Malcolm Devereaux

A quiet but powerful wizard who summons powerful creatures to help his cause.


Malcolm is usually a calm man who thinks much about decisions before they are made and chooses to do things not because others think they are the right thing to do but because HE thinks they are the right thing to do. He summons creatures, usually good, to do his bidding against evil foes. There is much good in him, and his heritage has a small bit of… nonhuman good in it. Malcolm has a desire to unrestrict himself from mortal confines, so he likes learning and acheiving flight and teleportation.

Malcolm is not physically fit. Quite the reverse, he is considered pale and gangly, but he has the power to shoot force out of his hands so do not mistake him as weak. He has a very strong and high will, but low fortitude and reflexes.

GM Inserted: Demetrius (Squirrel? Familiar aka Companion) Familiar – Race: Enhanced Spirit Elemental While touching Master, the master is weightless and hovers 1” off the ground. Spirit may ‘Earth Glide’ master in an emergency; this has been done at least once. Enhances Summoning Spells – Familiar becomes the creature enhancing it even more (Augment Summoning and Additional properties not yet discovered by player)


Malcolm woke up on a table, pulled a tube out of his arm, and realized he can’t remember anything about himself past his name. A quick search revealed a pack for him, with many things he needs and more capacity than physically possible. Next to it was a magical item which absorbed into his body and allows him to think about a weapon for it to appear. Lastly, he found a set of clothes which over a short time made themselves appear to be a robe in the style he likes to wear. From there, he searched the area, and eventually found companions who also were “chosen” like he was, but also had amnesia. They all set out, and what appears to most as a squirrel came to Malcolm and chose him as a master. Malcolm named his new familiar Demetrius, and their bond has grown since.

In his youth, Malcolm was a happier child. He played and laughed a lot, and loved his parents. His parents were mages at the guild of his castle, and they worked in the mage’s tower quite often. One day while at his primary school, he heard the mage’s tower explode. The young Malcolm didn’t understand what had happened at first, but that day his grandmother explained (after talking to the messengers from the royal guard) that his parents had been killed trying to rebel against the kingdom.

The Adult Malcolm saw what actually happened firsthand, as he was required to keep the timeline intact for the Eagle, a timelord who sends the group back in time. In the tower that day there was an instructor of the school, whom Malcolm remembers, which used mind affecting spells on his parents who were inside, and summoned a destructive creature. There was also another entity, a shifting amorphous evil entity which looked like an oriental demon. It was the only evil thing to escape the carnage unscathed, and Malcolm intends to destroy it. Until that creature is literally destroyed, Malcolm has no closure to the events.

Malcolm Devereaux

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