Chosen Ones

Session 24

Reunions, past, present and future

Vincent goes back to the group, and the team seems to have all disappeared. (they were teleported in the card’s magic)
He casts a wall of force, then flies to become over it.
The group (sans Lelia) appear in the same circle as they left from, as the evil woman is casting.
She sticks up her hand at vincent, and ghostly like hands pop up and rend everybody.
The group collectively use their life force to heal those who are injured so that nobody falls.

Andreus attacks a large pig.
Iridius moves to attack, and whiffs,
Malcolm summons
Vincent flies toward the woman, flings an orb of force, and it bounces off of a sort of shield she has (globe of invuln)
Barrett attacked, Ted lauched magic missile (chain missile)
Andreus attacks again.
Iridius moves to grapple the leathery skinned woman.
Bubble-boy cures the group (cure moderate, mass)
Malcolm summons two more critters
Vincent casts Haste.
The first two stag beetles attack the woman, and miss
Andreus is attacked, and attacks back
Barret holds his attack.
Iridius runs through the wall of fire that the woman creates and misses the grapple. Again.
Todd dispelled the fire, and Barrett runs and jumps, hitting her.
Vincent casts orb of force at the gray monster.
Malcolm casts good hope
Malcolm’s beetle 1&2 attack, one hits the woman
Malcolm’s beetle 3&4 attack, grey monster goes down
The woman casts a lightening bolt that hits malcolm, two of his beetles (1&3) and Iridius and Andreus.
Andreus lays on hands on himself, followed by Barrett pulverizing leathery lady.
Barrett searches the body, and finds… a ring (deflection+2), a mirror (which had an illusion spell on it to look like glass, but it’s a cloak of charisma +2), a stick (It has a spell malcolm doesn’t know of but it’s a wand which makes a fire chain which wraps around people), a piece of glass (which burned Barrett upon touching him, it can cast obscuring mist 3/day), a necklace (stoneskin charge), a dagger (magic expended, there was a summoning spell which can be recharged using a magic creation feat), a vial, some gold… but takes
Ted thinks the vial has to do with his field of knowledge. (cure serious)

Malcolm gives the cloak to Andreus
Malcolm takes the wand of fire chain (16 charges)
Barrett gives barrett the vial
Todd takes the glass the dagger
Vincent gets the ring
250 gold total.

an elderly woman approaches us, and thanks us. Her name is erepoth. She mentions the woman turned on them today. She mentions rumors of people becoming “not themselves.” The mayor is one of them. The leathery woman’s name is Terestina. She is saying that Terestina was on the lake and that may be where all this occurred then. She says long ago there was an evil cult that was to serve a demon god. The central temple, the god’s fane, was once around the area of the lake. They committed hundreds of murders. Sacrifices. The area ran red with their spilled blood. A great hero appeared named Anchillias and defeated the cult and sealed the fane. He brought the land to balance. There are books on the subject which malcolm wants to read, so we go back to the lake town library. The huge idol held a sword and claw as if to reach down and scoop up sacrifices. We must go to the fane’s heart to find the true source of the power. To get to the heart make the demon smile and use the key in the visible lock. We must take in the three sacraments of Ochremeshk. One is a soul. Chaos and evil for ochremeshk are also the key with the three uses.

Andreus looks for himself in the books, mentioning “I didn’t do that.” Iridius finds books on his own mythology about Ragnarok and it has a passage about how the followers must prepare for the coming apocalypse, and has his name on it. He has a task to perform at ragnarok. He bids Malcolm farewell, and leaves. Theodore chases after him and convinces him to at least commune with Odin.
Odin confirms the text is genuine, and Iridius leaves, Theodore gets down on his knees with rain falling down on him shouting “IRIDIUS!!!”

Andreus asks about Iridius as the mind-link with him disconnects. We explain to him that Iridius left of his own free will.

A light appears in the courtyard, and Lelia popped into the courtyard.

Someone falls from the sky a mile away. He is the Green Knight. Andreus feels an OLD link reawaken with Bercilak. They mentally communicate “You’ve gotten better!” to Bercilak. Bercilak responds “Your voice has changed!” The rest of the party are oblivious as they talk.
Andreus asks us to go meet Bercilak, one of the old Chosen ones.
Bercilak doesn’t recognize Andreus without being Andrea.
He says he’s still getting used to the changes which happened because of the falcon.
Bercilak was not aware it’s been 5000 years.
We ask if there are more trapped chosen ones. One was completely corrupted and one was true yet trapped.
Lelia seems to flip out about the belt the guy has (the lute, especially) because it was Caleb’s.
The Green Knight tells Lelia that Caleb helped him escape the hell plane, and about the Falcon who transformed him, and who they ditched the Eagle for, but were ditched themselves by the Falcon. Fighting an evil chosen one, he fell throught the portal of the hell dimension. Malcolm and Lelia easily promise to join him to go and seek the comrade in the hell dimension.

