Chosen Ones

Session 31
Fane Master Part 1 - Of Demons and Balors

Here’s the Log for Session 31 -

Of Demons and Balors…


  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Bekah
  • Matt

Not Present:

  • Bryce
  • Elizabeth
  • George
  • Conor

Had a late start waiting for some players. Started at 5:11pm with GM recap.

The group headed into the Secret door into a spherical room, “Breathe” pentagram was found. Again Barrett and Andreas refused. Finding a secret passage Tod heads down. He ends up in an elaborate trap, antimagic and facing Flesh Golems.

They encounter the Ghost of the paladin Ghelord, who gives them vital information. Deciding that they need to have one sacrifice himself, Barrett goes and Eats and Breathes the sacraments.

The next rooms are explored before moving onward… They find another Pentagram, “Burn”. Barrett sacrifices 8 hp to the cause, discovering that it won’t heal back.

They confront two “hags” and overcome them, they discover a journal — “If we hadn’t been trapped here we would have left”.

They confront the insane vampire.

Finding the secret switch they descend to the main temple. Half the group is injured when they try to pass the forbiddance effect.

Barrett discovers something in the pit, but the moment he reaches into the smoke a doorway appears. Tod mage hands out the sword, [+1 Holy Fiendbane Longsword]. With that, Barrett reaches into the doorway and disappears, the rest of the group follows suit.

They appear in a strange place. The Leader of the Fane is there, he looks back at them and monologues. He has his shadows intercept the group while he turns to kill the cleric of Gaen. Barrett leaps over the Shadows and confronts him directly.

Lytaros unleashes a devastating attack, as flames burst upon the field of battle, inflicting serious injuries, however, Aiden is able to “sweep” away the flame blasts protecting Lash, himself and Malcolm.

We end with Lytaros and the group in an epic struggle. Round 2.

Session 28
Death Came, and Death Left

Late start; pizza was the meal.

Fought with Lord Vermilius. Theodore had a stark transformation just prior to Battle that swayed the tide of battle in an even ground fashion, coupled with the Party’s Life Bond which was THE main factor they survived the battle, couple with a perfect spell by Malcolm. The Death Knight apparently dies at the end of the First Round.

The group discovered among the ashes of the Death Knight;

  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Vest of Protection +1
  • Circlet of Intellect +2
  • Handy Haversack
  • Well Made Golden Spellbook [18 spells for Malcolm]
  • Coins of the Deceiver [Illusion Magic]

The group returned to find Demi in the Bar, pleased with herself. The group approached and claimed they’d fullfilled their end of the bargain. Demi agreed to remove the Demon Soul Rider leaving a little scar on Barrett’s Chest and then Transformed into a Devilish Appearance as a portal appeared. She left through the portal as did the group. Barrett learns her name – ‘Demoriel’.

The group is back home and find Simon, the Eagle appears. Barrett ends up being cleansed. The group goes off to train with Eryk – Party has obtained Level 8.

[Short Game]


The players arrayed around a chess board. Although, the chess board had multiple layers. The count looks upon the board, and says, “Check”,
Mysterious Voice — “Oh, no see there is this move, Jelly Baby?” as a Red Knight is placed in the same square as the piece threatening check.
Count — “You’ve invoked the Red Knight, deity intervention is strictly forbidden, I feel you’ve forfeited the game with this blunder.”,
The flippant mysterious voice — “Ah, not true, see, the Red Knight was already in play before, I’m merely pointing it out, are you sure you don’t want a Jelly Baby?”.

A Black Cowled figure is seen “I think this is chicanery, by this charlatan. How this man defies our whims I can’t fathom, but your precious chosen ones fall today. Even with the tomfoolery.” When the black knight piece is pulled off the board by a female hand the gathered players looked shocked. “I’ve claimed this piece as mine.” The gathered players are stunned. “Lady, the battle hasn’t concluded, we agreed to this game to see the outcome.”, the lady replies – “This is my game, and I can choose to end it if I so choose.”, with that she walks out. The mysterious voice, "Then I’m no longer needed here, have a good day gentlemen…

Lord Vermilius had underestimated his opponents. Surely foul magics had been involved, for he could see the lifeforce of the group shifting to the weakest members to prevent their death. As he fell through his contingency portal, satisfied they thought him dead, the small sword in his back surprised him. “Into Death be Reborn in my service knight”. In his weakened strength he felt his bonds to his dark masters severed, in their place a new bond is established. New unlife rushes into him. “Yes, mistress what is your bidding?”, “Return to my home, I shall have further need of you there.”

Session 27
Your Decisions Become You

GM Recap

We recapped the previous two sessions.

Andreas found himself outside the city. Got caught up on events.
Tod and Vincent also wandered out of the mists into the middle of the street.

Going to the church the party discovered the gruesome message, and learn that ’Speak with Dead" is an unknown thing around here. A lad of 15 years comes running and asks for help at the farm. The party discovers a gruesome sight of a disemboweled person, eyes gouged out.

Green Knight decides to threaten the Turkey with the axe, and a hideous ghostly monster appears before them in the form of a giant Turkey with arms. a Short combat ensues; Laelia wanders in and sees the battle, she decides to speak with the Giant Turkey. It apparently manifested when the Turkey realized death was coming for it. They work a deal to free the turkey.

Laelia is brought up to speed and decides that Barrett should atone for his misdeeds. During his meditation she notices a dark spirit. They converse and she learns it’s a demonic force that is attached to his soul.

Much discussion ensues on what to do with Barrett. They decide to head back to town.

They find the lady that supplied the gloves; Barrett dodgedly persists that she has information, she gives him only that which he requests and he gives up. Andreas takes over the conversation with the Lady known as Demi, and learns she wants them to Kill Lord Vermilius, and she even offers the knowledge that he is a Death Knight and to be feared. In return she says she’ll handle the rider and free them from the plane.

The group finds Vermilius hanging with three of his “followers”. Green Knight makes greeting, a conversation ensues, in which Vermilius admits in a causal manner that he is the one that left the message at the church. And that he’ll continue to do as he pleases till they return Barrett to his previously dead state. Though he doesn’t seem to concerned about that. He did let loose that the party has a bounty upon their souls from the Tabarath Cult.

We left the group as they were about to engage the Lord Vermilius in battle.

Session 26
Death will set you free...

Late Start, but the Chili and Corn bread was good.

GM made the recap of the previous session.

The group ate dinner, Barrett was approached for help by a young woman, she offered him a pair of gloves she thought would help in exchange for fighting in the pit fight arena to free her brother.

