Lelia, seems to be leaning in a druidical path... She appears to have dark skin and red hair.


Player to add information later…

GM Insert: Companion – Familiar “Dragoncat”. Stats as per the ones found at the eclipse site. Breathes Fire (xd6 fireball, with x being the master’s caster level).


Formerly known as Kaitlyn, a lover of Caleb. We discover that this was a facade identity to protect Lelia from her powerful enemies.

Quick background pre-faked death

From a young age Laelia has moved around a lot. She cannot recall much of her real parents, but she loved them and they her. From what she could recall, at around 10 years old her parents left her to either explore, go on a mission, or for some other reason. They left Lelia in the charge of her mother’s sister, but never returned. Her aunt and family loved her, but not as her parents did. There was a resentment that she could never really understand.

As time came to pass she would be moved a total of three times by the time she landed in the town she met Caleb in. The second family she was with didn’t keep her for long. They did not care for her parents, and every time they looked at Laelia, they saw her mother and treated her horribly. This she did not understand as well.

The third time she moved, which was to the town she met Caleb, the Eagle (though she didn’t know it at the time) altered her appearance and changed her name to prevent the possible cruelness of the family. The family took her in with loving arms and encouraged her studies. Even though it was knew she was adopted, her and her brother grew up as true siblings.

She would confide in him about anything. He was even more into bloodlines than she and that is saying something. Her bloodline intrigued him because he couldn’t find her parents. Turns out he was looking in the wrong time.

She informed him of the relation she had with Caleb. Although she was raised with the importance of bloodlines, she felt it no longer mattered. This infuriated her brother. He would not talk to her for a long time. She was emotionally upset at this, she missed her brother. The next time she saw and talked to him, was the last.

Laelia post-faked death

The Eagle “saves” Laelia and takes her to another time line. She is about 4 months pregnant and in a new environment. The local Druid coven took her in recognizing the life growing inside of her and her aptitude towards magic. She couldn’t remember Caleb, yet she always felt like she was missing something. Although she couldn’t remember what danger she was in, she always felt that she was deeply in love with the father of her child. Everyday during her pregnancy she would rub her belly and hum a song that she couldn’t remember where she learned the tune from. She enjoyed learning the natural side of magic. Somehow it seemed fitting with the naturalness of the pregnancy.

Her labor was tough, but manageable. Although she had the love and support of her ‘sisters’, the emptiness she felt about missing her other half was greater. She gave birth to a boy and named him Khol’talas. She loved him dearly. Shortly after his birth, her coven was attacked. She took Khol’talas to go hide although she knew her sisters would need her help. She ran into the Eagle. He said he would protect Khol’talas as she assisted her coven. She left to return to her sisters, but she was too late. The extent of their injuries were too great for her abilities. The enemy was already gone. The Eagle came back with Khol’talas and said the enemy was looking for her and her son. She was a chosen one, and her son would be in great danger. He offered to take her son to a safe location where a loving family would raise him. He told her that for her to fully develop into her position, she would need to be trained and protected until the time was right. Tears swelled in her eyes. She already lost one love and felt like she was losing another. She didn’t want to give him away, but she didn’t want him to die too. She decided to be trained and give her son away in hopes he would grow up safe from harm.

Khol’talas- Khol (pulled from kholiast, and elven card game) talas (body/soul/self) Laelia couldn’t remember at the time why she had to name him Khol’talas, but she HAD to. Her and Caleb had already chosen names before her ‘death’. Khol’talas is what they chose together.

Caleb (played by Josh) wrote this out for how we came up with Khol’talas’ name:

A Distant memory regarding Caleb and Katlyn’s (Laelia’s) discussion on baby names… The sun stood tall, warming the still and lingering autumn leaves with its gentle touch as Caleb and Katlyn arrived at their usual secluded grove. A patch of soft grass spread across a twenty foot area, creating a small opening in the otherwise dense forest. With his arm stretched across her shoulder blades and hers slipped across the small of his back, they found a familiar spot to stop and relax. It had been a while since the two have had a chance to slip off together, and they desperately needed it. Caleb was tired from working side jobs to make the extra money needed for the trip, all the while keeping it a secret to those around them, and Katlyn was feeling the pregnancy’s toll on her body. After sitting down and having a pre-prepared lunch, Caleb rested his back against the curvature of an aged birch tree and pulled Katlyn to him. The tension in her body was as obvious to him as a knife in her back, leading him to gently work at the knots she tried to hide. “So I was thinking of names,” she spoke as she began to relax to his touch. Caleb couldn’t help but smile when she started talking on the subject. “Is that so?” “I was thinking possibly Thurinél or Rinél for short, meaning secret star,” Caleb remained silent as he listened to her speak. She could have said anything and he would have been happy. The sound of her voice was an enchantment that warmed his heart and revived his weary soul. “Or perhaps Merethathar or Túvrég. “Oh I could see it now… If I ever went to visit the old friends back in Luiren,” he says with a smirk and a half chuckle. “They would say ‘fitting that you named your child after a tree, Dhierd.’ I would certainly never hear the end of that.” “Well, perhaps it’s my goal to keep you from your friends and all to myself,” she spoke with a playful tone as she reached down and slid the palm of her hand across his ankle. Her touched distracted him and relaxed his arms, causing her to fall back onto his chest. They sat there for a moment, listening to a slight breeze rustling the weakening leaves. “So, for girl,” she finally broke the silence. “Mariel, Araedra, Héra, or Laeriel?” “Definitely Laeriel. The name sings itself right off my lips like an amber autumn leaf that leaves its grip, sent dancing to its own tune with its fated, wind-swept partner.” He could feel her smile and push closer into him as he spoke, and with a simple reply, she stated, “I like that one too…” “Actually,” Caleb professed after a minute or two of sitting with Katlyn in his arms and his back to the curved trunk of a birch tree, “As far as boys names are concerned, I really like khol’talas. It provides a unique emphasis when spoken. “I’m guessing you’re thinking Colt for short,” she questioned with her head relaxed back on his right shoulder.” “It would be the logical shortening, yes. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s a combination of the word talas and my second most favorite Elven creation, the card game Kholiast.” He smiled to himself, expecting some form of quizzical response from her. “Card body,” she questioned him with a quirked brow and titled head. “It’s not a direct translation Katlyn,” he responded with a smirk. “He is the embodiment of chance; the chance that we took.” “Oh…” She looked to the side, pondered for a moment, then nodded with a smile. “I like it very much” “Well in that case,” he chuckled as he unconsciously ran a hand through her hair, “we’ll have to throw it out the window and try something else. Don’t worry though. I’m sure I can find a great name in Draconic; something with a lot of hisses.” He stifled a laugh as she glared at him, poking him in the ribs slightly. “A lot of Hissing is what you’ll get if you even suggest a Draconic name!” “You just have to ruin all my fun don’t you,” he released in a playful sigh. “Alright then, I’ll put that language away for now. It makes my cheeks hurt anywho.” “That’s not what you said when we took THIS chance. Were you lying?” He noticed the shallowness behind her pout as she attempted to poke at him, causing him to chuckle as he rested his head and looked up at the overhanging branches. “You should know by now that I know exactly when you’re not really pouting. Katlyn released a slight giggle before the silence of nature’s voice enveloped them.


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