Barrett touches the Green Knight and is blown back onto his butt with a blast that affects everybody in the area activating the link. We realize he is a chosen one.
Barrett realizes that the Green Knight’s hand is still in Barrett’s hand, many feet away.
The Green Knight gives malcolm the lute to give to Lelia later.
Andreus says that the new chosen ones might seem silly (looking at Theodore)
Theodore gets offended.
Green Knight tells Malcolm of a corruption around. Malcolm states we should go meet Simon before combating it.
The Green Knight’s vision goes otherworldly (outside of time and space) and a massive amount of fell creatures overwhelming the area.
Our AC is increased to 5 because of the blast, making our Faerie Garb more potent.

Malcolm teleports everybody.
Lelia got back the lute.
The Green Knight does not know Simon by that name, but isn’t looking forward to the meeting with him.
Takes us three taverns before we find Simon.
When we step in, everybody is uneasy, and on edge. A few people at the bar are nursing their drinks.
We see simon sitting in the corner, he is not wearing the brilliant hat. It has dark feathers.
As we go toward Simon, the palpability rises. There’s a dark clad man with an eyepatch sitting at the table.
Barrett asks simon if the tension is because of the man we brought with us.
As soon as the Green Knight crosses the door’s threshold there’s a peal of thunder.
Simon calls the Green Knight a traitor, because he led them astray.
The Green Knight says the Eagle and Falcon led them astray. He wants peace and cohesion.
They discuss back and forth about winning the war and the ends justifying the means.
The tension is eased when the Green Knight is repentant to Simon (Friendulus)

Barrett wants to ask Simon questions about the link between all of us. He quirks an eye.
When there is trust among members, the bond is stronger.
Theodore goes outside to finish his drink, people are running and screaming.
He flies and sees what is going on, and a large (9 foot tall) wolf is intently running through the streets, toward us
It leaps over Theodore, and keeps going. Malcolm casts haste on Barrett who runs for the Wolf, but the Wolf goes to the Green Knight and he is met with licking and happiness from the Wolf. It’s obviously his companion.
Andreus’ horse comes out and sniffs the wolf.
Malcolm asks Demetrius about the wolf, “He’s big. Looks like a Dire Wolf, Master.”

Maclolm goes back in and asks Simon about instructions.
The town guard shows up with their whistles blown.
They tell The Green Knight he cannot have “that beast” here.
Andreus lets the dire wolf into the portable stables
Andreus and GK go back and forth about being less power than they remember. “Wages of sin, I suppose” says Andreus.
Lelia notices that the holly around the GK’s head is living.
He breaks a little off (with a tiny bit of blood), (it grows back) and hands it to Lelia. She questions it intently knowing it’s plant life with no actual plant or anything.
Andreus and GK say it’s complicated.

Outside, a 6 year old street urchin watches Todd with awe.
He makes the kid a bubble which generates more bubbles.
The kid talks to Todd about a man who shot flames out of his hand (Candle mage)… the boy’s sister died, and the boy has scorch marks on his chest. The scorches have magic. They still burn. Todd tries mixing healing magic and bubble magic and the scars come back, still magical. He wants to bring the boy to Simon.
Todd asks for people to help him with a little boy, Malcolm comments on Todd talking to little boys, and Todd gets mad at Malcolm so Todd turns to Lelia. The boy’s name is Dan.
GK breaks a little holly while casting magic on the boy, and the magical scars go away.

Simon promises to help ensure Dan is taken care of, for Todd.
The man with the eyepatch is asked his name. Brandon.
Vincent casts haste on the man during a handshake, and he gets a little bit of a jolt from it.
Haste has no effect on Brandon.

We apparently as chosen ones need to confront the evil in the fane. Simon has his doubts.
He says that the fane, 800 years ago was one of the sites of the Tabarath Cult.
Barrett asks about sealing it, and Simon says that we have to destroy the heart and we don’t need to worry about it.
There’s still an 85% failure rate.
The party needs some rest. We agree to spend the night in the inn, and go in the morning.



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