The night passed. Joshua joined the group. Much role-playing happened…

As the group was about to leave, they heard this melodious tune, with awful lyrics – torture, suffering and pain. A group of four young well-dressed men were found outside the inn. Malcolm recognized the Holy Symbol of Loviatar, an evil goddess devoted to pain, suffering and torture.

The green knight confronted the young men and threatened their lives if they did not depart. They mocked him, to which he back handed one. That one enjoyed the hit so much he praised the blow. Barrett maintained composure. When the Knight tried to go and tie them up he discovered manacles on his wrists. He scoffed, removed his hands and then replaced them with obvious disdain. He took Barrett back with him.

Barrett left with Malcolm and the lady to the arena. Barrett’s gloves proved their worth in gold. For he quickly vanquished the competition, though all five of his opponents were laid to rest in the eternal bliss of death. During the contest, one of those Loviatar worshipers made up several entertaining verses to his song, and even did some poetry.

After freeing the brother, Barrett found the young loviatar man outside, he quickly closed the gap and struck him down, and as he laid unmoving hit him with another resounding blow. The act of murder was witnessed by the town guard as well as the cult leader. Facing imprisonment and trial for the murder of Jacen Darkon, son of Lord Darkon, Barrett accepted the Trial by Combat Lord Vermilius [The Loviatar Cult Leader] offered. Calling upon Loviatar to Smite the infidel [Barrett], Vermilius allowed Barrett to close the distance and deftly blocked both attacks [The Single Attack, Barrett wasn’t allowed to make two attacks due to a move action]. Then in a hideous smile said “DIE!” and brought a mighty greatsword down upon him. Barrett blocked the blow but that only stopped a portion of the damage. The massive damage shocked his system so badly that he instantly perished. [Failed the Save DC 15 Fortitude, even with Action Point Re-roll].

Green Knight claimed the body of the fallen chosen one and departed. Malcolm questioned what was happening, and the Green knight laid out his plans for customary burial by fire.

Meanwhile, in one of the hell dimensions, Barrett was tortured for his crimes, replaying the steps upon the path of evil. Learning of the innocents he had slain.

After a battle of wills, the green knight relinquished the body to Malcolm and stormed off. Malcolm left the body at a local temple and went to find a healer of reasonable strength to revive the chosen one. He located Friar John, whom agreed to help. After a serious battle, Barrett was pulled from the hellish prison his soul had been kept in…

Barrett repented of his crimes and is resolute to atone for his crimes. With Malcolm they decide to follow their leads to the lady that provided the gloves, for Malcolm was able to determine they were actually a Bane Weapon to good-aligned people and raise undead.. They found her in a common room. They were able to learn of Ahriman the Merchant. She however, was unwilling to accompany the group to help confront him. The group found the merchant conducting business. When confronted with the gloves he commented upon the fine quality. They wanted him to take them to the creator of the gloves. He played a battle of wits and pretty much side-stepped their requests.

We stopped at 11pm.


The Harvest is Good… The Farmer was pleased at the bounty of the crop, the workers loaded the grains into the wagons to take to the city. He’d live well for another season, and provide for his family. He supposed the odd sights must have been good omens for his crops. Though any other day, a dark figure floating from the earth and then vanishing would have sent a chill up his spine, seeing the Green Clad Knight on the Large Wolf must have been the omen of Evil Being Chased away from the land. Yes, lady luck and his hard work had paid off this year.

Simon was not happy, he thanked his watcher for the information. The news, Some of the Chosen had entered the demi-plane of dread, the others were wandering in limbo. He didn’t recall authorizing a dangerous foray into that realm. He especially didn’t like it when other powers interfered with his groups. He suspected corrupt politics of the dark powers were in play. He just prayed that they didn’t attract the dark leaders of the realm before he could get them retrieved, or he might just lose them for good. The dark lady smiled as the group left for the merchant. The great wheel spun and it was in her favor. The pawns were in play. The seeds had been planted, and just the right amount of water given. One way or another she’d be victorious in her goals. The healer came upon the happy mother and her healthy child, he feigned happiness at her good fortune. The Bowl sat empty. He made the pretense of checking the child, amazed at who had wrought the healing. He learned the name of the one who had interfered in his designs; “The Green Knight”. Another interloper to deal with he mused. He “Blessed” the child and told the mother that this Green Knight hadn’t cured the curse, but had only given the child false vigor and vitality. He confided that this Green Knight might actually be the dark power behind the curse and she should warn her neighbors against his dark power before more families become his unwitting victims…

The Count again sips his drink. A massive chess board arrayed in front of him. A game was in play, but the outcome was unclear. The white knight was out of position, the Black Queen was two moves from a checkmate, and the Dark Knight was in position to take out the White Bishop, as it had already taken a White Rook. White wasn’t going to win at this rate, that much was clear, the unseen player didn’t do strategy well it seemed…

Friar John had another victim of murder, he was tired from the raising attempt. He was baffled by his inability to pull the young man back. But something had blocked him or interfered with the spell. A cold chill went down his spine. He turned and saw a terrible sight. A fearsome creature of undead bearing, in a raspy voice “You should have learned to leave well enough alone old man”, the Friar brandishes his holy symbol “Begone and return to the hell from whence you were spawned!”. The figure strides forward with nary a flinch or hesitation, and punches his fist through the old man’s chest. He withdrawals the still beating heart of the friar, as he collapses to the ground, dead…

The sounds of wolves panting, the black-rode man in ritualistic symbols strode to the altar. A naked man is bound and gagged to the altar… A gift to him from a lady, one of the recently freed prisoners. The man reeked of fear. The black-robed figure slowly cut the man and his muffled screams brought Ecstasy to the black-robed man… After intoning a few words, a few men bring forward the wolves. With the fresh blood on his hand he has a small ghostly man that he puts directly into the beast. “Arise my child and do my bidding”. The wolf bows it’s head…

Session 25
Gothic Halloween Horror!


GM Recap in absence of the party recorders usual log of events.

The party found themselves separated, alone and in the wilderness in eerily fog conditions.

Taking this all in stride, they eventually left the heavy fog and found each other, but all is not well, for only THREE Chosen ones are present. [Malcolm, The Green Knight, and Barret] They decided to head for civilization. From the road they noticed a man walking and the earth bending around him. They hailed the stranger, and a swift interrogation ensued. Raryn noted that the stranger had no smell of human, and when confronted with this fact, the stranger told them he was merely a demon. Barret took umbrage to this information, and after a bantering session assaulted the ‘demon’, whom offered no resistance and seemed annoyed at this human’s attack. Though, if taking this human’s soul was this easy, so be it. The demon called himself Lance, and wished to travel with the group as he too had been removed from his home, and knew this was not it.

