The Chosen ones

This is a simple d20 ‘point buy’ Eclipse – The Codex Persona system. This is a six player group.

The author of the Eclipse source also has a website to contact him or see other creations using the system check it out HERE at the Eclipse – The Codex Persona Author’s Site

This game has had over 14 sessions so far and a full complement of players. We started out using the d(liberation)20 classless system for the first two sessions, but the following games we changed to Eclipse – The Codex Persona which is a lot more like the style I’ve fostered for the game. Unique characters and unique companions fill this game. Best part is you can build whatever you like within reason, which means what the GM will allow.

Summary of the game: (Please see the adventure logs for more details)

Our heroes woke up in a strange room, no memories of who they are or where they’re from. Searching for answers they’ve traveled looking for more clues and places to reconnect them with their forgotten memories… They find a clue, the eagle in Hilsfar. They travel and meet Simon “Eagle Eyes” who helps them regain their lost memories and sends them on their missions. Having stopped assassins, they find they are missing another member and return to their place of ‘origin’. They recover him and return to Hilsfar, only to have an ancient evil follow them. Intervention saves them from a most certain death. They then deal with another assassination against a group of kids. After a partial success, they are further trained and sent to save themselves before they no longer exist…

  • Scheduled Games: as of 1/14/2010
    • 01/09/10 (S12)
    • 01/30/10 (S13)
    • 02/06/10 (S14)
    • 02/20/10 (S15) Fight Dragon
    • 03/06/10 (Mike’s Campaign – Need New Blog)
    • 03/20/10 (M2)
    • 04/03/10 (M3)
    • 04/17/10 (M4)
    • 05/01/10 (M5)
    • 05/15/10 (M6)
    • 05/29/10 (s16)
    • 06/05/10 (M8)
    • 06/19/10 (s17)
    • 07/03/10 (Canceled Forth of July Weekend)
    • 07/10/10 (Andrew Back Again, S18)
    • 07/17/10 (S19) Fight Balrog
    • 08/07/10 (S20)
    • 08/21/10 (S21)
    • 09/04/10 (S22)
    • 09/18/10 (S23)
    • 10/02/10 (S24) Fight Demigod of Chaos
    • 10/16/10 (S25)
    • 11/06/10 (S26)
    • 11/20/10 (S27)
    • 12/04/10 (S28) Fight the Cult
    • 12/18/10 (S29) Fight the Forbidden One and end of campaign…?

End 2010

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Chosen Ones

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