved? They’re dead.” Caleb explains it has been 1200 years since Iridius’ time. Pip integrated nicely into this world after 900 years, but Iridius is adjusting slowly. “The words are as cold as the winds of Thor.” Is the reply to Arky. Pip thinks to Arky that Iridius is a failed experiment. Iridius hears this, and doesn’t know what an experiment is. Arky explains that there’s this new thing called science, and you’ll love. Iridius thinks the group is brash and cruel. Malcolm points out that it is unfortunate that in order to help save the world he must leave his own behind. Caleb points out the fighting skills room. Iridius is hungry. Arky asks him what he wants, Iridius asks for bread, and Arky gives him some from his fabulous bag of hold everything in sight. Iridius is taken to the fighting skills room, and Iridius fights the easy dummy, hitting it. He is content. Arky tries to show off and tries hard mode. The keyblade comes out, and arky hits the armored dummy which is not only armored but flanked by two other dummies.

Caleb insists we need to get back to Simon, Malcolm taunts him telling him he just wants to sing more. Caleb tells Malcolm he’s jealous, and Malcolm quips back “You can sing, I can summon gargantuan monsters. I’m happy with my abilities.” Anyway, while Iridius is training, Caleb asks what he remembers. According to Iridius it seems like a vague dream. Caleb explains. He was recruited to serve a higher purpose. Malcolm explains about people scrying into the future, and their purpose is to stop the scryers from averting the future’s purpose. Iridius thinks it is Ragnarok, a term which Malcolm asks him about Ragnarok. Digging through his pouch, he finds the same 100 gold that we all found when we started.

The group leaves the compound, and Caleb uses the rocking horse. Another horse appears, six total. A high pitched voice aims and runs quickly toward Iridius. “MASTER! You’re BACK!” “Helga, there you are, my friend.” Apparently Helga is a diminutive fairy. Caleb wonders what kind she is, thinking she’s a sprite. She’s pretty dedicated for a 1200 year fairy. Iridius asks HER if he’s in midgard. She explains about a strange box, and they’re not home. Caleb asks what kind of fairy she is, she says “I’m a GOOD fairy.” And Iridius agrees. “She keeps me healthy.” And pip chimes in “I’m sure she does.” Malcolm communicates toward Dimitrius “Do you know anything about this fairy?” and he responds “she is like the rest of us, master.”

Pondering where to sleep, Pip suggests inside the compound, Caleb disagrees, remembering the golem. Malcolm explains we’ll see him coming, and Arky heads to the woods, which makes the rest of us follow. Setting up camp (including feeding the horses), Arky has another bucket trap lined up. He thinks it’ll work great. Malcolm goes to sleep first. Caleb talks with Iridius, explaining more about the groups campaign. Iridius wants peace of mind. The sleeping order goes Caleb, Arky, Pip, and Caleb tells Pip to wake up Malcolm for the last shift.

Iridius tries to understand arky’s bucket. You tie one end of the rope to Lelia’s foot, put it over the branch, and have a bucket over Arky’s head, because Arky is hard to wake up, but Lelia’s a light sleeper. When she wakes up, Arky will wake up wet. He thinks to himself, and chants. (He’s chanting an alarm spell, but doesn’t tell Arky, just for fun. Iridius names all the players, the horses, and Caleb and Lelia’s familiars, and notices Demitrius, coming out of Malcolm’s chest. Iridius names “the companion of Malcolm as well”) Iridius, satisfied, goes to sleep. Caleb sits around playing his flute. The night sounds pretty much stop. Caleb looks at how the horses are acting. The horses don’t seem to notice anything. Lelia gets a scratchy lick, from her cat, which has it’s hackles raised and is on top of her. The cat tells Lelia “Danger… out there.”

Lelia tries to wake Arky, before he gets wet. Arky does not wake. Lelia cuts the rope. The bucket falls, and wakes him up, splashing Pip. Arky screams, while Pip gets up and asks “Why am I wet?” Iridius wakes, and asks “Why are you wet?” and explains “I cast a spell to alert us if there were intruders.” Malcolm woke up at someone screaming. Iridius explains “I thought that was Helga.” Lelia explains “There is danger out there.” And she points. Iridius casts Mage Armor. Malcolm notices a discoloration on the ground, right as it pops up infront of Caleb. Malcolm shouts “Caleb watch out!” and is attacked by an amorphous shadow ‘thingy’ as the alarm goes off. Iridius dismisses the alarm, and Caleb took damage. INITIATIVE!