The party agreed, though Barret was against the idea. A band of travelers came upon them and seemed to be gypsies. They called themselves the Vistani, and did entertainment for the group. Barret seemed intent on being unsocial and was taken for a ride away from the group. Malcolm retrieved the monk and they continued. Not long after they heard the sounds of a wolf pack, which Raryn seemed to not enjoy. Moments later a large pack of wolves were spotted heading in their direction. The group counted twelve (12) wolves. The Green Knight placed upon the ground an entangling field, which half the wolves circumvented, the others brazenly passed through it without nary a problem though it had the effect of delaying their approach long enough to allow the party to get into a defensive position. These wolves had an uncanny intelligence, and fought much tougher than ordinary wolves. The group discovered they had regenerative properties. After a long battle, Raryn had been felled and several of the group had taken injury.

After some more walking and the falling of the night, Angelina put in an appearance, an associate of Lance. An unearthly beauty she was. She showed off her charms and was able to persuade the guards of the nearby town to allow the dire wolf entry. The Green Knight, Raryn and Lance headed to the stable to sleep, and the rest found a room at a local inn to stay.

Our game ended.

Session 24
Reunions, past, present and future

Vincent goes back to the group, and the team seems to have all disappeared. (they were teleported in the card’s magic)
He casts a wall of force, then flies to become over it.
The group (sans Lelia) appear in the same circle as they left from, as the evil woman is casting.
She sticks up her hand at vincent, and ghostly like hands pop up and rend everybody.
The group collectively use their life force to heal those who are injured so that nobody falls.

Andreus attacks a large pig.
Iridius moves to attack, and whiffs,
Malcolm summons
Vincent flies toward the woman, flings an orb of force, and it bounces off of a sort of shield she has (globe of invuln)
Barrett attacked, Ted lauched magic missile (chain missile)
Andreus attacks again.
Iridius moves to grapple the leathery skinned woman.
Bubble-boy cures the group (cure moderate, mass)
Malcolm summons two more critters
Vincent casts Haste.
The first two stag beetles attack the woman, and miss
Andreus is attacked, and attacks back
Barret holds his attack.
Iridius runs through the wall of fire that the woman creates and misses the grapple. Again.
Todd dispelled the fire, and Barrett runs and jumps, hitting her.
Vincent casts orb of force at the gray monster.
Malcolm casts good hope
Malcolm’s beetle 1&2 attack, one hits the woman
Malcolm’s beetle 3&4 attack, grey monster goes down
The woman casts a lightening bolt that hits malcolm, two of his beetles (1&3) and Iridius and Andreus.
Andreus lays on hands on himself, followed by Barrett pulverizing leathery lady.
Barrett searches the body, and finds… a ring (deflection+2), a mirror (which had an illusion spell on it to look like glass, but it’s a cloak of charisma +2), a stick (It has a spell malcolm doesn’t know of but it’s a wand which makes a fire chain which wraps around people), a piece of glass (which burned Barrett upon touching him, it can cast obscuring mist 3/day), a necklace (stoneskin charge), a dagger (magic expended, there was a summoning spell which can be recharged using a magic creation feat), a vial, some gold… but takes
Ted thinks the vial has to do with his field of knowledge. (cure serious)

Malcolm gives the cloak to Andreus
Malcolm takes the wand of fire chain (16 charges)
Barrett gives barrett the vial
Todd takes the glass the dagger
Vincent gets the ring
250 gold total.

an elderly woman approaches us, and thanks us. Her name is erepoth. She mentions the woman turned on them today. She mentions rumors of people becoming “not themselves.” The mayor is one of them. The leathery woman’s name is Terestina. She is saying that Terestina was on the lake and that may be where all this occurred then. She says long ago there was an evil cult that was to serve a demon god. The central temple, the god’s fane, was once around the area of the lake. They committed hundreds of murders. Sacrifices. The area ran red with their spilled blood. A great hero appeared named Anchillias and defeated the cult and sealed the fane. He brought the land to balance. There are books on the subject which malcolm wants to read, so we go back to the lake town library. The huge idol held a sword and claw as if to reach down and scoop up sacrifices. We must go to the fane’s heart to find the true source of the power. To get to the heart make the demon smile and use the key in the visible lock. We must take in the three sacraments of Ochremeshk. One is a soul. Chaos and evil for ochremeshk are also the key with the three uses.

Andreus looks for himself in the books, mentioning “I didn’t do that.” Iridius finds books on his own mythology about Ragnarok and it has a passage about how the followers must prepare for the coming apocalypse, and has his name on it. He has a task to perform at ragnarok. He bids Malcolm farewell, and leaves. Theodore chases after him and convinces him to at least commune with Odin.
Odin confirms the text is genuine, and Iridius leaves, Theodore gets down on his knees with rain falling down on him shouting “IRIDIUS!!!”

Andreus asks about Iridius as the mind-link with him disconnects. We explain to him that Iridius left of his own free will.

A light appears in the courtyard, and Lelia popped into the courtyard.

Someone falls from the sky a mile away. He is the Green Knight. Andreus feels an OLD link reawaken with Bercilak. They mentally communicate “You’ve gotten better!” to Bercilak. Bercilak responds “Your voice has changed!” The rest of the party are oblivious as they talk.
Andreus asks us to go meet Bercilak, one of the old Chosen ones.
Bercilak doesn’t recognize Andreus without being Andrea.
He says he’s still getting used to the changes which happened because of the falcon.
Bercilak was not aware it’s been 5000 years.
We ask if there are more trapped chosen ones. One was completely corrupted and one was true yet trapped.
Lelia seems to flip out about the belt the guy has (the lute, especially) because it was Caleb’s.
The Green Knight tells Lelia that Caleb helped him escape the hell plane, and about the Falcon who transformed him, and who they ditched the Eagle for, but were ditched themselves by the Falcon. Fighting an evil chosen one, he fell throught the portal of the hell dimension. Malcolm and Lelia easily promise to join him to go and seek the comrade in the hell dimension.

Barrett touches the Green Knight and is blown back onto his butt with a blast that affects everybody in the area activating the link. We realize he is a chosen one.
Barrett realizes that the Green Knight’s hand is still in Barrett’s hand, many feet away.
The Green Knight gives malcolm the lute to give to Lelia later.
Andreus says that the new chosen ones might seem silly (looking at Theodore)
Theodore gets offended.
Green Knight tells Malcolm of a corruption around. Malcolm states we should go meet Simon before combating it.
The Green Knight’s vision goes otherworldly (outside of time and space) and a massive amount of fell creatures overwhelming the area.
Our AC is increased to 5 because of the blast, making our Faerie Garb more potent.

Malcolm teleports everybody.
Lelia got back the lute.
The Green Knight does not know Simon by that name, but isn’t looking forward to the meeting with him.
Takes us three taverns before we find Simon.
When we step in, everybody is uneasy, and on edge. A few people at the bar are nursing their drinks.
We see simon sitting in the corner, he is not wearing the brilliant hat. It has dark feathers.
As we go toward Simon, the palpability rises. There’s a dark clad man with an eyepatch sitting at the table.
Barrett asks simon if the tension is because of the man we brought with us.
As soon as the Green Knight crosses the door’s threshold there’s a peal of thunder.
Simon calls the Green Knight a traitor, because he led them astray.
The Green Knight says the Eagle and Falcon led them astray. He wants peace and cohesion.
They discuss back and forth about winning the war and the ends justifying the means.
The tension is eased when the Green Knight is repentant to Simon (Friendulus)

Barrett wants to ask Simon questions about the link between all of us. He quirks an eye.
When there is trust among members, the bond is stronger.
Theodore goes outside to finish his drink, people are running and screaming.
He flies and sees what is going on, and a large (9 foot tall) wolf is intently running through the streets, toward us
It leaps over Theodore, and keeps going. Malcolm casts haste on Barrett who runs for the Wolf, but the Wolf goes to the Green Knight and he is met with licking and happiness from the Wolf. It’s obviously his companion.
Andreus’ horse comes out and sniffs the wolf.
Malcolm asks Demetrius about the wolf, “He’s big. Looks like a Dire Wolf, Master.”

Maclolm goes back in and asks Simon about instructions.
The town guard shows up with their whistles blown.
They tell The Green Knight he cannot have “that beast” here.
Andreus lets the dire wolf into the portable stables
Andreus and GK go back and forth about being less power than they remember. “Wages of sin, I suppose” says Andreus.
Lelia notices that the holly around the GK’s head is living.
He breaks a little off (with a tiny bit of blood), (it grows back) and hands it to Lelia. She questions it intently knowing it’s plant life with no actual plant or anything.
Andreus and GK say it’s complicated.

Outside, a 6 year old street urchin watches Todd with awe.
He makes the kid a bubble which generates more bubbles.
The kid talks to Todd about a man who shot flames out of his hand (Candle mage)… the boy’s sister died, and the boy has scorch marks on his chest. The scorches have magic. They still burn. Todd tries mixing healing magic and bubble magic and the scars come back, still magical. He wants to bring the boy to Simon.
Todd asks for people to help him with a little boy, Malcolm comments on Todd talking to little boys, and Todd gets mad at Malcolm so Todd turns to Lelia. The boy’s name is Dan.
GK breaks a little holly while casting magic on the boy, and the magical scars go away.

Simon promises to help ensure Dan is taken care of, for Todd.
The man with the eyepatch is asked his name. Brandon.
Vincent casts haste on the man during a handshake, and he gets a little bit of a jolt from it.
Haste has no effect on Brandon.

We apparently as chosen ones need to confront the evil in the fane. Simon has his doubts.
He says that the fane, 800 years ago was one of the sites of the Tabarath Cult.
Barrett asks about sealing it, and Simon says that we have to destroy the heart and we don’t need to worry about it.
There’s still an 85% failure rate.
The party needs some rest. We agree to spend the night in the inn, and go in the morning.

Session 23
Victory is bittersweet

When last we left our group, Andreus’ sword protected him from evil and the compulsion, the Keyblade dominated Todd and controlled him not to leave, Barrett grappled Iridius to stop him from leaving, Helga tries to stop Iridius from leaving, Malcolm casts voice of the dragon to attempt next round to use suggestion to stop people from leaving, and Lelia was trying to dispel.

Round 2
the woman moves up and shrieks, a blast of cold frigid air and noise inflicts us
She then flings a card which goes into the field we are in and disappears (it has a joker on it)
Two creatures try but can’t get close to Andreus… they’re hedged away from him.
Todd flings sharp pointy bubbles and the woman seems to have been harmed
Iridius fails to go to his home plane while grappling
Lelia dispels the suggestion from Iridius
Malcolm uses suggestion on Vincent and tells him to disregard that lady’s suggestion.
Andreus heals himself.
Barrett charges one of the creatures.
Vincent comes back
Where the card landed, a circle stems from the center with a symbol on it. A field goes up around us, but it feels as if the world is spinning around in every direction. We manage to keep our stomachs and consciousness.
Vincent is not in it.