Malcolm casts enlarge person on Arky, Caleb did –nothing-, reacting to the fact that he got hit. Lelia runs up and attacks the shadow creature. She misses but her cat got larger, and hits. More shadows came and one attacked Iridius, and hit him. Arky heard the “ow” in his own head. Iridius casts mirror image, and makes four copies of himself. Arky, loving his size, Thwacks a shadow creature very very hard. Pip jumps and attacks the same creature, but misses. Caleb casts body of the sun, hoping the creature shies away from the fire (and being disappointed) but gets hit in the process and takes damage. Pip hits one, Malcolm summons a celestial hippogriff. Lailia tries again to whack the shadow, and hits, and so does her cat, killing the shadow creature. The shadow creature Caleb burned hits caleb, and another one hits Lelia. One of Iridius’ clones gets hit, and dissipates. Pip gets hit. Arky gets hit, but almost giggles as it’s just a scratch to him. Iridius casts magic missle (At the darkness! Just kidding at a shadow creature.) Arky activates his armor, and hits the same shadow creature he did last time, squashing it. The creature next to Caleb gets burnt by Caleb’s body, and Caleb steps back 5 feet, casting “know vulnerability” to see what they’re weak against, and figures out holy damage hurts them. He telepathically tells this to everybody else. Pip hits one shadow creature. Malcolm casts Light of Lunia. Two orbs begin circling him.

The Hippogriff attacks the shadow nearest to Malcolm. It swipes twice with his claws, and hits. Lelia hits her shadowy creature with a sword, and hits. The cat hits a shadow creature and kills it. The hurt by flame shadow hits Caleb, hurting him fairly badly. Arky gets hit badly by a shadow creature, and Pip gets hurt tamely by one. Iridius casts spirit weapon, flying in the shape of Thor’s hammer to the nemesis of the bard. Arky hits the creature that hit him, and it did not die. Caleb’s body damages the shadow creature, and he wills a weapon into his hand, swinging it at his nemesis. Pip hits one, nearly killing it. Malcolm moves to Caleb, expending his light to hit the shadow creature, but it misses. The Hippogriff tries to attack the shadow creature again and misses. Lelia misses, but her cat hits the shadow creature that Malcolm tried to hit, and it dies. Arky takes damage, and Pip takes more. Malcolm takes damage from missles, which apparently fire from something that looks different from the other guys. Malcolm is REALLY hurt. Iridius directs his hammer to the new creature, and hits it, then fires some magic missiles at the new creature. Arky moves to the other side of his opponent, who missed an attack of opportunity, then tries to hit but misses. Caleb tries to subdue the mage, to burn him. The mage takes damage immediately, and Caleb can’t because the mage type critter dies. Pip attacks! He hits! He kills it! Malcolm hits the last enemy with Magic Missile. It dies. Caleb is wrestling with dark barbeque humanoid. fanfare

Iridius heals Caleb and Malcolm fairly easily, then Arky even easier. Each time he heals them, it sends a tingle up his arm. Then he cures himself.

All of us congratulate eachother on a battle well fought. Caleb finds a burnt and tarnished necklace on the creature he killed, and he knows it’s magical. Malcolm detects enchantment school magic on it. Arky tries psychometry on the fallen humanoid. He sees a hooded figure saying “We’ve found the group since one new member is not shielded from us. That group has interfered with our plan for the last time, take them out.” Caleb identifies the necklace. It increases someones caster level. Caleb gives the necklace to Malcolm. Malcolm thanks him, and explains he will repay him in kind.

Arky mumbles at Iridius that his low-tech bucket woke him up before Iridius’ alarm spell, and sets the bucket up AGAIN. Iridius casts the alarm spell again, and goes to sleep. Arky is still drenched. Lelia towels off Arky’s bedroll. Demitrius hops over the bedroll and becomes a little mini cyclone and sucks up all the water. The group goes back to bed, with Arky on watch. The rest of the night passes uneventfully. It’s morning.