We end up in an unlit dark cavern, falling and falling and falling. some fall faster than others… Barrett Andreus and Malcolm all seem to be falling the same speed… Lelia not far behind. We land with an oomph but no damage in somebody’s campsite. Two people (male/female 25-30ish) are startled to see us land. There are torches every 5 feet around the perimiter and the campfire. The male pulls out a sword and attempts to weakly threaten us. We sense the other chosen ones are very far away. The male says we are not the dark ones (Heartless)… and puts his sword away. Andreus vows to help with evil. The two were on their way to speak to the ruler at the capital, their village is a day back.
We mention golden lake and they say there is no lake nearby… we must have travelled far. They also comment on how ragged Andreus looks.
Their village has been attacked by “dark ones” and they ran during the attack. Villagers were taken.
We decide to go to the village Olftun. to help and defend. Tomorrow.
Barrett follows Andreus’ steed which turns into a 7 foot tall lizard creature with no wings but spikes on its tail and big sharp teeth. He talks to it about the link.
Lelia heals Andreus
In the morning, we pack up and go.
When we get there, there’s a new wall around the village with groups of three and five groups.
Demetrius says there’s something nasty in the dirt – he can’t go through. He scampers up the wall.
Barrett’s ferret follows. The huts are sealed. There’s an ickyness to it.
Demetrius uses Malcolm’s knowledge and notices his life is being sucked away when he messes with the barrier, and says he doesn’t like it and stops messing with it.
Barrett tries to distract a singular group of three and lead them to us.
Malcolm channels Pyroburst, Andreus gets Lawgiver ready.
Lelia casts chain lightening… it fries them
Andreus attacks one of them (they’re chaotic evil) and he does lots of damage. (10 foot reach)
Malcolm lets the pyroburst loose and the other two fall.
Barrett goes and gets more of them.
He, Lelia, and Andreus attack them, Malcolm throws a lance of disruption, andreus finishes the last one off.
We lure more, after Barrett takes the golden balls they leave behind.
They’re all attacked and Malcolm scorching rays the only one left standing.
Andreus charges one and whiffs.
Lelia moves up and whiffs as well.
Barrett moves up and kills one.
Malcolm uses lance of disruption
Andreus kils one
Two still stand, one attacks Andreus, one attacks Malcolm, both miss
Lelia hits and kills one,
Andreus charges the first one of the next three.
Lelia attacks the second one, hitting it.
Barrett charged and hits the third one.
Malcolm casts mass snakes swiftness, and all three others hit the heartless again.
The three heartless each attack their attackers.
Lelia is hit hard. The other two missed.
Andreus hits and kills his.
Lelia misses hers. Barrett kills his.
Malcolm casts scorching ray (Calvin’s target drops, Lelia’s target does not)
The heartless hits Lelia.
Andreus’ horse hits the heartless.
Andreus charges and whiffs again.
Barrett charges and hits
Malcolm casts lance of disruption.
Barrett has fun picking up all the balls.
We look over the symbol on the gate (which was on all fifteen heartless’ chest) and Barrett opens the Gate.
A flash of light occurs.
The huts doors are closed and the windows are pitch black.
He grabs for a door and opens it… he feels something distasteful.
People are on the floor under a black grate seemingly made of energy.
Malcolm figures out it’s necromancy.
Lelia heals herself and goes in the village.
Lelia dispels the effect of the necromancy.
Malcolm used detect magic. He sees a symbol – necromancy and creation.
Andreus tries to break the magic around the huts with Lawbreaker. Nothing happens.
Andreus opens the door to the middle hut. There’s no people underneath a grate in this hut, instead is an ugly looking creature. It watches him as he opens the door. It’s huge, has claws, spikes, three nontoed legs, and is mostly red/black.
A strange voice comes to Andreus from outside the hut. It’s from someone with a hood that says “Interesting, how did you get here?”
And says “This world is being harvested nicely.” He is from the tabarath cult, and says the great one is going to destroy all that is living.
Andreus charges, the man disappears, and tells us to play with his pet after he appears in another location. He then disappears again.
The hut bursts apart and the creature attacks.
The creature is attacked by Lelia, Andreus, Barrett, Demetrius as a bear, a second bear, and collapses but isn’t dead.
Lelia hits it with another holy storm… it’s husk splits apart.
Four medium sized ones pop out, and acid hits the bears, the “bear” takes 4, demetrius takes 3 acid damage per round for 3 rounds.
Andreus kills one (Crit!), his horse bites.
The bears attack, Malcolm misses with a scorching ray, Barrett attacks one.
the “bear” takes 10, the demetrius bear takes 6…
Andreus hacks and slashes one of the smaller ones, killing it too. (two down)
Then he hits the “bear’s” target, killing it too.
The horse fails to hit.
The bears both attack it, Malcolm casts scorching ray, and lots and lots of balls fall out.
A joker card is among the balls… all the shadowing dissapears and the huts flash bright light.
The gate is off, and the villagers seem fine. Another few days of that and they’d be toast.
Nobody seems to be proficient in arcane arts, especially cards.
Detect magic on the card … strong, Conjuration teleportation magic is on it.
Spellcraft reveals it’s a ritually enhanced interdimensional gate.
It was discharged, but it is linked to another card.
The villagers suggest… (drumroll) the KING!
Andreus’ sword detects a fading evil.
We rest, eat the finest pig in the land, and then go to the capital.
All of us walk into midair and we’re in a lavish room with beds, food floating toward us.
Malcolm studies until it’s time to go to bed. The card is drained of magic, and he thinks he knows how to power it back up.
We wake up well rested, step out, spend the spell points and throw the card at malcolm’s feet.
The circle glows and we are teleported back…
Andreus is stunned and loses his lunch, Malcolm loses his lunch, and Barrett is totally OK.

Session 22
Knight in the Closet, Let's go home!

Mike’s Recap:

The druid’s name is Archon.

We are rebuilding the village from before.
We chat with Archon hearing the Eagle talk about Jellybellies.
He pulls out a gadget telling us the ground level is off by 10 feet.
Theodore notices the druid doesn’t have a scent.
Malcolm knows the ground is not off 10 feet.
The eagle asks Theodore about the Keyblade.
The eagle says that Vincent’s aura is off… new religion?
He looks at the sword speechless, saying it was lost for 5000 years.
Then he says we need to make haste.
So we go to the temple of Thor.
Last he checked the Balor convinced a hezru to guard the temple of Thor.
Iridius blesses us with Fire resistance.
He opens the doors and heat waves are out there.
We step out to the roar of the flames. Black flames. They make our skin crawl.
We see a creature in the distance with six arms closing in.
It causes fear and Iridius casts removing it.
Barrett takes off toward it.
Malcolm summons Demetrius as an Archon with augment.
We go to another structure while Barrett distracts it.
There’s a door with shimmering energy in a “field” around it.
Theodore “penetrates the door” with his “key.”
There’s a definite slot afterwards that Vincent’s sword fits in.
The rubble around it, falls.
As if waking up from a very very very very very long nap, we have Andreus.
(Andreus is 6’ 180, wearing full plate faerie Garb, white.)
He asks for Lawgiver. His sword. which is in Vincent’s hands.
Vincent gives it to him, and it lights up, very happy to be in his hands. It seems bigger too.
He says he is in our debt, and we go back to the temple of Thor (TARDIS)
The Eagle welcomes back Andreus who asks where we’re going now.
Andreus was apparently the original chosen one.
The others are on another world. Our chosen ones are not the originals.
He gives him something to drink and touch, and he’s linked in.
Todd asks what year he was put to rest, he doesn’t know.
TARDIS comes to a stop.
We’re back at the woodland town, which is cleared.
As soon as Andreus comes out there is a warhorse in full regalia. He nuzzles it.
We hear shouts of alarm from the villagers.
Some of us see three creatures that were supposedly killed back and running toward us now.
Theodore launches a bubble ball at them.
Andreus gets on his horse and rides 100 feet out.
Lelia traps them in a briar patch.
Malcolm flies forward and lobs a scintillating sphere at them. one goes down.
Barrett double moves forward.
A little ball of fire comes at Barrett and the bush they’re trapped in is on fire.
Barrett does a barrel roll.
Vincent hasted todd and himself.
Todd chain bubbles them…
Andreus holds action
Lelia makes them into tesla coils with lightening between them that downs them.
An explosion happens as a horned creature appears right next to Barrett, and another next to Andreus.
Todd slices the one on andreus and does cold damage, charging.
Andreus slices it too with Lawgiver. Twice. His horse attacks too. it goes down.
Lelia casts polymorph on the other creature, it turns into a rat.
The cats and ferrets go nuts.

Barrett searches the body of Andreus’ kill. He goes through a belt and fur pouch.
Malcolm flies over to the other two, uses a water elemental to disperse the flames, and searches those bodies. Malcolm pockets four rubies on them, they’re magical. Malcolm asks Iridius to identify them (minor universal magic)
Barrett apparently gives Andreus’ horse funny looks, and mentions slashes from the horse… there’s no hoof prints on the creature. He asks the horse and it turns to Andreus and becomes a draconic head saying “this one is inquisitive.”
The creatures teleported here.
The TARDIS appears as a shrine to Thor (Iridius is happy.) The eagle steps out.
Barrett tells the Eagle that he thought all of them were gone, the Eagle says they were mistaken.
Malcolm checks on villagers, as does Andreus. They rebuilt and are all okay. There is a weird stone table with magic symbols on it. Archon seems to be very happy about the find. He gets his brethren to protect the village because of it.
Eagle tells us that we need to see Simon to help us do something Eagle cannot.
Iridius asks why a God cannot do something… which he cryptically answers using examples of Norse gods.
We step on it and vincent and I feel us enhanced by magic.
We all go on the node and Malcolm teleports us to Hilsofar.
Barrett walks in with Andreus behind, followed by the rest of us.
Theodore rides a beach ball sized bubble to fly in.
We go to the Prancing Pony to find Simon.
Andreus recognizes Simon despite the hat. He says “It’s been some time.”
Simon is surprised to see Andreus. “Is that really you?” “Yes, somewhat.”
He mentions Simon has something which can help all of us.
Iridius Barrett and Malcolm are asked to go through a door and receive instruction.
We sense a prickling feeling as we walk through. We walked into a stone enclosed room with piqued roof and white washed floor and golden inlay bricks and torches on the wall. In the center is a floating bear cub.
A voice eminates, says “Welcome. Gather around.” They do.
He imparts the spell into us.
Simon pulls out a gem for the group. the whole room around us spins around.
The room changes from a bar to a log “longhouse” of the vikings.
A halfling is summoning Theodore to go with him.

Little Tom beckons Barrett Lelia and Andreus (Little Tom is 7 foot tall and trained Andreus)
Little Tom tilts his hat to Lelia, “Little Lady”
There’s a duel between Little Tom and Andreus and Andreus blocks the first but hits him the second hit.
Andreus whifs a few times, blocks once and is hit solidly by Little Tom. He then hits Little Tom, and is hit once more and is downed. Little Tom wins.

Barrett Fights Little Tom and does fairly well but is still downed also.
Lelia heals Andreus, Tom heals Barrett.
Tom tells Andreus that he fought better as a woman.
Andreus is “still getting used to the changes.”
Malcolm, Iridius and Vincent go back through the door not to the bar but to the “longhouse”
Simon’s sitting on a chair drinking a beverage.
Tom pulls punches fighting Lelia, Lelia tries punching Tom, and isn’t as good.
Todd can now cast sharp bubbles! (cloud of knives)
We all go back to the inn.
According to Simon there are several fronts that need attention.
Iridius senses to find Arky, and senses that something is blocking their link.
Simon is looking at a note mentions a name but we cannot understand what is coming out of his mouth.
He says he told us very clearly.
Iridius casts comprehend languages and looks at the note, it seems to be rearranging itself.
It’s a city, underwater, and when we say it out of water we’re not pronouncing it correctly.
Iridius mentions Arky is rogue, Simon mentions “Big D has stepped in. He is in another time until you can correct the condition that has befallen him.”
We need to go back to the lake town where the murderer exploded.
Iridius detects the evil off to the distance from the Lake, again.
The most concentrated evil is a trail which leads from the village.
We follow the trail of evil to find a Keep. We hear shouts of surprise and dismay, and a weird purple glow extending over the wall.
Barrett goes on the wall.
Within the courtyard, Half of the bailey has become deep mud.
three men and women trying to get out, and 9 more bathing in it.
a 20 foot violet wall of fire is cutting off the view of the rest of the courtyard.

A woman is on the other side of the wall (Barrett jumped to get a view) he sees the tattooed woman with leathery skin and a wand, and three spine covered sulfur breathing beasts, and a hulking brute that’s grey skinned, and a couple of rune covered guys struggling to free themselves from chains of fire holding them.
He mentally transmits this, and Malcolm does swift fly and then teleports the group to the other side.

The tattooed leathery skinned woman says “Don’t you think you should go home now?”
Malcolm, Lelia and Barrett resist, the rest agree with her.
Barrett grapples Iridius
Todd takes out the magic fire wall with bubble dispel.
Iridius tries to teleport to his home PLANE and fails.
Lawgiver overpowers Andreus and makes him fight the evil, ignoring Malcolm telling him to stop Theodore.
Andreus approaches the lady and two of the three spiky creatures intercept him.
They’re EVIL! They hit Andreus. Twice. Hard.
Luna smacks Theodore around for trying to leave.
Vincent leaves by expeditious retreat.
Theodore is dominated by the keyblade and stops him from leaving.

End Session Recap by Mike.