Arky reminds the group that the vials’ protection wore off, so the group takes one dose each of the scry protection, therefore leaving 14 doses. The group rides, and they see a big bulky shape in the air, big enough to spot a few miles away. It’s lizardlike and has a tail. Pip (who is scouting ahead) informs the party of this, and explains it’s probably a dragon, and it’s heading towards where we were last camped. Pip explains that we don’t know if it’s evil or good, and if we keep riding, it will not intersect us. Iridius knows about dragons, and explains that if we face it we will die. The group quibble about using the teleport crystal to go back to Hilsofar, or seeing what happens when they ride. They avoid the town with Angelina inside, so the dragon will avoid the town. They do so uneventfully, and arrive at hilsofar. The gates are closed, to avoid bandits under the cover of night. The group camps outside, near the merchants and guards outside.


Session 5 – 8/9/2009

Start 5pm, ended 11:40pm

  • Lelia (By Bekah)
  • Caleb (By Joshua)
  • Arky (By Max)
  • Malcolm (By Mike)
  • Pip (By Rachael)

Our Dinner was Togo sandwiches for every one (Too hot to cook today, and felt lazy).

Pregame we discussed the companions and character backgrounds.

We picked up with the characters locating a fine INN to settle into, they sat around and discovered a few things about their companions. Lelia suddenly got the urge to get some fish for her companion (Dragoncat, and yes, it suggested it). Caleb decided to go along for safety. About a mile out there was a distraction and Caleb suddenly fell drastically ill. (Rolled a 2 on the Will save). They decided to head back to the inn… Meanwhile, back at the Inn, Malcolm and Arky both get ill, and Malcolm discovers blotches on their aura… he decides to find Lelia and Caleb. They meet up, share notes and head back after discovering the ill feeling lessens when they are closer. They make it back to the inn to find pip has messed himself from the same illness; the illness clears up and the blotches diminish to almost nothing, it’s when they touch each other the blemish disappears (only to reappear later they discover the next day).

They meet Eagle Eyes who is perplexed by this strange phenomenon, he has good news, they have located a trainer and are going to send the group to him. Using a powerful transport portal, the party meets ‘Eric’ [Norse Viking, with Swedish accent]. He greets them and wastes no time in getting them inside the training center. Inside he answers the question of the illness, it seems after a new transfusion, they are bonded together, and initially they can’t wander very far from each other. (Limit 1 mile to begin with). He explains that the groups are always five, and that they cannot add anyone who will bond the same since the bonding formed by the infusion is done at the same time and by unique fluid, which unlocks their hidden potential. They also discover a group touching removes the blemish completely.

Eric, has the remaining fluid and suggests it may help them finish their training. He then has them do focus meditation, where each character unlocks their hidden talents.

  • The Party is told they have a permanent Mind Link (Mental Contact is automatically established with the the fellow party members).
  • The amnesia seems to have lifted from the group, they think they remember their backgrounds. They also discover they’re born one hundred years apart from each other and some are very old indeed. (800 years to 100 years old by the current date).
  • Malcolm focuses his energies on his Spirit Familiar (Increases the Familiar by 2 levels) Which makes his effective summoning spells at +5 caster levels.
  • Lelia likewise invests her energy into her Dragoncat (Increases the Familiar by 2 levels). Makes abilities dependent on levels increase as well.
  • Caleb focuses on himself and his social skills. (Effective +3 bonus to all Charisma related rolls)
  • Arky focuses on his Faery Garb and thereby attunes it to himself. (1/day, for an entire encounter he may boost his effective Strength by +4)
  • Pip, not being played by the regular player is not decided.
After the 9 hours of focus meditation, Eric has them spend 3 hours in the training rooms.
  • Arky develops a +2 To Hit with his Keyblade (Pre-spends 6 CP, Specialized with Keyblade for Warcraft)
  • Malcolm learns new spells (6 I think)
  • Caleb learns new spells (4 I think)
  • Lelia masters all 0th and 1st levels spells (Druid)
  • Pip destroys things like a madman. Again, lacking his normal player no decisions are made.

Afterwards a simple fare of broth and bread is given to them by Eric, who then has them rest that saying that tomorrow they have been called back. Eric wakes them up in the morning and has them return home. Eagle Eyes (Simon) greets them and informs them that they are needed to prevent the assassination as the timetable has moved up according to their seers.