Here’s a quick GM recap:

  • Food [Pizza]
  • Mike gave a recap of the previous game
  • Eagle arrived, noted the landscape was wrong and then got excited as Vincent’s new sword came to light.
  • Traveled to the Abyss to free a prisoner who turns out to be ‘Andreas’ the first chosen one from approximately 5,000 years before.
  • Andreas appears to be a Knight clad in Full Plate. [New Player Matt is playing Andreas] He reclaims his sword from Vincent.
  • The group returns to the quiet village that is being rebuilt.
  • A magnificent Warhorse appears which appears to be known by Andreas.
  • Three “Fire Ape-men” appear and the party readily dispatches them. Another two “Ape-Men with Horns” appeared and were also taken down. Barrett was so startled he never got a chance to act.
  • Barrett is suspicious when the Ape creature is found to not have any hoof marks on the body. He confronts Andreas and his horse [hilarity ensues]
  • A power node is discovered to which “Archon” the druid has been overjoyed at discovering. A power device in the wrong hands to be sure. Malcolm uses the power of the Power Node to transport the group back to Simon, whom Andreas called by by a different greeting. Simon sends the three arcane types [those with inclination for Force effects] off to get a rather “simple” training. The rest are transported to a Viking Longhouse where Andreas is met by a trainer of his called “Little Thom”, a rather imposing figure of a Viking, almost like he was from Norse Mythology. Andreas and Barrett are given a good thrashing [Gained XP]. Laelia is given some character growth paths [to be discussed with the GM] and Theo has a few new spells he’s acquired “My Bubbles are Pointy!”
  • The brief training session ends, and the group decides to face a demon threat around the Golden Lake area after weighing their options of another pending time critical mission.
  • They arrive at the Village and investigate the presence of “evil”. [The GM takes pity and allows them to detect the traces of evil, cause the game needed to move along, wink
  • They arrive at a Single Fort two stories in height, with 15’ wall. Inside they discover what looks to be a battle or something very exotic as a ritual. The floor is complete mud, 12 people are trapped in the mud, three of whom are attempting to free themselves, the other 9 appear to be bathing in the mud oblivious to any pleas to do otherwise.
  • Malcolm transports the group behind the wall of fire and immediately a Rune Covered Lady suggests the go home. Iridius, Todd, Andreas and Vincent all think that’s an excellent idea. Mayhem ensues.
  • Andreas is taken over by Lawgiver [The Sword]; Helga musters a bit of convincing although exhausts herself in doing so. The Keyblade is determined to fight the Heartless it detects nearby and prevents Todd from Leaving. Vincent runs away since Todd doused the Wall of Fire [A Happy Moment for Todd to be sure, his life’s culmination, his epic destiny. The moment when he mattered the most, his ultimate reason for being].
  • We left with the battle in progress with things looking grim for the heroes… [And no NPCs beyond the resources you possess are going to be helping you, just saying…]
  • GM Notes:
    • The Four Magic Types – Malcolm, Iridius, Todd and Vincent [And a Later Point you will have learned another Spell that you discover]
  • Arch-nemesis “Candle Mage” for Theo needs to be prepped.
  • The Three that trained with Little Thom, you’re eligible to take Advanced/Occult Techniques in the Martial Arts Skill [Path of Power] or learn a Defensive Combat Technique [Combat Section of the Eclipse] – this is a bonus above and beyond what you’d normally get. And yes, in case you didn’t know, it’s called Unique Training which is completely legal in the book ;). [Coincidentally the stress of battle might manifest your new training [See, breaking early is a good a thing in this rare case] Oh, and I might even get a reasonable map up for next game, another good reason to end early.
  • Nick, let me know where you’ll be spending the points that you are missing.
Session 21

We are still in battle with the sea type demon creature.
Iridius detects evil in the area… from Arky. He drops the keyblade because he was posessed. and we hear a pop
Theodore bull rushes the creature, it bites him first with reach and nauseates him. He throws up on the creature.
Barrett charges too and gets hit, and nauseated. Vincent throws a force lance spell and the creature is resistant
Malcolm summons some bears. The creature attempts to bite Theo and claw Barrett.
Ginger lands some attacks on the creature. The shrine nearby’s door opens and out steps the Eagle. He flings something like a marble close to the creature. A gust of wind blows the stench around the creature away. A knight in shining armor appears next to the creature and he hits them. Iridius casts a spell – shimmering white surrounds us – +4 deflection AC to evil creatures. Barrett attacked with his sword, and the creature is resistant.
Weeds behind the creature hinder it, but does not bind it. A keyblade appears in both Todd’s hand. Vincent uses a force lance. Malcolm’s bears attack, hitting it slightly, and he summons two more. The creature misses both Theo and Barrett. Lelia swords and it heals directly afterwards. Theo attacks with the Keyblade. The boy repositions himself.
Vincent throws an orb of force and kills it, blowing him up. The Ichor does not hit anybody around it though.

We are all level 7!

The knight dissipates into nothingness with sparkling motes of white mist. The carcass has apparently melted. In the ooze, we find an amulet. Iridius mentions the creature is evil but the amulet is not. The schools of magic in the area is universal. Strong aura. The magic on the amulet is universal. Malcolm cannot discern what it is through spellcraft. It enhances spell-like abilities by 3, so we give it to Lelia’s fireball hacking kitty.
Barrett asks the Eagle what took him so long. He says it appears he arrived on time, Barrett complains about puking. We tell him Arky disappeared. Eagle says the area is in flux and pulls out a gadget, scanning the area. Retconning, when the man with the murder rampaging was touched by arky, he received the dagger from a lady with tattoos and skin appearing to be leathery. This happened a few days ago. He also remembered that she cast the spell on the guy, and that’s why he blew up in our face. The Eagle is uneasy about the area. The Eagle says to worry about Arky later. He says we are not supposed to be here yet. We are not always supposed to go to the greatest concentration of evil. We have a miscommunication and Eagle pulls a dictionary from the year 40,000 trying to understand us. Barrett asks what happens if we stay here, the Eagle goes in the shrine, disappears, reappears, and says “that is a gruesome death.” Theodore mentions that we are without a teleporter, Eagle mentions Malcolm. Theodore asks for a dictionary, and the Eagle gives him a “current” edition. We are ushered inside of the TARDIS. Barrett is paranoid of it, Vincent pushes him in. Theodore chides Vincent. Malcolm, Lelia, and Iridius shake their heads. The Eagle pulls a lever, and says we are there. Barrett steps out to the smell of burnt trees. We’re surrounded by tents and dark hairy ape-ish creatures. Barrett sighs. The eagle says we are off course. He ushers Barrett back in, and pulls more levers, making the ship do it’s thing and opens a door telling us we are now in the right place. We smell burnt wood from black smoke in the distance with the environment looking like it had recent rainfall. The ape creatures were the invasion force we are now here to stop. We should fortify the village within 3 days. 500 or so creatures will be invading.

People in the village are starting to notice us, they’re not wealthy chaps like us and they think we must be royalty. Theodore introduces himself. The man is the “head man” of the village. (equivalent of the mayor.) They’re fur trappers, prospectors, foresters… population 150. We know that the fire in the distance is from the invaders camp.

So day 1, Malcolm casts earth elementals with Vincent hasting them, Lelia having communed with the earth to make it easier. This is to build a basement in the ground for the people. Theo scouts ahead and with Lelia and Barrett find a spot to ambush perhaps. Malcolm informs Taggart that people will need to prepare to be moved to an underground location we will make.

Day 2, the villagers help tear down their huts and the earth elementals hide them with dirt.

Day 3, we circle a place not far from the actual camp and make it look like we are protecting that. When they pass either they will see us and assume we are defending the actual place without it being the place, OR they will pass and if they know the real site they will be within our sight or they will pass it entirely.

The horde appears en masse. One particular one has a horn that appears on his head. He appears to be special. It stops a few miles before the village, looks around, keeps going toward the village and the horn receeds. An archer develops the helmet thing, and it stops, looks around, and keeps going, and the helmet dissappears. They hit the village no problem, smoldering wilderness in their wake. A quarter mile past the town, the helmet appears, and they keep going. We follow them for a mile, and the village is completely passed up and the druid starts itching to put out the fires.
We hear the sound of battle ahead. Malcolm asks Demetrius to scout ahead. He comes back, and says big trees and elves are beating the crap out of the army.

The ground shakes tremendously underneath us. Some of us fall down, and a “Wave” of earth crashes over the army. The army is pretty much gone but the elves and the trees are there. The druids send rainclouds to the fiery areas. We let the villagers come out and rebuilt the huts. One Ent finds the village as it’s being reconstructed. There is a druid inside of it with a green beard. He introduces himself after Theodore is nice to him. A mouse chitters in his beard. He says we are on the same planet and we are more than Malcolm’s teleport range away from Hilsofar.
Malcolm asks if there is any way the druid or his companions can help teleport them back to their home in Hilsofar.

Session 20
Party Hard, but be careful, Exploding Runes hurt!

Malcolm asks the celestials about their arrival and they say they came here through a gate. They do not wish us to help them find their way back, they wish to fight the good fight.

Arky teleports us back to Hilsofar to talk to Simon… in warm temperate area. Simon is in a bar with two males and two females. Everybody in here is wearing funny hats. Barrett does a heck of a lot of acrobatics to leap to the chandelier, jump to the top railing, flip into a chair right next to Simon. We all get up to Simon our seperate ways. Barrett places the gems in front of Simon. Simon places a box on the table and opens the lid, not touching the gems, and we put the gems in the box, and closes it. He tosses a pouch on the table with many smaller pouches. Each pouch has 600 platinum. We think we see a blur of Simon’s hand putting an orb in the middle of the table. The orb seems to change colors and it seems to be a globe with where we live. There are pinpoints of red where bad things are. It zooms in, pointing to where we were just at. There’s still a red point there. In another spot we see multiple dots all in the same area. he waves his hand and light blue x marks show where problems have been eliminated. We are instructed we did not kill the summoners. We all go back. Barrett finds a door in the wall, somehow. There is darkness inside, Arky and Barrett walk in, Malcolm casts light, and it’s illuminated. There’s a hallway. We see torches with black flame sputtering in a circular chamber with another pentagram on the floor with points on the pentagram. Figures are sitting at each point. Their faces are blank and they’re repeating the same chant. Arky sees a shadowy figure in the distance moving around. Barrett tries knocking out one of the guys. Subdual. He goes Down. A shadowy figure comes out… the next four are knocked out by a spell. A cylinder of force spikes come from the center, they pin the next shadows to the ground. (thanks to Vincent) Theo does a chain bubbles, killing one, hurting another. Lelia slices one down, and her kitty smacks one down too. Four are left. Malcolm magic missiles and kills one. Iridius waits. Vincent missiles one of the remaining three. Arky slices and dices the one vincent is fighting, it goes down. He then kills the one he was fighting.T After the last shadow disappears, the pentagram glows and spews fire which expands and climbs the walls while scorching all in the room (which excludes Iridius and Malcolm)

There is a longsword in the middle of the room. Upon inspection it is not evil, powerful, and has enchantment and abjuration on it.

We wake a person who was in the pentagram and they don’t even know what day it is. They seem to have been kidnapped and controlled. The dagger is a +2 enhancement bonus to hit/damage. The sword is still unknown exactly.

Lelia and theodore make the ground more receptive as Arky teleports the kidnapped people back to their places. back at the bar Simon is in the middle of a party!! wooo!! Barrett does his usual acrobatics to go reach simon, and everybody else finds a way to get to him except Iridius who goes to his church. Simon points out the area which had a larger group of red dots in the same area. We touch the crystal and we are rejuvenated as if we had a full night’s rest. Iridius makes his way back, dancing with pretty girls on his way up. He touches the crystal and is rejuvenated. Arky teleports us to the valley. It’s suffering from a drought. We find a lake with the water level obviously lower than normal. We find a village, no evil around, and the locals explain the rainfall is lower this year for some reason. Someone explains the lake is blessed. it has a rejuvenating effect in most people. Gather information from Barrett reveals that some people are mutilated into little pieces in their houses around the area. They’re all fishermen or people who worked with fishermen. They’ve seen things like gnolls around the area. One man thinks he’ll be the next victim. The reeve’s (the man who we see’s) grandfather was a werewolf. Arky and Barrett are interrogating villagers.

Lelia figures out that the drought in the area is a magical weather effect.

Iridius tries detecting the source of the magic blocking the weather. The more potent is in the middle of the lake. He tells everybody the source is where he is. Theo, Lelia, Malcolm and Vincent follow.

The gruesome twosome (Arky/Barrett) confronting someone who Arky saw as a murderer in his vision. They are attacked. Barrett takes some damage. Arky tries to teleporting us there. He suceeds after one failed try. Arky touches the man and a huge grimace appears and a fireball goes off. Everybody takes damage. The man dies. We interrogate the villagers more. Arky touches the evil man and figures out that one day out of nowhere he just turns into a psychopath. Arky asks, speak with dead, with the corpse. “how did you get your power? – My mercenary training.” “Why did you kill those people? – I felt the desire to kill them.” “Where did you get your demonic otherworldly power? – It came upon me.” “where did it the demonic power come upon you, specifically? – When I was fishing.” The image fades.

Someone screams… we go find out who by Arky teleporting us. There’s a large demonic creature tearing apart a villager. We go to the water… Arky had he-man on. Lelia’s cat swipes at the creature and misses. and then bites and hits. Iridius is going to cast magic missile at it.


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