Simon informs them that they are going to a party with the ‘duke’ who will change the future for good or poor depending on what transpires tonight. They are told two things will happen, a woman will try to influence the duke and make something good happen, another will likewise try to influence, and failing at that will kill the duke.

The party disguises themselves, and spend the time at the party being vigilant. They disperse among the crowd, compare mental note and are generally on the look out for anything suspicious.

  • Caleb entertains the crowd with a masterful sage and epic songs.
  • Lelia prowls
  • Malcolm stalks
  • Pip guards the door
  • Arky prowls near the duke.

Pip discovers the late arrivals of two cloaked women; then later notices a shadow enter the room. He tails the shadow, and Lelia intercepts the woman trying to gauge them. Events come to a head when Arky goes to intercept the woman and instead gets greeted by the Duke. He scans a woman and sees blood on her hands, he scans another and sees her equipping daggers.

Arky notices the gloves of an old woman are discolored and apports them away. Pip rushes in and swings both a fist (knocks her down, Max double damage rolled with a critical) and then kicks her (a near max damage rolled). As she attempts to get up she is suggested (2nd level bard spell) to lie on the floor and remain there. The other young lady attempts to get to the duke only to be stopped by Lelia and as an immediate action (Inhibit) by Malcolm, succeeds in stopping her. Arky goes to attack her and misses profoundly (1 on a d20). Pip likewise fails to strike. After a few more quick rounds, the second assassin attempts to escape with a flash bomb and is dropped by Arky (Nonlethal damage).

We ended there with the epilogue to continue later… that might be where we pick up next time.

Session-4c (Interlude)
The Two Musketeers!

Plot – Prince and Duke switched

GM: Bekah

Players: Mike (playing D'Artayan) and Andrew (playing Porthos)

Side Note:

Yes, one of the musketeer names are altered slightly, correct name is d'Artagnan

Our two musketeers returned from a mission leaving the other two musketeers behind. (Aramis and Athos)

Instead of a relaxing the duo are called to the Musketeer Leader. Given a mission to investigate a strangeness when the Prince acts different, wearing a new ring and the Duke has retired apparently ill after returning from a hunting trip.


We go to the Chateau to confront the duke. The doorman refuses entry but hints we need to see the ‘duke’ another way. Porthos tries the trellis but finds it hasn’t been secured. Then uses the drain pipe to get to the balcony. Donald Trump Rochette notices the peeking Porthos, and Porthos decides a Bold Tact is required. He enters the room, and begins a banter with the ‘Trump’. Noticing the “Duke” wants him to stay, he heads to get some wine and eat some cheese… The ‘Trump’ get aggravated and goes to engage Porthos, who acrobatically tumbles past and marks him with a P. Comedic Hillarity ensues as Porthos continues to display a greater swordsmanship then the ‘Trump’. Porthos finally defeats the ‘Trump’ and has the guards take him to the dungeon till he learns some manners. Then D’Artayan and Porthos take the ‘Duke’ back to Musketeer Headquarters for further investigation.

They discover the ‘Duke’ is getting injected with some sort of poison, that the fake prince has a ring that is somehow maintaining a disguise.

They retrieve the prince lying that they’ve uncovered an assassination attempt on his life. D’Artayan further adds to the story how the Duke has already been killed, which is how they uncovered the plot. Porthos exclaims that the ring on his finger is how the assassins were tracking the royal lineage. And successfully removes it, much to the protestations of the fake prince. Discovering they need to destroy the ring, D’Artayan goes to the Blacksmith ‘Butterfingers’ to have the foul ring destroyed. On the way there, two fake prince guards ambush him and he maims one and has the other surrender and take the maimed one to see a physician.

D’Artayan convinces the blacksmith to destroy the ring, and then returns to the headquarters. The revealed duke grows belligerent but surprised that the two musketeers allow him to leave. Porthos and D’Artayan wait a few moments before relaying the success of the mission and the superior requests the Duke be returned under arrest. The two comply and take a guard contingent and arrest the duke for treason.

Our two Musketeers are happy about the turn of events and are rewarded with a restful nights sleep.


More Notes:

What is absent from the recounting was the banter, many jokes and cliche things that were said, like referring to the cheese the Donald Trump Rochette was named after when the Duke was unmasked. All in all, a very atypical run D&D game, where magic is very rare, and heavy armor and magic items were not seen except in the plot hook.


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